Some people seeking safety from the flooding caused by Harvey were able to find refuge at Al-Salam mosque in northwest Houston.

“When I first got here I was looking for some of my people,” says Mabel Rozier, a 78-year-old African-American woman sitting at a table, with a laugh.

The storm made landfall in Texas as a hurricane on Aug. 25 and has now become a tropical depression as it moves inland. The mosque opened its door to evacuees on Aug. 26 and at 2 a.m., the next day, people began showing up. It welcomed 34 people who were brought in mostly from the local area. Seven evacuees remained Tuesday,but donations piled up as volunteers prepared for more people to come as the floods begin to affect different neighborhoods.

The long table where Rozier sits is in the middle of the gymnasium and holds rows of bedding, some of it neatly lined up and some of it covering half the floor. Other tables are ladened with piles of donations, including medical supplies, food and clothing.

At Al-Salam Mosque In Houston, All Are Welcome

Photos: Claire Harbage and Ryan Kellman/NPR