Congrats John and Mary!

I expect Sherlock to be a flamboyant best man, being original and showy…..

The picture is beautiful….

Sherlock and molly are not gonna happen the way tumblr thinks it will happen. Just wait to see what she does.
—  I came up with a theory that all of this happened. Molly “ moved on ” and got engaged so this is “thing” she was going to do. And i think that these lovely two will finally say what they feel to each other ( i mean Sherlock of course :P  ) but the HORRIBLE thing that is clearly going to happen ( and leve us crying and mad at everybody ) will interupt their happyness.

I’m happy that “the imitation game” producers released a picture of Benedict as Alan Turing (1st pic) to coincide with the royal pardon for the Turing case.

Turing life is amazing so I expect a very interesting and moving film. Let’s wait and see…

Just another Sherlock what if but,

What if the thing that Sherlock wanted to Molly to do wasn’t just to help with is death. If the gunman is Molly`s new boyfriend(something I found on tumblr,didn`t notice myself) then what if Sherlock wanted Molly to find stuff out about him and her remark in “signs of three” was actually a code to show that she`d found something. However, they were alone in the flat so why didn`t she just tell him. But, if it was bugged then why would she? This would account for why John was taken. This could just be rubbish, but its a theory, who knows.

All I want for the reunion of Sherlock and John is for Sherlock to walk up to John and for them to just look at each other for a moment, John in a sort of quiet shock, Shelock just kind of drinking in the fact that hes back with John and everything can go back to normal. But as Sherlocks looking, his gaze settles on Johns mustache.
“That mustache is terrible.” Sherlock says.
And then John just punches him in the face so fast that Sherlock practically flies into a wall or something.
Am I a terrible person?



J'adore sa fantaisie….

(gif not mine, credit to the owners)


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