So, I’ve been playing around on my jewelry desk making things, and this is one of the pendants I’ve been working on. It’s a sort of “fan art” from JR Ward’s Black Brotherhood series. :P

I’m planning on making a hellren version soon. :P

A Shellan is a female mated to a male~

Yay, vampires. XD

Surprises | Butch & Marissa

Butch smiled as he stood in the doorway to the Pit, looking at the bsckside of his shellan. He leaned against the door jamb waiting on her to smell or sense him or read the text he sent her.

A Vacation |Cara & Thorne

Cara double checked her bags. How was she going to handle being away from her Skylhar? She sighed and sat down with her face in her hands. She had to. She’d gone to talk to Mary, who suggested that she take some time. She also thought that Cara had depression. Cara had started the medication the day before but felt no better yet. She hadn’t even talked to Thorne about it, scared for him to see her weakness, her incapability to be a normal mother, shellan, and vampire.

Nothing is as it used to be for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. After avoiding war with the Shadows, alliances have shifted and lines have been drawn. The slayers of the Lessening Society are stronger than ever, preying on human weakness to acquire more money, more weapons, more power. But as the Brotherhood readies for an all-out attack on them, one of their own fights a battle within himself…

For Rhage, the Brother with the biggest appetites, but also the biggest heart, life was supposed to be perfect—or at the very least, perfectly enjoyable. Mary, his beloved shellan, is by his side and his King and his brothers are thriving. But Rhage can’t understand—or control—the panic and insecurity that plague him…

And that terrifies him—as well as distances him from his mate. After suffering mortal injury in battle, Rhage must reassess his priorities—and the answer, when it comes to him, rocks his world…and Mary’s. But Mary is on a journey of her own, one that will either bring them closer together or cause a split that neither will recover from…

Delivering Coffee | Malik and Oliver

Malik was smirking when he dematerialized out back of Safe Place. The morning had been absolutely fantastic and he couldn’t wait to get back home to his shellan. He walked around the the front, going to Oliver’s tree, “Hey, sorry I’m late.”