shellac colors


More fun with dyes. This time, an actual application: making an humidor.

Starts with the basic box of Quilted Bigleaf Maple veneered onto Spanish Cedar. Locking miter joints.

Dye completely black and once dry, sand back. Here the trick is selectively varying the amount of sanding. Hoping to create the impression of fire, both on the top and the sides.

Then lots of red dye, also continuing the selective sanding. Just not as much sanding. Finally the yellow dye. This color I worked out from the bare patches, trying to keep the bare mainly yellow while the resulting orange from yellow+red is in the blended region.

Why doing the previous experiment was a good idea. With just the dyes, now dry, not the effect I was want. Too light and flat. But once I build up a nice coat of Shellac, has the depth and variation in color I want. Brushed on three coats of 2lb cut, steel wool between coats. And then lots of French Polishing for a smooth, glossy surface that lets the light get into the dyed wood and show all the color. Fairly happy with the result.

Soon I will have to use the bandsaw to cut a lid free. Working up the courage to do as much…