Okay shellheads: If you want to draw, write fics or make crazy awesome head-canons you must to see these:

1- A happy turtle simple graphic

2- All the fucking parts of the plastron and carapace.

3- Human bones comparison whit our reptilian friends.

4-5- How they get into their shells. Some are more exposed and others are completely locked.

6- Approximation graphic… I tried.

This Weeks Episode

source here: [x]

Where I found the official discription: [x]

I do believe the the pig and rhino will be hunting them down, even if the description doesnt tell that. I mean its pretty clear by the promo.

((I just realized that they misspelled rhino…..what the heck….))

Anyways enjoy!! Share!! Get excited shellheads! We get to see Bepop and Rocksteady in action!! I’ve been waiting for this since i discovered them!! :3


super neat, check it out shellheads