I was tagged by dylanosbriens


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Questions I received:

1) favorite pass time? writing

2) best childhood memory? disneyland on christmas (even though my rents were like lol we’re going to a homeless shelter)

3) favorite person in the world? garrett x.x

4) someone/thing you can’t live without? my phone.

5) favorite book atm? clockwork prince omfg.

6) favorite tv show/series (like gossip girl, teen wolf etc)  yo, doctor who beats everything.

7) dream car? ive never pictured myself with a car e.e

8) where would you like to travel? my kitchen

9) where are you from? northern california

10) favorite tumblr blog? shelleysandwich even though shes never round

my questions yo

1) yolo or yodo?

2) favorite book series of all time?

3) school or work?

4) what you see yourself doing in 10 years

5) beanie or fedora?

6) pen or pencil?

7) dream country?

8) favorite movie?

9) laptop or desktop?

10) preferred body part? (hands, face, feet, etc.)