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When Jasmine was alive, she and the fawn, Bramble, were inseparable. Even birds would perch themselves on her nose and be led around the shelter.

“As soon as an animal is brought in, she walks over takes a sniff or two and then licks and cuddles them… she is like that with all of our animals, even the rabbits -which greyhounds usually chase down the track.”



PHOTOGRAPHER TOURS SHELTERS TO HELP DOGS GET ADOPTED - Our mission is to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets, helping give them the second chance they deserve.”

The One Picture Saves a Life initiative teaches animal shelters how to groom and photograph the shelter animals to present them in the best light (probably both literally and figuratively) for adoption. Photographer Seth Casteel is currently touring various shelters in the U.S. to put on workshops. You may be familiar with Casteel’s Underwater Dogs series. The photos above are examples of how different the dogs look depending on how they are presented.

In addition to Casteel, John Paul Pet, The Animal Rescue Site,, and the Petfinder Foundation are all partners in this endeavor. Click here to learn more about One Picture Saves a Life. You can also donate to this cause by clicking here. (Photos from One Picture Saves a Life)


Anyone want a 12 month old hound named Bentley? He is chill, sweet (but active) and alarmingly thin! When he came from the pound the vets kept him in as he had diarrhea. He was tested for the usual issues but nothing was obvious. Currently, he is on very bland food and antibiotics. Hopefully things will settle. Just came in at Monika’s Doggie Rescue in Sydney (official website). Please help this little guy find a good home! He is very young and scared.

This beautiful Northern-breed pup was a stray found on the street. Someone at the shelter he was sent to supposedly labeled him as a “wolf/coyote hybrid” shortly after intake. Comments on the pup’s Facebook posting likewise went something along the lines of, “I had a hybrid just like him once!” and so on. 

As a result, the pup was deemed unsuitable for adoption to the general public. He was removed from the “adoptable” list and transferred to an off-view kennel in the back of the shelter while staff tried to figure out what to do with him. 

Thankfully, a representative at Wolf Connection spoke with the shelter’s director and talked some sense into them to get the “hybrid” label removed. This pup is now available for adoption again and is rightfully labeled as a “husky mix” instead. 

His chance at a new life was nearly taken from him before it even began, all because someone assumed that this beautiful pup was a hybrid. Not all are so lucky as he is. Remember this before calling your dog-dog “part wolf”. It gives people the wrong impression about how REAL wolfdogs look and act, and animals like this darling are the ones who ultimately pay. 

What’s your dog’s best tongue-photo they’ve taken?

Figured this could be fun. :P Dogs like to show off their tongues, so show me your favorite tongue-out photo of your pups! I love to see their silly facial expressions!

Evie has a lot, but here’s one I like!


Lilly was part of a neglect/hoarding case. She is a little shy but is very sweet. There’s no telling what kind of life Lilly had before coming to the shelter, but her life has changed for the better! While Lilly is a little shy, she also has an adventurous side. She loved wandering around outside and liked to do her own thing. Once she is in her forever home I’m sure she will be an outstanding little pup for someone :)

Caption via Forgotten Paws “This is a photo posted by the Miami Dade animal control shelter. The dogs you see in this photo are all owner surrenders taken in as people prepared for their holiday vacations. This shelter has over 500 animals and no available runs. The dogs were tied up as they came in until something could be figured out.

I post this because every single shelter is experiencing the same thing. Every year at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas the shelters are overflowing with owner turn in as people go on vacation and do not want to board their dogs or cats. 

This is a REAL problem! Adopting a pet is adopting a life. So when you talk to someone that’s thinking about buying a dog, tell them to first take a stroll through their local shelter before making that decision. Millions of animals will die this year because their owners were irresponsible. Most of those could be saved if people would stop buying from pet stores and stop breeding until no more lives are lost. Please do everything you can to convince your friends and family to rescue a dog from a rescue organization or from a local shelter. And also try to educate everyone that you can on being a responsible pet owner. Dropping your pet at a kill shelter should not even be a consideration. 

What will shelters like Miami Dade and shelters just like it all in the country have to do to make space? Well we all know the answer to that. Most of the dogs that you see in this photo will never make it out alive.”

Meet Jordan the Golden/Lab(?) mix. I question what he is mixed with since he’s a really big boy, but I’m definitely seeing some GR in him! Regardless, he certainly has a handsome look to him. With that big smile and large eyes, who couldn’t be happy in his presence?

He’d be a great athletic companion for an active family - but I also think he’d make a good cuddler considering he loved getting attention from us while we were outside getting photos of him! When I was done taking photos of him he expected to be paid in a hug and pets!


This is Joe though he prefers to be called “pretty boy” (seriously, the only way I could get him to look at me was to say preeetyyy boyyy). And he sure is a pretty boy! While Joe may be a looker, he is at that very klutzy, awkward puppy stage. He is about 7 months old and you can really tell by the way he walks that he still has some growing up to do. He is also very playful and energetic and I have a feeling he is gonna be a decent sized boy when he fills out all the way! He definitely needs some work on manners as he loves to jump at you for attention. Little does he know he’s so beautiful I doubt he needs to get people’s attention with such bad behaviors!

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