“I’m Lieutenant Commander Minkowski, badass space pilot. I jump out of space stations into solar storms just to save my idiot communication officer’s life, and I don’t even mess up my hair while I’m at it!”

What does one do when they discover they have three leather-like jackets, a pair of cargo pants, and a Military Airlift Command patch?
Cosplay Commander Minkowski, of course! This is still a wip, but I actually kinda like it so far! Not featuring: the old military uniform I had from another cosplay or two of the leather jackets. You can’t like ‘em all.

Its been one svweep since vwe started this blog, and vwe havwe changed a lot since that time. Vwe sincerely thank evweryone that has been here to share time vwith us. You guys are the best.

Thank you, all 758 of you!

((Today, 5/27/16, is the one year anniversary of this blog! They have come so far together and with the people they’ve met! I’m so happy that I got to meet all my wonderful friends with these two!

(( lines by me, colors graciously done by @biifurcatedcoder thankyou so much kida it turned out gorgeous! <3