shelly at work

When someone trashes enrichment

“The animals just destroy it”
“It takes too much time to make”
“It’s not like it actually matters”

  • Shelly: This is my boyfriend, Archie, and this is Archie's boyfriend, Matt.
  • Brendan: Hey...oh...wait, sorry. What's the situation?
  • Shelly: What do you mean?
  • Brendan: How does this work?
  • Shelly: Archie is gay but he's straight for me, but he's gay for Matt, and Matt's really gay for Archie. And I hate Matt.
  • Archie: It's not that complicated.

(Poketale au i think… i dont have any au more…)
well, Matt = Undyne, Shelly = Papyrus, Tabitha = Alphys and Cortney = Sans. Why like this? hmmm/
Because they have taken just a role original undertale characters.
Archie and Maxie rule the underground, but one day they crash in relationship, because Archie kills humans childs and Maxie leaves in ruins, to save everyone who gets into underground (maybe…he kills them himself? “Saving” them from the fate…oh)
Matt and Shelly working together in royal guard, but Shelly loves spending time with Courtney.
Courtney leave castle with Maxie and protect gates in ruins for Maxie (and humans childs, if they falls in underground). Always stay calm and chill (ah yes…don’t kill shelly, ok, or you know what happened)
Tabitha is more loyal to Maxie, but not left with him and Courtney. He continued work for Archie… for a reason…

(wtf i’m doing…)

Half a round right now, we’ll get the other half later. Here’s Coronis’ summary:

Emerald gets Zinnia to explain why she refuses to recognize Ruby and Sapphire as candidates to use Rayquaza since they’ve obviously earned its permission to ride it and even taught it Dragon Ascent. Zinnia reveals that the full legend foretells the Lorekeeper entering space to destroy the asteroid with Mega Rayquaza, which essentially is a sacrificial move since humans cannot survive there. The Stones then get an idea, and remember the new Shelly and Tabitha who once worked on the ‘Suits’. Before they get things into action, Giovanni shows up with Red/Blue, and Blaise/Amber (we see that the latter have indeed succeeded their leaders’ stones and Pokemon). Giovanni raises the question of whether the asteroid is truly just an asteroid. He points out that Mega Evolution is supposed to be in-battle only, and if the asteroid is really just an asteroid, the megas should not happen. This leads everyone to suspect that the asteroid is actually a Pokemon from space. Blue suggests that with enough Pokemon power, they may actually be able to slow down the asteroid just like how the Primals destroyed the small meteoroid.

And so, everyone begins to get to work. With Sootopolis as a base, the Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Frontier Brains gather. All the scientific minds gather to figure out how to send the Lorekeeper to space with the suits. Emerald also contacts Gold/Silver/Crystal to seek help from the Kanto/Johto Gym Leaders and Elite 4. We also learn that Norman is with the group in Johto.

Sapphire meets Grannie officially, and she comments on how matching Gardevoir and Gallade are, offering her their Mega Stones but Sapphire slaps her with an embarrassed look. Steven then decides to return the jar of Key Stones they gathered from the Embedded Tower after Rayquaza was captured, which belonged to Aster. Steven clarifies that the Key Stone he uses is not Aster’s, but he officially inherited it from Gurkinn in Kalos. Grannie believes that Gurkinn is one of the descendants of Draconids who moved to other regions. Zinnia is happy to have Aster’s Key Stones back, but she collapses. We then see Ruby contemplating on who should go into space, and Sapphire is angry because she thinks Ruby is doing it again…