shellsrandomness  asked:

5 things you like best about yourself

I’m not my biggest fan, but okay…

1. I think that my eyes are aiight. I get complimented on them a lot, so I tend to put the focus on them, make up wise, or in photos. 

2. My tits

3. I’m quite considerate to other peoples feelings, or at least try to be. Like right now for instance, I’m hoping that none of my answers offend any of y'all. 

4. A part of me loves how honest I am, but sometimes, especially of late, it’s been detrimental to a few of my relationships. 

5. That’s it, I’m all out. I don’t really like myself that much, so it never comes as a shock when others don’t either…and why it’s always a HUGE surprise when people on here are so fucking nice to me. Womp.