Applications for Waveclan are Open!

Welcome to Waveclan, the clan that borders the sea!

Applications will be open until the 2nd of February

Please stick to the guidelines when creating your character (Read them over, it is obvious when you don’t), and if you have any questions, feel free to contact a mod or place your query in the askbox for this blog.

Cats must be over 30 moons, and all applicants must be over 14 years of age to apply.

Application // Clan Description  // Rules // If You Have Questions

Good luck and have fun!

If Crookedstar Never Broke His Jaw

Let’s say Crookedstar never broke his jaw.

Obviously, he’d remain Stormkit. He’d have the typical cockiness of a RiverClan cat, but it would be more obnoxious due to being stared at and gushed over. After all, he was quite handsome!

Young Stormpaw would be a fantastic apprentice. He would have excelled in fishing and combat training and would have seemed to be a “perfect” cat.

Mapleshade would not meddle with his life. Everything would have been okay and there would have been far less deaths.

Hailstar would die in a battle against ThunderClan, and Shellheart would become leader. Shellstar would have the honor of giving his sons his warrior names. Rainflower would have suggested Oakheart, and Shellstar would pick the name Stormface in honor of his handsome looks. He would be stuck over Stormblaze and Stormface, but Rainflower would have helped decide.

Stormface would fall in love with Willowbreeze soon before becoming leader. Willowkit, Silverkit and Minnowkit would when Stormstar had been leader for two moons.

Stormstar would be a very respected leader. His deputy would be Ottersplash, and together the two would make RiverClan a mighty, powerful Clan. RiverClan would win Sunningrocks back from ThunderClan in a battle that would cost the life of Adderfang of ThunderClan. ThunderClan would be furious but wouldn’t be strong enough to fight back.

RiverClan would become the most powerful Clan, rivaled only by ShadowClan.


Video of the assembly and construction of Shell Star, an installation for Detour: Design Renegade, an art and design festival in Hong Kong.

Shell Star was designed and constructed by Andrew Kudless (Matsys) + Riyad Joucka (HKU) In collaboration with Ricci Wong (Art Lab HK) and the students of the Architecture department of the Chinese University and Hong Kong University.

Pictures and video editing by Ricci Wong.