shelter pets are the best

PSA for turtle lovers

So PETA has recently posted an article about helping turtles across the road. While this sounds great, the article is loaded with nasty images of turtles who have been crushed by cars. The images are close-up, gory, and overall terrible to look at. So, for those of you out there who don’t want to see that, I’m making a post with happy pictures instead:

So turtles are amazing. I mean, look at that face

And often times during the warm months you will see turtles on the roadway just trying to get where they’re going. Unlike this little guy who’s already found the perfect spot

If you see a turtle in the road. The best thing to do is put on your hazard lights and safely pull over. watch for other cars as you examine the situation. Most turtles you come across aren’t super aggressive, so if you go to pick them up, the only thing they’ll do is this

if the turtle isn’t a snapping turtle or other aggressive turtle, simply pick it up like a hamburger to reduce the risk of injuring it, and take it to the side of the road that it’s trying to get to.

If it is a snapping turtle like this guy

or another kind of more agressive turtle, keep your distance. try to find a stick or something else you can goad it into focusing on. If you’re lucky, it will keep trying to attack the stick and you can “kite” it across the road. If not, call animal control and wait until they arrive. They’re trained to handle the situation.

In either case DO NOT take and wild turtles or tortoises home. I realize that they are incredible adorable

but you can seriously disrupt their environment and the overall population by keeping wild animals as pets. If you are looking for a pet reptile, it’s best to adopt from a shelter, or if you can’t find one, find a breeder that raises their reptiles ethically.

In addition, do not take them to a different area either, even if it’s a nearby lake in town. You could be taking it too far away from it’s home, lessening it’s chance of survival. Only take it to where it was already going.

Thank you all for reading, please share to help spread the word. Images I posted are not mine, with the exception of the sulcata tortoise hiding in the grass (That’s my shy boy).


This is love. Pure love.

Thank you, Chelsea Handler, for telling people to rescue a dog, and above all, for loving Tammy so much. Our hearts are broken for you, too.

anonymous asked:

If you could be reincarnated into any female literacy character, who would you choose?

I really, really wanted to be original with this, but I keep coming back to Elizabeth Bennet. Perhaps because the ending of her book felt like her beginning instead of her peak. No bittersweetness. Perhaps because I, too, am hot-headed but willing to learn, and wish to spend a tranquil life roaming around forest and ponds, reading, learning, bickering, writing letters, petting my dogs, dancing, peacefully sheltered, amidst the people I love best, who incidentally are big introverted and super-sweet dorks. 


Once upon a time, there was a dog named Ginger.

Ginger woke up one morning when she was 8 years old, poked her head out of her blankie, then got up and went out and got into her car.

Her foster mom followed her there and asked, “What are you doing out here, Ginger?” (Actually she used her nickname, Gigi.)

Ginger answered, “It’s time I had a home of my own.”

“That’s true,” said her foster mom. “But how… wait! I know! We’ll write to the Shelter Pet Project!”

So she sat down and wrote this letter:

Dear Shelter Pet Project,

I have the best foster dog in the world. Her name is Ginger and she is literally made of pure, true-blue love. Just being in the same room as her is a privilege!

She loves to cuddle, snuggle, ride in the car, go for walks, and play. All the things you want from a dog! She can even live with another calm dog. It’s amazing!

Can you please ask your followers to share her everywhere, and help us find this beautiful dog the home she needs and deserves and longs for?


Ginger’s Foster Mom

What could we do? Who could resist? Not us… and we hope, not you!

Want to live happily ever after with Ginger “Gigi” the Perfect Dog? Contact the Providence Animal Center at or 610-566-1370. They’re located at 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media, Penn., 19063!

The End… or The Beginning?

Here is BABY BUB’s first moment at home, 4.5 years ago. BUB is my 6th rescue cat, and has changed my life in the best ways possible. Please adopt your next cat, because shelter pets make the BEST pets.

Courfeyrac headcanons:

  • Courfeyrac is a trans boy with a soprano vocal range, and sometimes just sings things loudly and operatic like “Enjolras, can you pass me the salt” becomes a fucking aria.
  • He loves puppies, puppies love him, he helps out at the local pet shelter and the pups get happy when they see him.
  • Courfeyrac is the best at buying christmas and birthday presents, he’s magical, like a mind reader, no one knows how he does it.
  • His drink order is iced tea, with lots of ice and lemon and a pink straw.
  • He’s not allowed caffeine. 
  • Halloween is his favorite holiday, he dresses up every year and he compliments all the children on their costumes and they go back to Courfs every year bc they like going to “The nice man who lives with the friendly doctor”
  • He’s nice to everyone. Literally everyone, he helps old ladies cross the road and little kids find their parents in busy shopping centers and he always tips when he can.
  • His biggest pet peeve is people who are rude to customer service staff, he can often be found cleaning up ruined display shelves in shops so staff don’t have to.
  • He’s known Enjolras since he was a tiny Courf’s favourite thing is pictures of him and Enjolras in fluffy dresses they where made to wear, in fact he keeps one in a locket that he wears all the time, in another locket he has one of Combeferre.

Gabriel and Sam on their second date.

Gabriel didn’t realise it was his turn to pick somewhere to go (what a stupid idea he would do anything Sam wanted to) so he panics and snaps them to the first place he things of.

Much to SAMs delight it’s a dog shelter, and he gets to pet and play with all of the dogs.

Best second date ever.


Alice knows 2 things:

1).  Humans love the head tilt.

2).  Humans love amazing dog ears.

Being a smart and adorable dog, she has learned to combine the two things in the amazing photos you see above.

She’s staying at the Belly Up for Adoptions west of Chicago after being rescued from an abandoned building where she lost her litter of puppies. Her story isn’t all sad - her friends at Belly Up nursed her back to health and Alice is a wiggly, happy lovebug.  

Alice is great with other dogs AND super-friendly with all people. Email, or call 630-542-3559 to meet Alice!

Miss Trudy is a fun loving sweetheart who loves all humans and dogs of all sizes.  She’s in Western New York state at Going to the Dogs Rescue, but she’s ready to fulfill her wildest dream: life in a loving home of her own! 

She loves taking long walks and cuddling on the sofa on rainy days.

If you can make that happen, email or call (585) 300-6897!