shelter interior


Mountain Shelter

Ground floor: livingroom, master bedroom, bathroom

Upstairs: kitchen and diningroom, bedroom

For those who don’t know: the car is not CC, it’s just a resized toy :)

Like all my creations this house is built without custom content.
You can download it from my gallery, my Origin ID is Thurid666.

Fallout 3 Ficlet:“Pitt-Girl”

Alternate Title: Surprisingly, Surprise Adoption was the Surprisingly Moral Option
Word Count: 1,684
Summery: The lone wanderer refused to hand over the child [Baby Marie] from The Pitt to either side and ran with her after settling the issues of the DLC plot line. Now they’re returning to where they left Butch at the train tunnel with baby in toe, covered in the smog of Pittsburgh. Banter ensues.

Butch had been camped inside the entrance for three weeks waiting for them to show back up– fighting off raiders coming in from both sides. If it weren’t for Dogmeat– bless the mutt sometimes, he swears to god– he’d have gotten jumped at least four times.
It always made him nervous, waiting on them a long time when he knew something big was happening. Made his ears itch and the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Then again, that could always be the smell that came with the raiders dragging their way south from this Pitt place. 
“’Come north and help us get a cure’, Why’s that our problem, huh?” Butch grumbled to himself about the fifth time he was startled by a molerat that Dogmeat chased off at night before he could get a swing in with a bat to save ammo. He’d grumpily clicked his Pip-boy light off and went back inside the sheltered interior of the train tunnel. “Always solvin’ other people’s shit. Leavin’ me to watch the mutt.”

When the hand cart came rumbling up the tracks again, Butch was reasonably sure he was in for more raiders until he saw a familiar green glow bobbing up and down with each grind of the wheels. He tried very, very admirably to keep the smile off his face and hoped they were more focused on the cart than him scrambling off the ledge he was occupying and trotting along to meet them. Dogmeat, naturally, had to outpace him and reach them first and hop along side, barks echoing along the tunnel.
The Wanderer was grinning and plunked down beside a misshapen pile of rags on the cart to scratch at the trotting canine, feet picked up as the cart moved. Dogmeat kept trying to nose his way onto the cart, hopping and nosing at the bundle, only to be shooed away.
”Good to see you too, boy!”
Butch snorted and only vaguely seemed aware of the small fussy noises starting to stir inside the bundle as Dogmeat became more insistent and the cart slowed to a stop. 

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