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So no iron fist and no ghost in a shell? Ok I see what kind of person you are and I'm not interested

if u press those two incredibly awful portrayals that could’ve gone to deserving actors that aren’t white up to ur ear like a seashell and listen very carefully you’ll hear something amazing….can u hear it….me whispering ‘did i ask’ over and over again….

Movie pitch!

Producer: Lets make a movie called 12 Years a Slave. It’s about a free man living in the North who is captured and sold into slavery, and has to live as a slave for 12 years in the South while protesting his freedom before he finally gets to return home.

Person: Oh, isn’t that a true story? That will make a great movie. Who are you going to cast?

Producer: Tom Hanks!

Person: … but isn’t the story about a black man?

Producer: Race isn’t important. The story can be about a white man who was a slave. It’s about telling the best story we can.

Person: Okay, but the story is specifically about a black man who was free but forced into slavery, and the white people who wouldn’t believe him, and kept him in slavery even after they had proof he wasn’t a slave.

Producer: There were white slaves too.

Person: What? But… I mean why can’t you just cast a black actor to play this character who was historically black? The guy being black was central to the entire story!

Producer: We cast the actor who we thought would do the best job in the role. Tom Hanks has won an Oscar, after all.

Person: There are plenty of black actors who have won major awards. Also, isn’t casting a white actor to play a historically black character taking jobs away from black actors, a group that already has way less representation in leading roles in Hollywood than they should?

Producer: Well, we need a star that can sell the movie. Audiences don’t pay to come and see black actors. They want to see actors they know and love.

Person: Wouldn’t they know and love more black actors if you cast them in more lead roles?

Producer: Okay, fine. What if we use makeup and special effects to make Tom Hanks look black?


Michael Pitt behind the scenes interview

Working alongside her father in his mechanics store from a young age, Álvarez can find the weaker spot on any machinery and turn it into an edge. She joined the police force Cuerpo Nacional de Policía so that she could be of service to those in need of protection, and thus serve her country.

Proving to have stellar strength, endurance and knowledge of vehicles sparked her progress in the ballistic field. She joined the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (G.E.O) to develop and test bulletproof materials on the field as well as enhancing bridging vehicles.

                             Elena “Mira” María Álvarez 【Aesthetic】