shelly in athens

Eyes Are Mosaics - A mix of dream pop old & new

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This mix features songs containing elements of or similar to the original themes of dream pop/’ethereal’ music (e.g. effect laden voices; manipulated guitar; emphasis on overall immersive atmosphere and (optionally) electronic, gothic and/or ambient elements). The phrase ‘dream pop’ has become a bit overused and loose recently, and on occasion made it too easy to forget the heights the music actually fitting the phrase has reached. Thus with this mix I wanted to channel the enveloping, lush sounds dream pop and it’s related styles were initially associated with. In addition to some 80s favorites, I included plenty of modern interpreters.

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(inspired by the soundtrack and ambience of the baz luhrmann’s romeo + juliet)

Envelop // Julianna Barwick
Talk Show Host // Radiohead
Angels // the xx
Hauntin’ Me // Keep Shelly In Athens
Melodies & Desires // Lykke Li
Lazuli // Beach House
Collect Call // Metric
#1Crush // Garbage 
Never Let Me Go // Florence + the Machine
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