shelling nuts

  • Taako: I'm going to dig in there with my shovel, my new shovel *gets an inch and a half in* Oooh oh the labor! These beautiful hands, MY beautiful hands!
  • Magnus: Ok I can take a hint I got it*starts digging with his hands*
  • Taako: Oh thank God what a relief!
  • Merle: I cast healing on taako.
  • Taako: Thank you what a relief!
Tanz Der Vampire: A Summary
  • Villagers: GARLIC!!!!!
  • Sarah: I'm not even eighteen and my father locks me in my room because I'm gorgeous. Also, I like to take baths!!!
  • Alfred: I've never talked to a girl in my entire life.
  • Sarah and Alfred: *look at each other* IT'S TRUE LOVE.
  • Professor: VAMPIRES!
  • Sarah: *taking a bath*
  • Count von Krolock: *flies in and stands over the bath tub* Hey Sarah, I'm throwing a party at my place and I'd totally dig it if you came. Here have some rockin' red boots. *twirls cape and exits in a flash of glitter*
  • Sarah: I'm running away, but not with you Alfred. *runs away to castle*
  • Professor and Alfred: *arrive at castle*
  • Count von Krolock: Yay smart people!! I'm basically Dracula and here is my son, Herbert. He's gay as all get out.
  • Professor: BOOKS!!
  • Alfred: SARAH!!
  • Herbert: *is gay as all get out*
  • Sarah, Krolock, Vampires: [[TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES]]
  • Count von Krolock: *is angsty vampire* IT'S PARTY TIME. Dis b*tch is willingly giving up her useless life to be a useless vampire and she's mine, all mine! *bites Sarah*
  • Sarah: *isn't vampire yet*
  • Alfred: I CAN SAVE HER!
  • Sarah, Alfred, Professor: *escape!*
  • Sarah and Alfred: *sing about love and running away*
  • Sarah: *is vampire* Surprise lol *bites Alfred*
  • Vampires: DANCE

You know you’re a witch when you save the shells any time you eat eggs or nuts.

I literally have small jars full of eggshell pieces, waiting to be made into powder, and nuts shells that split in usable halves for charms.

I also have jars of dried fruit peels and seeds, for that matter, to say nothing of all the dried herbs and flowers.

Fandomstuck In a Nutshell


Hetalia: im sweet buT ILL MOTHERFUCKING KICK YOUR ASS and even though I may seem innocent im into some kinky ass shit but I just want everyone to get along and be friends haha

Supernatural: Im a grumpy angel who wants to kill all demons. FuCK WITH ME ILL FUCK YOU UP. I won’t tolerate your shit, dumbass. Especially the guy with the green dick. Don’t like. Only like when he fucks me with it.

Sherlock: I am a sociopathic quiet person who decides to stay away from crowds. I am very BIG fucking Virgin but I act like I know all about fucking. Lmao im a noob but you love me anyway.

Doctor: PRECIOUS SWEET GENTLE MAN WHO WILL OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU AND KISS YOUR HAND. School girl crushes and awkward cinnamon roll.

Dissociation (new diagnosis)

I have been recently given a new diagnosis of a dissociative disorder.
Most people experience dissociation in ways of feeling numb, floating through the day, or find themselves staring into space and not knowing how long you’ve been “out for”
(If you scroll down my page you’ll find a few posts about dissociation)
But in a nut shell, dissociation happens when you’re brain can’t cope or process something difficult.
My “condition” is more unusual. When my brain can’t cope or process something painful I completely black out, kind of like a “faint” which lasts between a couple of seconds and a couple of minutes.
It starts with my hands and feet going numb as if I had been sitting on them and I can’t feel them. A few seconds after this my entire body goes limp and the world spins. If I’m stood up my body will slump to the ground like a sack of potato’s. Once I feel my hands going numb its a warning to sit down to avoid injury. Once my body is limp and I’m either on the floor or slumped on a chair the world spins for a couple of seconds and then BAM! I’m unconscious.
Its scary. I dread leaving the house alone, and I hate the stress I put on my boyfriend.
Its a rare form of dissociation, and I never knew about it before I spoke to my psychiatric doctor about my fainting problem.
There is no medication I can take to stop it happening.
The only thing that *might* help is talking therapies. To talk about what is stressing me, to talk about anything that I find hard to deal with. And hopefully in time it will help to stop it happening.
But at the moment it happens between 2-5 times a day.
I just have to live with this for the time being 💪
Obama to Give Trump Remedial Crash Course in Running the Government
Apparently, Trump didn’t realize how much work was involved.
By Abigail Tracy

“Trump offered an unusually conciliatory statement to the press, praising the same president he spent years trying to delegitimize and suggesting their meeting had been enormously helpful. “As far as I’m concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer,” Trump said, adding that he looks forward to continuing to receive Obama’s “counsel.” And Obama appears ready to give it. Faced with the prospect of handing over the nuclear codes and control of a sprawling, $18 billion economy to a Beltway neophyte and serial bankrupt, the president intends to spend even more time tutoring Trump”

Well isn’t this something. An unqualified white candidate needs to be supported by the black person. Merica in a nut shell. 


Maknae line in a nutshell

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