shell-bell  asked:

so my friend had an unfortunate encounter earlier today.. on his way to work, he and a few others came upon a deer with an injured leg. someone called the police, and a cop showed up and shot the deer to put it out of its misery. was this the right thing for the cop to do? i feel like the deer could have been taken somewhere to heal..

It was certainly a potentially appropriate decision - I’m not sure there was any ‘right’ one. Maybe rehab could have taken it, but there are a lot of deer and only so many resources to allocate for all the animals of every species that come in. Maybe the deer could have been left on it’s own to see if it could survive - death and injury are part of nature, of course.  Without knowing how bad the injury was, it’s hard to say. The cop may have felt like the best thing to do was put it down humanely. 

a concept:

the SBSP Movie but instead of Shell City being a gift shop, it’s Tamatoa’s lair (get it?)


Ghost in the Shell - Shelling Sequence

When the director of The Ghost in the Shell calls Scarlett Johansson “the best of her generation” what he actually means is she’s the most popular.

Only white actresses were considered for The Ancient One.

A Chinese actor with 15 years of martial arts experience auditioned for Iron First and was told he had to be the villain to a white hero.

An Indigenous actress was told to her face that she couldn’t audition for Tiger Lily because they didn’t want the character to be Native anymore.

So until Hollywood stops discriminating at casting calls and allows people of color their fair shot in this business I don’t want to see anymore white people being held up as the best in the business in defense of whitewashing.