shelley a. russell


WAITRESS, 2007, dir. Adrienne Shelley

This wonderful little movie seemed like the perfect choice for Pi day. It’s not without its issues - all of which the incredible Broadway adaptation has corrected (for starters: although the film’s cast is excellent, every player is white - not so on stage!). 

What I love about this story is how smoothly it points out that life is not black and white. It shows how quick we are to make snap judgments about other people for behavior we are exhibiting ourselves, forcing self-examination and honesty. It shows heartache and the dark side of soured romances and questions what it means to be happy and how we can be happy. It was made by a filmmaker who’d wrestled with concerns about motherhood, which is evident in the direction of the story and thus might not make it for everybody.

As I said everyone in the movie is fantastic (Cheryl Hines is so dang funny) but a special shout-out for Keri Russell’s beautifully understated performance, and Andy Griffith’s wonderful turn. These feel like real people with real stories and real lives, thrown together in a uniquely shot and edited film.