shellock holmes


Alice and Co. Visit the Pokemon Mansion

I had this one sitting on the back burner for a while! Took me a few days to get this one finished. I was originally going to keep it sketchy, but.. for some reason, I just couldn’t resist applying some of the new techniques I learned. I don’t know if that helped speed this up or not, but it definitely feels better than the work I did back with the comic of Camila visiting Zexy in a contest.

For those who don’t know, TPP’s playthrough of Fire Red was randomized, with abilities being different (amongst a few other things). This one should be self explanatory. I wanted to add a few more panels, with Shellock Holmes (the Blastoise) making mention that he smells burning grass (showing the Odor Sleuth that he is). However, I just couldn’t figure out how to provide the right punchline after that, so yeah.

For those who man not know, the Sandslash we have was actually a “Magikarp” we bought. And I decided not to go with the Marc (the Mew) the Fashion Designer look since it’d be faster if I just drew that commie hat. Also, I kinda took a liking to how Marc looks with that hat.

Gah! I just realized I forgot to put aviators on Hyperbug!

Safari Zone Democracy Grand Prix!

Another “quick” doodle. The intention here was to spend just 30 minutes. Instead, this turned into a 2 hour affair. Really need to get better with doing this stuff faster. I’ll be moving back to my Surface Pro soon, so maybe that’ll help…

So I got inspired by /u/tustin2121’s TPP Live Updates during the ordeal that was the Safari Zone (and thus, I totally blame this person for me sleeping late (people, stop inspiring me so late at night)). It was some amusing stuff! Also, it was supposed to be “Marathon” and not “Grand Prix”. I couldn’t think of anything but car racing, though, so I went with this. Plus, Dome Car. (btw, like guns, I don’t draw cars >_>)

I should probably explain Mew. There was a select few people mentioning that Marc the Mew could be a fashion designer. And I was amused enough by it. I dunno if the name “Karl Marc Jacobs” could work, but eh. The Black Glasses were put on just because I couldn’t get a good expression on his face.

I wanted to keep everyone kinda close to their natures, but a bunch of gentle, calm, and relaxed pokemon in this situation was tough for me to imagine.