shelley a. russell


Season 5 Spoilers from ATX Festival Panel 

• Shelley: So grateful to film at night in LA instead of nights in Vancouver like she dealt with on The Secret Circle.
• Shelley: Relationships are tested and challenged, which is natural with senior year relationships.
• Shelley, Posey, and Holland all wanted dvds of the show for family members. They’re still waiting.
• Shelley was really excited to do car stunts this season.
• We’ll learn a lot about Malia’s ancestry in S5.
 • Shelley’s very grateful to play and be challenged by the character of Malia, particularly in this season.
• Shelley :”This season has definitely been me diving deeper with Malia. I’ve never read a character like her before.
• Malia will have more dialogue this season.
• Hilarious story about Shelley being kept awake by Dylan and Posey.
• Shelley:”I just pitched to Russell earlier, I think Malia should be a prison guard after highschool.”

• Shelley’s favorite villains are the Berserkers
• The Dread Doctors seem to be the official names of S5’s villains.
• Shelley would have enjoyed playing the role of Kate.