some shell correspondences

Turban shells: luck, strength
Fig shells: gracefulness, agility, glamours
Purple snail shells: beauty, divination
Harp shells: preservation, secrecy, keeping things hidden
Cone shells: protection, curses
Sundial shells: protection
Jingle shells: money, beauty, preservation

these are all from my personal grimoire




School Grade: Junior high school

This character is a combination of 臤 a non-general use character meaning “hard/wise,” and 貝 shell/money, here meaning “assets/wealth.”. 臤 is a phonetic element working to express “bountiful,” but its semantic role is unclear due to the obscure nature of the character. Originally 賢 referred to “great wealth” in the sense of tangible assets, but later was applied figuratively to a person endowed with a “wealth of wisdom.”

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see now THIS is the BC i want to see. THIS IS WHAT I WILL PAY FOR. add Sophie hunter on and i will immediately take my hand out of my wallet. BC. BC only. NOT interested in abusive sour face, so keep her away marvel and off camera and i will happily shell out my money like i do for other marvel flicks. shove her, her shitty clothes, her faked twitter sightings saying she is "stunning" and "wonderful" and i will yawn right the fuck away from the BC brand again

Nonny, remember when people were talking about boycotting Ben’s work because he’s a fake faker who fakes it because he’s a big fake faker?  Remember when there was a hoard of Anons that were proclaiming not to be fans anymore and not willing to reach into their pockets to support the fake fakery?

Remember when I was saying that if he can get back to his old self again people would be willing to forgive the fuckery and he could bounce back from this whole shitfest in no time?

Today I have renewed hope that I was spot on  :o)

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Ready for a very good laugh. I was on jmo's tag and a sq is bitching how csers have to pay for likes or whatever with the comic con post with Colin & Jen. I mean we all must be rolling in the money with how many times we've been accused of shelling out money to look like a popular ship. I should quit my job and live off this money that I have where I can throw it around for a tv show.

LOL idiots. all i know is that any money i have, would go to paying for med school. not a fictional ship. why are they so pressed that we’re the most popular ship like lol sorry no one cares about your pretend otp? 

open to females: online dating au

Holly was vibrating with excitement as she stood outside the train station a few feet from her parked car. Today was the day she got to meet her girl in person. They’d been talking online for almost a year, back when Holly had signed up on a dating site on a whim. It had initially just been friendship and bonding over mutual interests. Holly would send pictures of her dogs and talk the younger woman through her problems. But soon something more began to grow. They constantly texted, talked on the phone and skyped. Their late night talks were soon laced with flirtatious and eventually, confessions of attraction. Holly craved any interaction from her. While they had yet to put a label on what they had, Holly had stopped seeing other women for this young woman. She wanted to give this a proper chance. So Holly had shelled out the money for the girl to come visit her, not that she minded it in the least. It was just the first of many times Holly hoped to spoil her.

Finally, Holly saw her. She was coming down the stairs from the platform with bags in hand and Holly couldn’t help herself. She speedily walked up to the unmistakable woman and threw her arms around her, bringing the girl in for a strong hug. “Baby girl,” Holly whispered, a little too emotional to make a proper sentence at the moment. It felt so right to have this girl in her arms. Holly had to keep her tears of happiness at bay and finally pulled back after what had to be at least two minutes. “I can’t believe you’re finally here,” Holly said, finally puling back and fixing the young woman with a warm smile. “Let’s go. I have your favorite meal waiting for you back at my place. I’m sure you’re starving,” she said with a grin, taking a moment to look the girl over. She was absolutely perfect.

imagining hanzo shelling out actual physical money over homestar runner merch decades after its even been considered relevant 

a bad day

like i broke down with my mom bc i’m moving out with no job and I’m scared af

i finished a beautiful book about a queer pregnancy that made me remember how long i’ll have to wait to be stable enough to experience that joy (and also that i’ll never be able to have my own children- will have to work super hard and shell out so much money and overcome so many obstacles to have them)

i started a beautiful book which i had no idea was about a queer femme boy-child growing up: a great way to hit me right in the feels bc it gets me remembering that i was robbed of my sexuality and desirability for 22 years (and counting) by dysphoria, transmisogyny and all the things outlined in….

…the article i just stumbled across by a closeted trans girl about the lifelong violence we do to closeted trans/femme/non-labeled “boys,” as kids and as adults, and the ways in which a variety of ppl including ppl like me, leave them drowning in order to prove our alliance with women, womanhood, femininity and often insidiously, cisnormative womanhood. and of course cis and trans women are rushing in to condemn the author for “defending men” and set themselves apart from her, when she is in fact very nuanced and careful to say that that is not her goal, but she is merely trying to say something she feels she’s not allowed to say until she proves her “girl” credentials. 

this is rough to handle, bc its so in line with my own thoughts about my childhood- i’m so mad when i think about how I’m supposed to dis-identify with the sensitive woman-loving, woman-inspired little BOY that i was. I want to hold those boys and let them grow up softly and happily, loving themselves, and whoever they want. it shouldn’t have to be immediately said that that isn’t a cry for expanding “masculinity, boyhood and manhood” to accommodate “feminine characteristics.” I’m just trying to express that I think there’s a violence in letting gender own us so much that we have to rewrite the lives of children who are so complex into fragile narratives of embracing womanhood and femininity in terms that are too often primarily defined by cis women. we love stories of butch little tomboys who grow up to be fluidly gendered feminists, but we balk at the idea of a sensitive femme little boy who might be ok with being and having been “a boy.” my boyhood was nothing like “boyhood” (tonka trucks and wrestling and throwing rocks through windows) but i shouldn’t have to rewrite it as a closeted “girlhood.” i experienced a beautiful, complex childhood that i imagine was extremely similar to that of most cis-girls, so why do i have to apologize for it (a second time as i spent all of my childhood apologizing for it) when they don’t? because I was assigned male at birth and should’ve known to despise myself for that assignment since birth? 

im so lucky to have the friends i have, amazing women and nb babes all of them! i wouldn’t even be able to articulate these thoughts without having met all of them and being cared for by them. but for every me that is welcomed into the fold of femme power with the credentials I have (having only had girl friends my entire life, wanting to present in femme ways), there are so many femmes, so many boys who were left to rot bc they couldn’t access femme or because femme is something so much deeper for them, that it can’t be seen on them or even understood in the now-codified rosy language of “femme.” 

so now, to draw all these threads together, I feel like I’m in this crazy, ancient mourning bc i’m seeing a future for me of queer child-rearing, possibly a future of queer boy-rearing, that my present self is fucking up and pushing farther and farther into the distance by floundering at being an employed adult. and in the meantime, i’m bogged down in the misery of big transition into the “real world” and feeling closer than ever to my boyhood (”boy” has never been a term that felt divisive for me from my “femme”-ness or “woman-ness” or “non-binary-nes”) because I don’t feel safe presenting femme like I did in college. Im sick of the stares, Im sick of reading articles about the violence I’m at risk for. I want to be loved as me, naked, gender-less. I want someone to love me like a black and white art film loves the romantic ingenue in no-makeup and tattered jeans, smiling wide and laying across the tangled bedsheets. I want to be loved like a child that doesn’t know they are supposed to live day and night by their gender, bc they are too busy loving openly and being loved. I guess i wish femme felt like it could learn freedom and safety and nuance from that “boy” child as well as the little girl, but as the response to the article made clear, those assigned male at birth are guilty until proven innocent and we can’t listen to their sweet/mangled/quiet/pleading voices until they promise us they are woman enough. 

but ok, tbh i’m mostly just mad bc I’m lazy, anxious and unemployed, and now being forced to mourn my queer childhood on top of that by the things that were supposed to be my fun distractions.

melodiousramblings replied to your post “melodiousramblings replied to your post “Who are you voting for in…”

D: Yeeaaah, you might be able to do it if you get enough ballots, but it’s so tough when you’re competing with paying players.

/cries I knowwww

I don’t really shell out money for DTL (aside for storage space). But I guess I should focus on Yuki then lol. I’m too far down to rank for baby Okubo TT.TT

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Do you know of anywhere I can buy a good laptop for kind of cheap. I don't have a whole lot of money... But I really need one for school and some work that I do before the school get a starts up....

D: I’d say craigslist, but I bought a laptop off there a few years back and it wound up being stolen and I was almost arrested for it - so that might not be the greatest idea. Other than that, I don’t really know, anon. Computers are kind of something you’ve got to really save up and shell out the extra money for unless you want to deal with HUGE problems down the road, you know?

skincare tips for the summer

The pavements might be baking from all that heat, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to either! (excuse my poor joke)

Through many years of trials and error, I have compiled a list of skincare tips to help you maintain your complexion throughout the heat and a couple of products that I recommend (after having tried them out myself) that range from drugstore to high-end:

Go outside and enjoy the sun…

  • After huddling inside all those cold winter months, our bodies are lacking Vitamin D (aka SUN) so get outside and enjoy the nice day! 

…but not for too long!

  • Don’t stay outside for too long since overexposure to sun isn’t a good thing either

Put on sunscreen before you go outside

  • Always remember to put on sunscreen before you go outside to combat off those UV rays
  • Friendly reminder that anything above SPF 45 is just trying to get you to shell out more money for that product when it performs basically the same
  • One place people don’t usually put sunscreen on is the neck and chest, which is really important! Yes, your neck and chest gets exposed to the sun too!
  • Prolonged exposure to sun without any protection will speed up your skin’s aging process which means more wrinkles earlier, and we don’t want that :(
  • Another friendly reminder to reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours and more frequently if it’s during the hottest times of the day
  • Favorites: Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50

Put sunscreen on your face before you go outside

Wash your face with cold water

  • Honestly I really only do this in the mornings to help me wake up, but washing your face with cold water is good for your skin as it will help to tighten your skin
  • Don’t use hot water as it will just dry out your skin further and also has the chance of opening up your pores as well
  • Favorite: Good old cold water, I also use rice water as well

(21+) Drink some red wine

  • Red wine has been known to contain antioxidant properties, and will help with slowing down the aging process and can also help treat sun damage, so pour yourself a glass in the evening
  • Friendly reminder to call for Uber (or a taxi/designated driver) if you’ve had one too many glasses. Be responsible everyone.
  • Favorite: None because I can’t tell the difference between Costco wine and expensive wine lol

Drink a LOT of water

  • Water, also known as H2O (and dihydrogen monoxide), is your best friend during the summer
  • Drink lots and lots of it so you don’t get dehydrated or dizzy/headaches (like me)
  • Favorite: tbh I just use filtered tap water


Spray yourself

  • Carry around a toner mist or essence spray with you to keep your skin hydrated during the day 
  • Get one with essential oils so that it will lock in the moisture on your face instead of drying out and taking that moisture away when it evaporates
  • Favorite: Innisfree green Tea Mineral Mist

Use BHA/AHA toners for breakouts and blackheads

  • These are also chemical exfoliants that will help you control and reduce the amount of breakouts and blackheads you have
  • These are acid exfoliants, so don’t go crazy with these, as they will dry out your skin if you’ve never used them before. Start sparingly and slowly increase the amount you use as your skin gets used to them.
  • Favorite: Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-sol, Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Put on a mask and scare your dog

Sleep well

  • Getting enough sleep and sleeping at the right times is crucial for your skin to repair itself in the night
  • Optimal sleeping times are between 10 PM and 2 AM 

Kanan’s S3 costume is going to be so much easier to make, holy crap… no having to shell out money for a military sweater, no need to use leather pieces (I can use felt and it’d be probably a legit texture based on what we see in the show), much easier to sew together than the military sweater mess.

Also, can we talk about how he and Ezra now have very similar costumes? Their shoulders/necklines are almost identical in sillhouette at least.

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[NSFW] put a name in my inbox and my muse will answer:

How interested they are in having sex with them: ALWAYS
How much they would pay (or have to be paid) to have sex with them: I don’t know that Archer has shelled out much money. But when they first started dating he bought her lots of expensive gifts and flowers.
If they would rather bottom or top them: Bottom. But he doesn’t care whether she’s male or female.
How good they think they would be: A++
If they’d prefer kitchen counter, wall, or shower sex with them: KITCHEN COUNTER
If they’d fuck, have sex, or make love:  All of the above
If they were going to make it a threesome, the third person they’d pick: Obviously Michael
If they think there’s ever a possibility that it would happen: It’s probably happening right now

Just downloaded Pokemon Go an hour ago and here’s my impressions on it thus far–

–I’ve already created my trainer Avatar and it’s pretty limited on what you can wear and your hairstyles. You can change the color of your outfit, skin color, eye color, and hair color. I suppose you’ll have to shell out real money to buy these extra parts to fully customize your avatar.

–The Pokemon you catch is based on your current position on your phone’s GPS. Thus far, I’ve caught a Charmander in my bedroom and a Rattata in the hallway. Unfortunately, it’s storming in my part of Tennessee, so I can’t go outside. I’ll be going out on my adventure tomorrow!

–I did experience some issues with the servers going down earlier. It seems to have been resolved since then.

–Pokestops are places where you can receive special bonuses for traveling to them. There are two Pokestops in my neighborhood–a church and a Mexican restaurant.

–This game will drain your battery, as it uses your phone’s GPS.

–Be prepared to get moving if you want to find more Pokemon! They also appear in weird places as well! I caught a Pidgey in my closet earlier!