shelter pets are the best

Here is BABY BUB’s first moment at home, 4.5 years ago. BUB is my 6th rescue cat, and has changed my life in the best ways possible. Please adopt your next cat, because shelter pets make the BEST pets.

Gabriel and Sam on their second date.

Gabriel didn’t realise it was his turn to pick somewhere to go (what a stupid idea he would do anything Sam wanted to) so he panics and snaps them to the first place he things of.

Much to SAMs delight it’s a dog shelter, and he gets to pet and play with all of the dogs.

Best second date ever.


Alice knows 2 things:

1).  Humans love the head tilt.

2).  Humans love amazing dog ears.

Being a smart and adorable dog, she has learned to combine the two things in the amazing photos you see above.

She’s staying at the Belly Up for Adoptions west of Chicago after being rescued from an abandoned building where she lost her litter of puppies. Her story isn’t all sad - her friends at Belly Up nursed her back to health and Alice is a wiggly, happy lovebug.  

Alice is great with other dogs AND super-friendly with all people. Email, or call 630-542-3559 to meet Alice!

Miss Trudy is a fun loving sweetheart who loves all humans and dogs of all sizes.  She’s in Western New York state at Going to the Dogs Rescue, but she’s ready to fulfill her wildest dream: life in a loving home of her own! 

She loves taking long walks and cuddling on the sofa on rainy days.

If you can make that happen, email or call (585) 300-6897!