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Hello! This is Salem, his favorite colour is green and likes the sticky frogs jackets very much! Unlike many green iguanas, Salem loves other reptiles and has helped me tame many aggressive lizards when I ran an exotic shelter. We love your blog very much and we’re happy to see other exotic enthusiasts loving their often misunderstood friends, sending many pats and treaties to the sticky frogs!

Hello Salem! 😀🐸😀

Gumby sends you a very big kissie and speedboat of green iguana treaties!

Gumby loves your friendly face and very cool green onesie with ultimate spiny mohawk! She says thank you for helping out all the other lizard friends too! 😊🐸

Every way ends, every road,
every foot-path leads at last
to the hill-crest—
then you retrace your steps,
or find the same slope on the other side,

I have had enough—
border-pinks, clove-pinks, wax-lilies,
herbs, sweet-cress.

O for some sharp swish of a branch—
there is no scent of resin
in this place,
no taste of bark, of coarse weeds,
aromatic, astringent—
only border on border of scented pinks.

Have you seen fruit under cover
that wanted light—
pears wadded in cloth,
protected from the frost,
melons, almost ripe,
smothered in straw?

Why not let the pears cling
to the empty branch?
All your coaxing will only make
a bitter fruit—
let them cling, ripen of themselves,
test their own worth,
nipped, shrivelled by the frost,
to fall at last but fair
With a russet coat.

Or the melon—
let it bleach yellow
in the winter light,
even tart to the taste—
it is better to taste of frost—
the exquisite frost—
than of wadding and of dead grass.

For this beauty,
beauty without strength,
chokes out life.
I want wind to break,
scatter these pink-stalks,
snap off their spiced heads,
fling them about with dead leaves—
spread the paths with twigs,
limbs broken off,
trail great pine branches,
hurled from some far wood
right across the melon-patch,
break pear and quince—
leave half-trees, torn, twisted
but showing the fight was valiant.

O to blot out this garden
to forget, to find a new beauty
in some terrible
wind-tortured place.
—  H.D / Sheltered Garden

RIVERPERSON: Tra la la, I’m glad you found each other. And I’m very pleased you’re heading back home to your family together.

PAPYRUS: Us too. Thanks for letting us ride your boat.

RIVERPERSON: It is no problem. It’s what I do, tra la la. It’s all I’m able to do for the monsters in the Underground.

PAPYRUS: Oh you’re so very kind!

RIVERPERSON: Ha ha, yes. And so are you, Papyrus.

*You have chosen to follow the children. Gaster is peacefully resting in the void, regaining his strength.

((The song Shelter belongs to Madeon and Porter Robinson. Full credit goes to the artists of the song.))

anonymous asked:

you're gross for shipping a minor with someone more than twice his age bye

Sorry to say that I just don’t give a shit what you think. :c

Edit: I felt the need to clarify something.

I am not on this website to enable the petty, childish and sheltered users ( This my blog, love. I will run it as I see fit; this includes any material that I fancy ). Regardless of what I ship, I’m mature enough to realize that it is indeed fictional content. If you do not like a ship or anything pertaining to it, pull your head out of your ass and blacklist the tag.

If you have “triggers”, you run the risk of seeing potentially upsetting content when you fail to take initiative and censor the material that appears on your dash. Tumblr has settings for that. Learn how to use them.

Thank you, and have a good day.

- x

Book Kindness Bingo: January 2017

In a year that threatens to be full of political and cultural tensions, where hatred threatens to read its ugly head, let’s channel a little bit of goodness into our corner of the community. Introducing the Book Kindness Bingo board for January. How many small acts of goodness can you do before the month is over?
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let me just say one final word about my stance on boy positivity:

we did not create this blog to “shelter” or “protect” mlm & trans guys against women. we created it to protect them against straight & cis people who make them feel alienated, erased, stigmatized, fetishized, unsafe, etc. women as a collective aren’t responsible for the way trans & sga men are treated: cis and straight people are.

blogs like this don’t need to exist because “everyone on this site is a lesbian” for fuck’s sake they need to exist because in the real world cishet people regardless of gender are making mlm & trans guys feel like shit about themselves, and this blog is not going to participate in this “men against women” idea that’s going around because guess what? that’s called misogyny.