My new suit, in that beautiful green donegal tweed from Ariston that’s been so popular with the #menswear crowd recently (with good reason). I just wish I’d taken the sunglasses out of my shirt collar. 

Just picked it up today, and I don’t think it’ll need any alterations. This is my third order from B&R (excluding shirts), and they seem to have my measurements and tweaks pretty well nailed. 

Suit and shirt by beckettrobb, pocket square by vandafineclothing (again - I keep going back to their squares over & over again). Shoes are vintage shell cordovan by Florsheim. 

The foreshortening effect of the camera angle is rather amusing - my torso isn’t actually four times the size of my legs. Nor are the trousers as skinny as they look here. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with skinny trousers. 

I keed, I keed! Skinny trousers are the worst. 

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