Imagine being in your flat, well since two weeks it not just yours because your boyfriend, Sherlock, moved in with you. It is pretty nice! You love lying in the same bed and having the possibility to cuddle with him every morning. But there is also a down side: Everywhere he is he leaves notes of murders. There is a hand in your fridge, lots of newspaper article on your bedroom floor, even IN your bed are photos of corpses! Not that you have a problem with his job, you love murders, otherwise you couldn’t even be in one room, but it is like all he is interested in are murders, deaths, corpses and victims! So one evening you just tell him: “Sherlock, it is enough! All you ever speak about, think about is your job! When is the last time we had a nice morning? Or evening? I don’t want it to go on like this!”, Sherlock just looks at you with his caribbean ocean like eyes and smiles. But it looks so false and shark like, that you get goosebumps and go out of the flat. You just need to get a walk! Late in the night you come home, Sherlock seems to be out, well, you can go at sleep, you can’t do anything know! 
“Good morning darling!”, you hear as you wake up: “I made you breakfast! Nono! Stay in bed, I’ll bring it to you!”, you know this voice! It is your favorite voice, Sherlocks’. “I am sorry for yesterday! I didn’t know how to react, so I just did what I always do: Get ironic. So I smilled. I didn’t notice how much that would hurt you! I will do my best to be a better boyfriend!”, he smiles and you know, he is honest! He would never do anything that hurts you intentionally!