These guys are the Chirpy Chips. With their sea anenome lead singer and a sparkling electronic sound, this unique four-piece has been setting the Inkopolis Top 40 on fire! Take a listen to their latest single, Shellfie, which is also the background music you’ll be hearing during battles now!

🌟Party Time!🌟 (msparp room)

time to havwe a party solely dedicated to stuffing our faces. 


Rules (read first):

-Mutual Homestuck Roleplay Blogs Only!

- No autoing or godmodding. 

-No OOC drama

-Take a look at Cronus’ Hive Layout if you plan to go out of the main block.

-NSFW mentions/elements may happen, however smut is frowned upon.

thanks for coming!

(art by my friend McSiggy!)