Trundling is what I say when I have to go all over the fucking city, transfer multiple times on different modes of cta and usually I’m carrying bags and super annoyed at the fact that I don’t have a car.

Ali says it makes her think of some old woman in soviet Russia with a babushka and it’s windy and really rough dark sad times

I think of it as Oregon trail, someone dies of dyptheria along the way, your meat rots, and you gotta try to ford the fucking river and not lose all your belongings.

So yeah, that’s trundling. Annoying errand trips without a car.

shellshokt  asked:

So, what else is on that bucket list of yours?

Like any healthy, sexually deprived guy, my bucket list is pretty extensive.  Here’s a sample:

  • Find a woman who likes sex, only this time, just with me
  • Threesomes are for underachievers… I’m looking for a 12some (no dudes)
  • An all-you-can-eat Seafood bar that includes lobster, mussels, scallops, and grouper but does NOT contain food poisoning
  • I would like to invent a time machine to go back and have sex with my first girlfriend again.  I have something to show her entitled “rough anal”
  • I would like to eliminate the flavor “cherry” from the world.  What’s wrong with you people?  Stop supporting this abomination
  • I want a large breasted woman to ask me to do very naughty things to her
  • I want to perform live on stage where large breasted women will fantasize about asking me to do naughty things to them
  • I want to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.  Then bludgeon U2 to death with a cricket bat.
  • I want to make so much money that I can speak condescendingly about how money doesn’t buy you happiness
  • I just want someone with whom I can exchange dirty KiK messages with (no dudes) (UserID: seriousfase)
  • I want to be liked, and I will settle for lusted after

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Try not to hate on the pits. I used to be a little judgey about them until I met my boyfriend (who has 2). His male thinks he’s a lapdog. It’s hilarious. My kids cuddle with him all the time! Fucking dachsunds are 10X more ferocious. xoxo

Yea I’ve seen really sweet pits, including my sisters pit who thought he was a kitten lol, but my biggest issue is that most landlords here don’t allow pit bulls because of their reputations. I don’t want to get kicked out or anything. I’m okay with getting one once we get married and a buy a house. I just hate how he tried to talk me out of getting a toy dog, settled on the boston terrier, and then said he would still get a pit. Men are bastards lol

I’ve found myself doing something that is (I guess it’s not anymore so, was) out of character for me.

I find myself looking at old photos of us just so I can see more pictures of her. She’s so pretty.

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Not everyone can pull off long hair. You can. Keep it.

It’s not that I can pull it off, it’s that I personally think I look better with long hair. But I was wanting other opinions. Girl opinions. Because that’s what matter’s most when it comes to looks/fashion right, what the opposite sex thinks? So far the “keep it long” faction is winning the poll.