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Roman x Reader

Requested By @twilight-loveer

Part One

Shelly waved when Anna let you into the house, waiting politely while you took off your shoes and set the neatly in the porchway, following her up to her room as usual. After a few hours Roman came back with the boy who Letha and Shelly talked about, you could never remember his name, but he smiled and waved when you hurried to help Anna carry the drinks up.


“I thought you only came on a Wednesday.” Roan grunted and you blushed, recalling the last few times you’d come over, sharing award but thrilling moments with Roman who thought nothing more of it than a way to satisfy his boredom.

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nurseydex 17 and it's the same name on each wrist lol

17. the one where your soulmate’s name is on one wrist and your enemy’s name is on the other and you have no clue which is which.

Looking back, Will thinks, it’s probably not fair that he hated Derek before he ever met him.

It’s in his nature, to fight. He grows up fighting everything–wrestling his brother, slamming people hard on the ice, crawling his way out of his piece of shit town to a scholarship at a Ivy League university. 

But the names on his wrists don’t help. Perfect text, scrolling across his skin–and matching. Derek and Derek, like the whole universe is laughing at him. And maybe it is. Two matching names, two matching male names. 

If he wasn’t already fighting, he’d start now.

By the time he gets to Samwell, he’s already done with Derek, whoever Derek is. 

Just his luck that Derek is Derek Nurse, Will’s height, and broad-shouldered, and muscled from hockey, and grinning at Will, his green eyes bright and so gorgeous Will wants to bolt out of his tour group and jump on the first bus back to Maine. 

They clasp hands, though, because it’s the part of the tour, and Will’s wrists burn like he’s been branded.

“Holy shit,” Derek says, his eyes wide. “Holy shit–William, right?”

“It’s Dex,” Will says. 

Derek is still staring at him. He has his sleeves pushed up to his forearms, and Will looks, because he has to, and–


Derek’s wrists match, too.

Will drops his hand, shoving both of his into his pockets. “It’s just Dex,” he says, stepping back. 

“Wait,” Derek says, reaching for him.

Will bolts.

And then, because it’s habit–he starts fighting.

It’s almost a relief when Derek starts fighting back.

Except that it isn’t. Because Derek fights as dirty as Will does but looks way better doing it, and Will can barely focus on yelling at him without getting distracted by his stupid eyes and his stupid hair and his stupid face and just–everything. And it’s not supposed to come onto the ice, but of course it fucking does, and then Chowder’s mad at them, and–

Well. It’s only a matter of time.

The basement door closes behind them, and Will slumps back against the dryer. “Fuck,” he mutters.

Next to him, Derek snorts. “Might smooth things out,” he says. “You wanna give it a try?”

Will scowls at him. “Don’t even joke,” he snaps, and Derek flinches, and then sighs. For the first time in weeks, the fight seems to go out of Derek’s face, and something twists inside his chest as he watches Derek sit down on the floor, leaning up against the beaten-up couch across from the laundry machines. Will hesitates, and then, because his stupid heart won’t let him not, sits down next to him.

For a few moments, they sit in uncertain silence, almost close enough to touch, but not reaching out.

Derek speaks first. “I dated a William in high school,” he says.

It’s not what Will’s expecting. “What?”

He looks up, but Derek’s looking at the floor, not at him. “It was my freshman year,” he says. “He was a senior. But like–I had his name on my wrist, you know? And the first time he touched me, it was like what happened with us. Just–instant. Electric.” He glances up. 

Throat tight, Will nods. He remembers. “What happened?”

Derek shrugs. “Turned out to not be such a nice guy.” He curls his fingers over his right wrist, briefly, and then presses his lips together. “I’m just saying,” he says, and hesitates. When he speaks again, he sounds nervous. “Just because it’s the same name doesn’t mean it’s the same person.”

Will opens his mouth. His first instinct, feral and automatic, is to push. To say, yeah, but both of my wrists burned. To say, you don’t know what I went through, having your name on my skin

But as much as he’s used to pushing, Derek Nurse’s eyes are–

He takes a breath. “I,” he says, and his voice comes out low, and uncertain, and small. “I don’t want to fight with you.”

Derek’s hand slips into his. The skin of his wrist is warm against Will’s. It doesn’t burn, doesn’t itch. It–fits.

“Good,” Derek says. “Me neither.”

*Request: Juice is worried because he thinks that you are cheating on him and things get rough.* May be a second part..

“Where you going Y/N? Juice asked you. Lately he had been getting on your damn nerves with his jealously. Since he caught you dancing with another man at your mom’s house party but it was a family friend so you didn’t understand his jealousy. You thought it would pass over but it didn’t. “I’m going out like I do every damn Wednesday Juice, don’t start with that shit please. I had a great day, I didn’t come home to deal with this.” You said walking past him. “Oh, so now we’re keeping secrets?” He said. You couldn’t tel if this was one big joke or he was seriously being this crazy. “Juice I go out every Wednesday and Friday with the same damn people, and to the same damn place. How are we keeping secrets?!” You said looking at him. He stared at you and said, “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want you to run off on me or anything.” “Oh my God Juice, that was my family friend and his wife was right there. Let that fucking shit go already.” You said yelling at him. “I am, damn.” He said storming off to the kitchen.

“Oh my god girl, why is he acting so damn crazy?” Your friend Shelly asked. “Girl he’s working my last damn nerve.” You said to her. “Girlfriend I love the jealous type, I be like “Yes Daddy.” Your friend Felipe said. You all started laughing. “Alright my turn to buy this round.” You said on your way to the bar. “Hi, can I get 3 tequila shots and one strawberry daiquiri.” You said to the bartender. “Yeah. I’ll bring it to your table.” You smiled and made your way back to your table. “Girl, guess who just walked in with my future husband.” Felipe said. “Your husband? Tig is mine.” Shelly said. You turned your head as if it snapped and saw Juice come in with Happy and Tig. You were furious. “Hey babe.” He said kissing you on the forehead. “what the hell are you doing here.” You said in a low voice. “”I came to see you real quick and the guys wanted a beer.” He said looking at you as if nothing was wrong. Just as you were about to reply the bartender came with your drinks. “Here you go beautiful.” He said placing the drinks down on the table. You knew what the bartender had just said would make Juice furious.


“What did you call her?”Juice said to the bartender. “ “I call all the ladies beautiful because they are. Can I get you gentleman anything?” He said smiling. “Yeah, you can get the fuck away from my woman.” Juice said. “I’m sorry sir, he’s already drunk.” You said standing between them. “Yeah, just take a walk bro.” Tig said. The bartender seemed confused and said, “What a dick.” under his breath. “What the fuck you say to me bitch?” Juice said punching the bartender in the back. Before the bartender had a chance to hit Juice, the bouncer stepped in. “Y’all need to get the hell out of here with that drama Y/N.” The bouncer Jay said. You knew almost everyone that worked there so you felt so embarrassed. “I’m sorry Jay, we’re leaving.” You said grabbing your stuff and walking to the door. “Shelly take me home.” You said walking to the passenger side of her car. “What the hell Y/N ? Your riding with me?” Juice said. You ignored him and got into Shelly’s car and pulled off……. Juice was blowing your phone up because you didn’t immediately go to your house, you went back to Shelly’s because that’s where your car was. “Girl what the fuck, he’s getting a little bit too crazy. You want to stay here tonight?” Shelly asked. “Nah, I want to be in my own bed and take tomorrow off, so I’ll just go home. He’s probably gonna be out anyways.” You said walking out of Shelly’s house. “Call me if anything.” She said.

“What took you so long huh?” Juice said as you walked in the door. “Get the fuck out my face Juice, I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that! I go there every fucking week.” You said back to him. “Why you like going to that bar so much huh? Are you fucking that bartender or is it the bouncer?” He said. You looked at him with a hard gaze and walked to the room. “Answer me, you lying bitch.” “Get the fuck out of the house! Bitch!” You said back to him. You refused to be talked to like that and Juice knew that. You had dealt with shit like this in your teenage years and ended up pregnant by an abusive man. He was so abusive that he beat the fuck out of you so you could lose your child, which you did. Juice knew that when a man talked to you like that it was the end of that relationship. He officially crossed the line. “No, I’m not leaving.” He said. “Okay then, I will.” You said walking to the door. He grabbed you and said, “ you not going no fucking where.” You pushed the fuck out of him and he pushed you back. You slapped him and then he slapped you back and kicked you in your stomach. He soon stopped and realized what he was doing and who he was doing it to. 


“Y/N,baby I’m sorry.” He said trying to help you get up. You kneed him in the balls and ran like hell. You couldn’t believe that Juice had did that to you. He knew that you had a bad history and it fucked you up so bad. You had went to the one place that you knew nobody would find you. You went to Ima the pornstars apartment. “Hey, what happened to you.” She asked. “Can I borrow some cash and I’ll pay you back.” You asked and she gave you $400. “Do I tell anyone I’ve seem you?” She asked. “No, please.” You said. “thanks. A lot.” You said walking off to your cab. You took a cab all the way to Mayan territory. You walked up to the house door dreading what you were about to do knowing there was no turning back. As you knocked you quickly walked away, “Tinker?” Your ex-boyfriend Julian said. “Hey JuJu, didn’t I tell you to stop calling me Tinker.” You said to him. “Let me guess, you running?” Julian said. He knew you all too well, because you always ran when shit got ruff. You stepped into the light and he saw your face. “I’m gonna kill that punk Sons bitch.” He said. “Can I just stay here a couple of nights? Till I get shit straight.” You said

“You know you can baby doll.” Julian said. You walked in the house and saw 3 females and another homeboy of Julian’s. “I’ll be in your sisters room.” You said looking back at him. “You know the way baby doll.” He said. “Baby doll? Who is that beat up bitch? One of the girls said. “Bitch shut the fuck up or get out my house.” Julian said and she shut up. You closed the door and laid on the bed and closed your eyes…. “What the hell we’re you thinking Juice?” Jax said to him. “I blacked out and nobody and I mean NOBODY knows where the fuck she is. Everybody is worried sick and she’s smart I haven’t been able to track her down.”  Juice said downing his beer. “I can’t believe I did that to her, FUCK!” Just as he did that Ima and Lila walked in. “Hey babe.” Lila said to Opie. “Juice I didn’t think you was like that.” Ima said to him. “What the hell you talking about whore?” He said to her. “Your girl came to my door all beat up asking for money.” She said. “Where did she go?” Jax said.

I’m kind of psyched that Bobby’s a deputy. His experiences when he was a teenager, with Leo in particular, make him a pretty good fit for handling drug cases like he seems to be on, and it seems like he’s in a much better place. I’d be bummed but not surprised to find he and Shelly didn’t make it work, as seems to be the case.

With the mentions of Lewis and Clark and DoppleCooper’s meeting with Briggs it seems they’re definitely getting into the stuff from the book. I wonder if they’ll address the continuity issues there as well.

I know a lot of people are going “Oh my god I be it’s Audrey” in regards to Albert and Gordon talking about the one person who would know if it’s really Cooper, but I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Diane. I love Cooper and Audrey, but it wouldn’t really make sense to think the girl Cooper knew for a month and a half and who neither of these guys ever really met would be able to sniff out a fake Cooper.

  • Shelly: This is my boyfriend, Archie, and this is Archie's boyfriend, Matt.
  • Brendan: Hey...oh...wait, sorry. What's the situation?
  • Shelly: What do you mean?
  • Brendan: How does this work?
  • Shelly: Archie is gay but he's straight for me, but he's gay for Matt, and Matt's really gay for Archie. And I hate Matt.
  • Archie: It's not that complicated.

you know what a never understood? When people say stuff like “Well maybe if you had a job and paid bills then you wouldn’t have time to think about how people address you.” Like? Um, yeah, Shelly I’ve been busy working/going to school before and I still got bothered by people referring to me w/ the wrong pronouns/my dead name, okay? You know what working full times makes you? Tired. You know what it doesn’t do? Change my mind about my gender ID or my personal opinions like how i feel about feminism. stfu and sit down.

A Sight to Behold

Request: In My Eyes was so amazing! I cried and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt lol!
Can you do a part two where maybe they’re at a bar and a girl is talk smack to her about her insecurities and that Dean deserved someone better. Dean hears her and tells the bitch off and y/n is biting her lip from crying and a few tears fall from her face.
Dean see her and they leave the bar and fluff! Maybe smut? But like he keeps kissing her and saying he loves her. All this sweet stuff and while he’s giving her kisses she cries and whimpers that she’s not worth it and he keeps saying she is worth everything and that she’s beautiful.


See how it began here!

A/N: I’ve decided In The Eyes was set toward the end of season 4, approximately, and this sideshot takes place approximately six months later as the apocalypse is coming into full gear.
For the lovely gleefinn. Sugar, I hope this is everything you wanted.
Rating: NC-17 (As though any of you expected differently.)
Warnings: Bullying. Bitches. Low self-esteem. Smut.
Dean/Reader. Reader POV. Dean POV.

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Wow, Coronis got to this pretty fast:

The fight between Sapphire and Zinnia ensues, and we learn several things:

  • Zinnia thought Sapphire was the one who stole the scroll, but obviously she isn’t
  • Zinnia already has 5 Keystones, which means she got another in addition to hers and those of Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire
  • Sapphire still thinks they should pursue the rocket scheme even though she has witnessed how Chic and Sceptile suffered, since some sacrifices are needed for the planet’s sake
  • Apparently Zinnia has experienced the ‘voice loss’ too in the past like Sapphire, when Aster perished (did she die in some kind of fire?)
  • Aggron, while still an Aron, witnessed the fight between little Ruby and Salamence

We then see Zinnia’s comrades show up, who call themselves the reformed Team Aqua and Magma. Sapphire is shocked when they introduce themselves as Tabitha, Courtney, Shelly, and Matt since they obviously look different. It turns out that these names are simply 'codenames’ used in Aqua and Magma, and according to new Matt, there were more than one generation of them. New Tabitha and new Shelly used to work for Devon, and they each have developed the Magma and Aqua suits for Zinnia to use in space. We see Zinnia trying to interrupt the rocket’s launch, but Sapphire thwarts her with Tropius’s Leaf Tornado. The two end up on the rocket together, but Zinnia seems to have delivered a fatal blow on Sapphire.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Emerald fail to get near the Meteor Falls due to the ancient titans’ powers. Ruby also figures out Groudon has changed types since Ice Beam isn’t effective. Archie and Maxie mention that they need to get Groudon and Kyogre to learn Precipes Blades and Origin Pulse as soon as possible, and they knock down the Latixs, Ruby, and Emerald. At the final scene, they mention that everything that happened, including the jewels’ sudden transformation, the awakening of the titans and their primal reversions, are all for the purpose to save the planet from destruction. In fact, it is also the reason why the two men came back from 'that realm’, though it seems that somebody/something (an opponent they said) they hope to see still hasn’t turned up…

Alrighty, looks like they are the same ones, tho’ they’ve yet to reveal how they got here. It also looks like they’re working with Zinnia, and I’m guessing that they re-summoned Groudon and Kyogre so that Rayquaza will show up again.

And hey, both the Magma and Aqua suits are available! Two people can ride on the dragon to stop the meteor.

Kinda hoping Sapphire ends up with a scar somewhere, it’ll be pretty badass once she gets past the inital trauma.

And poor Amber. Archie reformed Team Aqua without him. Forever alone. Guy needs new friends, seriously.