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💡 Unconventional Spell Components 💡

I know herbs and crystals are really useful in spells, but I thought it would be nice to compile a list of things that are also helpful in certain spells. Feel free to add on!

💡 Light bulbs! Hence the emoji. Burnt-out light bulbs are great for curses, keeping things hidden, and other things like that. You could also use the glass part of it as an unconventional sachet. (I might be working on a spell with a light bulb.. hehe 😉)

💡 Belts! They’re great for spells involving strength, endurance, and support. You can also draw sigils on the inside of a belt you’re wearing to hide them!

💡 Nut shells! It’s easy enough to find a bag of pistachios or pecans. The shells can be used in protection spells, PLUS they have the same correspondences as whatever the plant they came from. The shells can be crushed into a powder or left as is.

💡 Headphones! They can be used in spells involving focus and shutting people up. Not to mention you can enchant your headphones as you listen to music while doing a spell.

💡 Balloons! Balloons have a variety of uses. You can draw a sigil on one and then pop it to activate it. You can use them for happiness spells, or just spells that make you feel more free. Balloons could even help with astral travel!

💡 Paperclips! They’re great for simple and cheap binding spells. ‘Nuff said.

Anyways, that’s all I can think of for now 😅 but I hope this was helpful! Have fun!

In a nut shell: AOS S1E2

Skimmons looking at each other lovingly after almost dying 

Fitz reevaluating his decision of leaving his pristine lab back at the Academy.

Ward wondering if risking his life for Hydra is really worth it.

This is a token. I am giving it to you. Because I have nothing else to give you. Because I am very poor. You can keep it as a reminder that I exist if you wish. Or you can exchange it for something else and forget about me if you wish.

The choice is yours


These are poignant words that were left along with a token at the Foundling Hospital in London in the 1700s.

The Foundling Hospital was one of the great charitable achievements of the 18th century. Women who, by whatever unfortunate circumstance, were unable to raise their baby, could (if they got through the lottery-style entrance process) leave their child at the Foundling Hospital, where the child had the chance of a new life and new identity. 

Lots of mothers left a small token (usually a scrap of fabric, but other kinds of small, unassuming tokens were left too) with their baby, so that if they were ever able to return for their child following a change in circumstance, they could be reunited. This rarely happened, however, as a lot of mothers never recovered or, if they ever did return, found that their child had not lived.

  • Taako: I'm going to dig in there with my shovel, my new shovel *gets an inch and a half in* Oooh oh the labor! These beautiful hands, MY beautiful hands!
  • Magnus: Ok I can take a hint I got it*starts digging with his hands*
  • Taako: Oh thank God what a relief!
  • Merle: I cast healing on taako.
  • Taako: Thank you what a relief!

170404 Step by Step~Do Me Right
cr: SoundShine5

[ so much going on this fancam first it’s beautiful ot5 fancam where we can see this choreo….Taemin ripped his pants & he sensed that at 1.35 & went to backstage 2.19…Minho saw him during this, so he did tae’s part lipsync instead to sit next to Onew part  coz he was nt there…ot4 was doing professionally their part during it…… @ 3.30 when Minho again tried to take Taemin’s part …Taemin come back & poke Minho’s back & Minho pat his thigh & went to his pose … nut shell SHINee is pro when it’s live]

Shitty Treatment by 5Star and Staffmember at Comicpalooza

 I’m going to post this separately because I do feel that it needs to be heard, and I want to express this.  However, I am going to keep this as a separate post from the highlights of the convention:

Things started off about as bad as they could have gotten - my wife suffers from anxiety and depression and is really succeptible to panic attacks.  For the most part, cons have been incredibly theraputic for her - and a way to feel more confident with both crowds and herself.  We’ve been taking some proactive measures to help bolster that, including our therapist suggesting and writing a letter for her to take with her to conventions explaining the situation and asking for allowances for entrances/egresses when necessary.  My wife has been having a lot of issues especially lately with a relapse thanks to a change in medication when the manufacturer for a generic brand of her wellbutrion changed (SERIOUSLY - tangentially, if you are someone on a wellbutrin generic and had it change lately, and have been having a crash - LOOK INTO THIS!  We only put a pin on the source of this after hearing stories from other people.  Generics only have to be within a 20% margin of the name brand to be FDA approved, and wellbutrin is notorious for having had issues with generics in the past because the name brand is prohibitively expensive and not covered by pretty much any insurances).  We were looking forward to the con as that carrot to help lift her up after having been going through a bad crash and starting to make steps with things finally begining to improve again.  

She gets the most anxious especially coming in - and that’s exactly where the problem happened - a particularly nasty private secuirty guard form 5 Star Security not only refused to assist, refused to even look at the letter (“I don’t have to look at that”) but when my wife began to freak out at being talked down to/nastily rebuffed, the woman escalated issues, got up in her face and threatened to “bust up your face” - and when she understandably was freaking out, not backing down when I tried to get space between them, and my wife practicaly begging for assitance and needing to go above her head to report this harassment/violation of all kinds of ADA situations, said “I guess you do need help because you ARE a crazy bitch”. I was floored and my wife was realy, really hurt - to someone suffering from a mental disorder, that kind of slur when you’re needing help is deeply insulting as well as invalidating and dismissive.  

If that was’t bad enough, after medical assistance was called over to help her get down from her panic attack, one of the high-up con directors was called over (who came when we said we -needed- to talk to someone with the con who was in charge of security) - Peggy Kay -  not only refused to believe us (because, of course, the security guard lied about the incident) - but also refused to even fucking apologize on behalf of hte con - which really, is what we were looking for.  We even _said_ that that is what we were looking for so we could attempt to move on from this incident.  She refused to let us speak to her superior, claiming that she was as far up as it would go.  The only person at the incident remotely helpful in trying to de-escalate other than the medical technician was a legit police officer who actualy had some kind of training with working with people with mental disorders, and who spoke with us afterwards, helped reassure us, and escorted us to where we needed to go after that.

We about left the con at this point - it was so jarring, and it was exactly the kind of experience that my wife especially has always had anxiety about happening.  We ultimately decided to push through based on certain aspects being nonrefundable, and a few things that we honestly hoped would be worth it later in the day, but this didn’t drop.  We really wanted some kind of resolution - the con, beyond the incredibly disrepctful security company and the eye-rolling and refusal to accept responsibility or even try to apologize of the con manager.  Even if - IF - she hadn’t believed us - any kind of service industry should cater to wanting your /guests/ who paid a lot of money to attend your event to have a good experience.  

We weren’t able to find any kind of resolution to this until Sunday - and this really, really put a turd in what otherwise would have been a stellar convention.  I did everything I could to help my wife re-center, feel taken care of, and supported.  I was furious at the staff - not just because of the incredibly belligerant action of the secuity guard, but outright refusing to believe what happened (I witnessed it, I was right there,  I KNOW what happened).  My wife spent many hours in the hotel room  - really having a hard time shaking past having been seriously triggered, skittish when she was out, hand-wringing and I could tell looking over her shoulder and scared she’d run into the people who were so callous.  And it’s frustrating, because all in all, all of the con volunteers, everyone who worked the con who was there because they loved fandom - were wonderful.  The convention center is beautiful and the only con I’ve been to lately that is actually spaceous enough to accomodate the crowds - which is such a rare and valuable commodoty - especially when you are working with people who get really nervous with the reallllly tightly packed crowds.  

On sunday, we needed to find some kind of resolution before we left - and ultimately, after stirring the pot and looking for management to talk to about the incident - Peggy turned up again stonewalling us and eyerolling - and when we said we needed to get her name so we could file some kind of report about the treatment she said “I welcome an inquiry” nastily and flipped her badge around to hide her name.  Fortunately I had looked before she flipped it, so I am certainly putting that out there as much as I can.

However, after speaking with a very nice gentleman who represented the convention center, and a very NASTY and dismissive head of 5 Star security at the center (who said, in a nut shell, You filed your report - I read it, and I don’t belive you.  I’m not going to apologize, I’m not going to do anything) we fortoutously ran into the operations manager, DJ,  speaking with Peggy - who identified himself as her boss.  We spoke with him aside, explained the situation - how hurt we were, how mistreated we felt by Peggy and 5 Star Secuirty.  He was apalled, listened, and apologized.  Asked what we needed and we said genuinely - that’s what we were looking for - some kind of understanding - an assurance that the issue would be investigated - that the mistreatement of fans an people with disabilities would be accomodated.  Especially because there is such a stigma against people with  invisible disabilities.  

I have heard that the convention was recently sold by the original organizers to a company who typically runs the sporting events in the city, and it shows.  Many of the other staff and volunteers have had issues with the new management and dealing with sportsball bros is a whole different situation from working with groups of fans of comics.   And this just feels to me to be yet another example of abyssmal service trends that has been cropping up more and more lately :(  

Please, feel free to repost this and share because people need to understand how affecting this is to people trying to overcome these kinds of obstacles in their lives.  And if anyone who reads this and was at Comicpalooza and saw what happened, PLEASE contact us because 5 Star refuses to believe us that this happened and I know at least two people came up to us after the incident and saw it.  If you can signal boost it for that, it would mean a lot to us.

Tanz Der Vampire: A Summary
  • Villagers: GARLIC!!!!!
  • Sarah: I'm not even eighteen and my father locks me in my room because I'm gorgeous. Also, I like to take baths!!!
  • Alfred: I've never talked to a girl in my entire life.
  • Sarah and Alfred: *look at each other* IT'S TRUE LOVE.
  • Professor: VAMPIRES!
  • Sarah: *taking a bath*
  • Count von Krolock: *flies in and stands over the bath tub* Hey Sarah, I'm throwing a party at my place and I'd totally dig it if you came. Here have some rockin' red boots. *twirls cape and exits in a flash of glitter*
  • Sarah: I'm running away, but not with you Alfred. *runs away to castle*
  • Professor and Alfred: *arrive at castle*
  • Count von Krolock: Yay smart people!! I'm basically Dracula and here is my son, Herbert. He's gay as all get out.
  • Professor: BOOKS!!
  • Alfred: SARAH!!
  • Herbert: *is gay as all get out*
  • Sarah, Krolock, Vampires: [[TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES]]
  • Count von Krolock: *is angsty vampire* IT'S PARTY TIME. Dis b*tch is willingly giving up her useless life to be a useless vampire and she's mine, all mine! *bites Sarah*
  • Sarah: *isn't vampire yet*
  • Alfred: I CAN SAVE HER!
  • Sarah, Alfred, Professor: *escape!*
  • Sarah and Alfred: *sing about love and running away*
  • Sarah: *is vampire* Surprise lol *bites Alfred*
  • Vampires: DANCE