Okay, lets get this straight;

Finn Hudson is a seventeen year old. He’s a teenager. I’m not even gonna use a ‘he’s a boy’ excuse because it’s not even a needed. Just the fact that he’s seventeen kind of shows he’s allowed to fuck up and not be sent to the stake for it. God knows I’ve fucked up about a billion in two times this year alone.

He didn’t pressure her. Which was a big thing that people thought he was gonna do in the Faberry fandom. He brought up the whole “I thought you were gonna wait until you were 25” thingy. He brought it up. He thought about her before he thought about his sexual desires.

He forgot about the vegan thing but it was something the writer’s added in their for entertainment purposes. I personally thought it was funny. I mean, fucked up— but funny.

I don’t know. Most of the people who want to insult Finn are hardcore Quinn stans and I think the fact that you overlook her flaws and focus on Finn’s is a really big disappointment. He’s actually a really good character if you give him the chance.

It’s not about Finn being a boy or a teenager. Everyone fucks up and is allowed to fuck up; that’s human nature. It’s about the image that he presents: that he’s this all around good guy golden boy who gets slighted by women. We were constantly bombarded with the fact that Quinn cheated on Finn, that Rachel cheated on Finn, but when Finn cheated it was okay because true love right? No. There’s only so much fucking up Finn can do (with RiB sprinkling in good moments and terrible one-liners so that the other characters don’t overshadow him) before I just dislike a character to the point of no return.

The vegan thing isn’t funny, just like the Brittany thing wasn’t funny to me either. You can say it’s the writers but it’s so perfectly in canon for Finn that it isn’t. I’ve seen my vegan friends get physically ill for days because of that. And what was Finn’s excuse for not telling her? So that he wouldn’t ruin their night and his chances of getting laid.

I’m not a Quinn stan and the fact that you’re assuming that is more disappointing than any disappointment you’re feeling for me, I’m sure. They’ve messed up Quinn’s character and I see many, many flaws in her. If anything I’m a Rachel stan and I stan for Rachel and happiness. I’ve tried to like Finn, I honestly have. I’m a multishipper even if Faberry is my OTP and for the love of me I’ve tried to like Finchel and Fuinn and every time I try his arrogance, male ego and faults are shoved so hard in my face it nearly breaks my nose. I try to like canon because I know it’s the more ‘realistic’ thing and there has to be some merit in it for it to have a fan base. Finn Hudson is a terrible character. Everything about him makes it so obvious that he’s RiB’s love child and it’s just disappointing. There’s been such little character development compared to the other male characters (Kurt, Puck, Mike, even Artie) and he’s just ridiculously unlikeable to me. On that note, I love the idea of genderswapped!Finn who doesn’t have the male ego and the pressure and the stress because I think without that Finn could be a truly amazing character.

I don’t see how anyone can look at Finn and Rachel’s relationship and see it as anything but toxic. All I see is two teenagers trying to make it out of a small town city by clinging to each other in unhealthy ways. Finn has always brought out the worse in Rachel, and vice versa. The reason I would 'stan’ Quinn is because I see how much she and Rachel feel about each other. I see Quinn telling Rachel to wait because she doesn’t want her to repeat her own mistakes. I see Rachel telling Quinn it’s their year to “get it right” and to “come back when she’s ready” because Quinn brings out that nurturing, altruistic-styled caring in Rachel. I see their physical and emotional chemistry and I have never seen any of it with Finchel, and I’ve been watching glee since the pilot. 

On that note, if you don’t like my Finn bashing than …. well I would say I’m sorry bit I’m honestly not. But you can’t post things like that and expect me to not respond so if you want me to unfollow you I can.

This follow friday is a little different than usual. It’s small, and these people mean the world to me. Nikki is my person, my best friend in the entire world. Becca is my absolute favourite person ever. She’s the only one that can always make me smile. Taylor is my ‘girlfriend.’ Tehe, no but really she’s amazing and quickly became one of my best friends. Ange is my sister. Honestly she means more to me than my blood family. Jordyn is pretty much the love of my life. She can always make me laugh, no matter what my mood. Also, sex. Jenn is my soulmate, and she is one of the best people to talk to about anything and everything. Lorena is my wife and she’s the best cuddlebuddy ever. ;) Britto is my boyfriend (hehe) and we laugh for hours on end about everything. Cierra is the one person who is always honest with me and tells me how it is. She doesn’t put up with my bullshit and I love her. Last but certainly not least, Alex is the cutest and I love talking to her even if it doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. I honestly don’t know what I would do without these lovely people. They’re my family.