Can we just

Can people stop being pissed about the episode. Like do you know the fucking pressure we’ve put on the whole cast and crew. WE GOT JOHNLOCK. Just because they don’t spell it out, show it to you straight (pardon my pun) doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Sherlock has never done “spelling it out”. Both the show and the character leave it to you until you force it out. You saw them happy and domestic. You saw them with friends in the same flat. You saw the rest of their life. And if that isn’t enough Johnlock for you then you need to relearn what Martis and Sherlock have taught us.

And yeah the plot was messy and more a Bond plot, but hey, the British like their secret service-esk plots. It showed us every. Single. Side. to Sherlock Holmes. It showed us every.single.side to every.single.character. It gave us Sherlolly, Mystrade and Johnlock. It gave us FUCKING MORIARTY.

I’m happy with how it ended. And if that means I’m forever cut from tumblr then so be it. I’ll just go re-watch every Sherlock episode on my own then.

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I ship Johnlock before I even know what shipping is. when I was a kid and read the books, I always tough that they love each other. I didn't get why John married Mary. the writers failed us, but John and Sherlock is meant to be together, they are soulmates

They are, they absolutely are.

It may seem hollow, and we deserved it to be explicitly done, but following TFP, John and Sherlock faced what they really feel for each other. The moved forward, Sherlock co-parenting Rosie.

And finally, when they were ready (fairly soon), John moved back into 221B. Rosie took John’s old room, and John joined Sherlock in what was Sherlock’s room, but is now theirs.

I will never stop shipping them, the ARE together forever.

Okay i'm rewatching the lying detective

And the way this was shot was genius.

we’re used to the therapists being gone after a day and not being really important as a person to begin with

even when we do look at people, we notice a few things right off that bat, i’m not getting this from any real phycology that I know of but hear me out
1) eyes
2) hair
3) dress
4) way they’re portrayed on camera

Both the therapist and Faith wear glasses, obstructing our view of their eyes and bone structure. In an addition to this, Eros wore contacts. The woman on the bus had no glasses, but we were drawn to her hair.

Each person has different color hair, the woman on the bus has bright red hair, making us drawn to it, in this case, as if distracting us from her face. It also allows us to remember her as a woman with red hair and think nothing else is needed. Faith has blonde hair, not doing much for her plot wise like that. The therapist has grey hair, making her seem older, less of a threat, weaker.

The therapist wore light dull clothes, Faith wore bright reds and warm colors, the woman on the bus had darker ones on i believe

Faith, the original one, was shown in a blurred, dull light. Fake Faith never really had a close up and was obstructed a lot. No one ever saw Fake Faith and she never showed up on the security, allowing us to think she wants real. Everyone has learned to not pay attention to the therapists, and it’s not like the cameras were focusing on john or anything. Woman on the bus we only saw like once. She came off as annoying and as a threat to our little family we have. No one wanted to see her again and it’s like we got our wish. To be honest, I wouldn’t be that much more surprised if she just pulled off a mask and it was Andrew Scott.