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NEW scans from the Victor Frankenstein Article in Empire Magazine

How did you both feel about the idea of doing Frankenstein?

“Then when I heard Dan was involved, I thought, “It’s gonna be good”, because Dan’s work has been so interesting and of such a high quality so I got really excited.” - James McAvoy

“But when I met James… I had grown up watching Inside I’m Dancing, Atonement, The Last King of Scotland… he was somebody I always really looked up to so I think easily the first week or two it was just a lot of me being like, “Oh my god, he’s so good.” - Daniel Radcliffe 

Had you met before being cast?

“I don’t think we had. I just watched you.” - Daniel Radcliffe

“I remember there was a time when we were making X-Men: First Class in Pinewood and you came by - I think to say hi to Nick (Hoult) and I saw you there, but I didn’t want to come over because I had this weird thing, like, “Ah, man, he always gets crowded, I don’t wanna be crowding him.” I think we first met when we were rehearsing with Paul (McGuigan, director) in New York.” - James McAvoy

“Yeah, going through the script.” - Daniel Radcliffe 

“It was a really, really good week.” - James McAvoy