shell sizes

  • Tracer: Every aerial photo and recon report indicate a defensive arsenal in the D, and perhaps negative C, categories. There’s also some anti-aircraft squadrons. They can send up an ack-ack umbrella high enough to make any attack ineffective. What do you think?
  • Soldier-76: I don’t have a clue what you’re talkin’ about, Lana. Not a fucking clue. I have a shell fragment the size of a fist in my head. Pork Chop Hill, 1953. The only way I can make this goddamn toupee to stay on my head is by magnetising the entire upper left quadrant of my skull, so you just go ahead and do what you do.
The Night Court (and friends) at the beach

This ended up longer than planned. Please bare with me, as this was written in the car while my family and I drive from Texas to Florida. Enjoy!

Mor: Suntans all day long; nothing can get this sun kissed goddess out of the sun (except for food maybe); admires all the pretty people on the beach (herself included)

Amren: naps under the umbrella like a cat; magics in a chaise lounge because a towel is not good enough; Cassian throws her in the ocean and nearly loses his arm because of it; she grudgingly gives in to building a sand castle at Varian’s pouting

Varian: He LOVES sand castles and is secretly a champ at it, he and Amren make a seven foot tall sandcastle around Cassian while he is napping and seal him inside; he proudly names it “Amren’s revenge”

Tarquin: Shows off by turning into a giant fish creature and diving beneath the waves as soon as they arrive (we don’t know what his beast mode is so I’m going with some kind of fishy-sea creature)

Feyre: Wants to do it all—volleyball, swimming, surfing, soaring over the seas, you name it; scares the shit out of Rhys by shape-shifting into a great white shark, and Fish-Tarquin takes her to go see the coral reefs and underwater caves

Rhys: He may be the High Lord of night, but he looks damn good in the sunlight; he and Feyre destroy his brothers in beach volleyball, and he is delighted at her competitive side; simply enjoys being with his family, and is overwhelmed by how lucky he is that he was given a second chance; ends the day by taking a sunset stroll hand-in-hand down the beach with his High Lady

Cassian: nearly combusts at the sight of Nesta in a bikini, and can’t keep his eyes off of her (Feyre winks at him and he vows to thank her later for giving her the suit); claims that Rhys and Feyre cheated and only won at volleyball bc they can speak mind to mind (but he’s really just a sore loser), also swears that Azriel missed the ball on purpose; after waking up in his sand castle tomb, he now knows never to accept a dare from Nesta. But he also knows that he will continue to do so anyways.

Nesta: Quiet and distant at first, choosing to sit by the shore and let the water rush over her feet while she took everything in; laughs at Cassian’s tantrum when he loses the volleyball match; when Cassian comes to sit by her she surprises both of them by wrapping her arms around his neck and crawling into his lap; “I want to see it all. From the air. Will you fly me, Cass?”; “Do you trust me?” he whispered in her ear, and she shivered. She merely nodded. Cassian took her hands and lowered her slowly, sliding her off his sweat-slick body until she was hanging vertical. He continued to descend, those massive bat wings straightening into a glide, and finally her feet dipped into the warm waves. Nesta couldn’t help the low laugh that escaped her lips from the thrill of their stunt, and she grinned up at hazel eyes filled with wonder. Too quickly they were once again rising, the salty breeze causing her body to sway. But she was not finished. “Drop me.” He did the opposite. Cassian pulled her up until they were face to face, the muscles beneath his bronze skin tensing. He raised a dark brow at her. Feeling daring, she leaned into him, grazing his stubbled cheek with her lips, and whispered seductively in his ear, “I said drop me Cassian.” And just because she could, she bit his ear lobe in emphasis. She felt the breath whoosh out of him, and he pulled his head back once again, her body heating as she met those hazel eyes full of mischief and desire. Her gaze dropped to those full lips as they parted, and Cassian, voice husky, simply said,“ As you wish, Nes.” And then she was falling. Her vision was a blur of azure blue skies and turquoise waters as she plummeted toward the sea, her screams coming in a steady torrent until she finally plunged feet first into the ocean. Nesta’s heart was thrumming with joy as she continued to sink in a cloud of white bubbles. A blur of silver circled in the shadows beneath her, and she could have sworn that the shark winked at her. Ignoring it, she swam hard for the surface, and the Illyrian she knew would be waiting for her. Her head barely crested the surface and then massive hands were yanking her out, cocooning her into a broad, sculpted chest. “Nesta, Nesta I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have dropped you, you could have been hurt—” Nesta covered his lips with her slender fingers before he could go on. “Again.” Her voice was breathless. Cassian’s eyes grew wide in surprise at her request, scanning her face closely. The joy she knew he found there must have been enough to convince Cassian that she was indeed fine, as he finally beat those wings into a steady climb. He kissed her forehead. “Daredevil.” “Brute.”; It was Nesta who later dared Cassian to drop Amren in the ocean, but she willingly lets him take the fall and get buried beneath Amren and Varian’s sand castle

Elain: doesn’t really like the water and decides to go looking for sea shells instead; pretends not to notice that Azriel and Lucien have turned sea shell hunting into a competition

Azriel: admits to missing the ball a few times simply because he thinks it’s funny how angry Cassian gets when he loses; sunbathes with Mor and gossips about their friends and the other courts (she finally told him that she doesn’t love him like that and now they’re just best friends); “Elain, look at this one” picks out an iridescent blue and purple shell the size of his palm (he actually found it 200 years ago and has kept it ever since), Elain beams up at him and he smirks at Lucien, who is face palming

Lucien: wishes for the cool, crisp air of the Autumn court or even the mild temperate of Spring, anything but this brutal, humid heat, but he refuses to complain in front of Elain; enjoys fishing on the shore until he reels in Feyre-the-shark (who grins at him with those wicked sharp teeth and plunges back into the surf); damn him if he doesn’t find the perfect shell for his mate, he would make her a crown of shells…

Both Azriel and Lucien: Sighing in disappointment when Feyre tops them and brings Elain a pearl after returning from her adventures with Tarquin, but melting at the sheer wonder on her face

Feyre- “Damn it Mor, for the last time this isn’t a nude beach!”
Mor- *winks “But it could be.”

Still not quite sure where the Nessian came from, but I enjoyed it! :)

The Shoebox House, Part 2

Let’s find out together!

September and Saturday are pretty happy about their new house so far and feel excited to finally explore it.

First they test out the new kitchen - living room combo, which they seem to find very comfy.

Yes September, those are real gemstones on the shelf.

I thought you might appreciate these sticky notes and pencil nubs. They weren’t made specifically for a doll house, and yet they’re perfect for your size.

This shell has such a gentle curve to it that it just offered itself as a seat. Is it comfortable?

Yes? I’m glad.

Even better than that is the beach chair though. Well, it is made from cloth, so of course it’s softer.

It’s nice that you found a way to share it, you two.

And even nicer that you can take turns.

But what is September doing?

I see! Time to go upstairs, huh?

I’m glad you like the slightly modified versions of your beds.

I chose art and lifestyle magazines for you, Saturday, and some interior decorating ones. It seemed like something you would like.

Do you like having your own copy of Harry Potter? The other book is about skeletons, I think.

From the way they keep talking excitedly about their new home, I think it’s safe to say that living in a shoebox will be very enjoyable for these two.

They just won’t stop.

…or at least, they won’t until it’s time to sleep.

Sweet dreams, you two.

The Nahuatl word for armadillo is ayotochin (”turtle-rabbit”).

In Book 11 of the Florentine Codex (Bk. 11, Ch. 3, Par. 4), the Nahuatl side of the Florentine Codex version says this:

¶Aiotvchtli: quauhtlanemj, quauhtla chane: iuhqujn qujtvznequi. Aiotl tvchin. Injc mjtva Aiotochi: vel iuhqujn tvchin itzontecon, nacazvivitztic, nacazpapatlachtic, tentetepontic. Auh injma, injicxi: vel iuhqujn tvchin, tapalcaio: injtapalcaio, iuhqujn aiotl itapalcaio.

Ayotochtli: It lives in the forest; it is a forest dweller. Thus [its name] means “turtle rabbit”. It is called “ayotochin” because [its head] is just like a rabbit’s head: it has pointed, flat ears and a stubby muzzle. And its legs are just like a rabbit[‘s]. It has a shell; its shell is like a turtle’s shell.

Which appears to be an explanation of the etymology of the name ayotochtli/ayotochin

The Spanish side of the Florentine Codex says thist:

¶Ay vn anjmalejo enesta tierra que se llama aiotochtli; que qujere dezia; conejo como calabaça. Es todo armado de conchas, es del tamaño de vn conejo. Las conchas conque esta armado parecen pedaços de cascos de calabaças muy duros, y rescios.

There is a creature in this land that is called ayotochtli, which means “gourd-like rabbit”. It is entirely armored with shells; it is the size of a rabbit. The shells with which it is armored resemble pieces of shells of gourds, very hard and strong.

nightinsurgent  asked:

Feysand, a moonlit beach stroll, and a huge conch shell

Feyre’s hand was yanked out of Rhys’ when she tripped. Falling face-first into the sand wasn’t the most graceful way to set a romantic tone on their first evening back in the Summer Court, but she supposed they had time to make it up. Sighing, she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

“Are you ok?” Rhys was clearly trying to keep his cool, which Feyre simultaneously appreciated and wanted to smack him for. If he lost it, she might lose it, and then any hope of having a sexy, romantic evening would just turn into fodder for future stories for their friends.

“Yes, prick. Why didn’t you catch me?” Feyre reached across the sand to see what she had tripped on. Near her feet was a shell the size of her fist, and she picked it up. “What is this?”

“A conch. You put your ear up to it and you can hear the ocean.”

“Rhys, you realize we are next to the ocean, right? Why would I do that?”

Feyre brought the shell close to her ear, glancing down at it just before it reached her. With a shout she threw it down in horror as a creature began to crawl out of it. Something claw-like or potentially tentacle-like was coming out it, and she didn’t want to wait and see what it was. Jumping up and clinging to Rhys, she tried to stop herself from shivering in disgust. She was surprised to feel Rhys shaking and looked up at him.

“You’re laughing.” Her tone was a mixture of annoyance and confusion and amusement and she knew that indeed, this romantic evening had ceased to be romantic, but would be memorable for other reasons.

Send me a ship + a theme/object and I’ll write you a paragraph of fic

Something MitJo I wrote while I was sick as a dog on vacation

Jonas figured there was nothing as unnerving as that sly sneer.

He thought that, at least, until he witnessed the abject absence of it.

And that was much worse.

Of course, he couldn’t just ask “what’s wrong,” because Mitch would probably retort some stupid and unfunny joke in response. But Jonas did wonder.

He stood out in the water much farther than usual, the surf at the middle of his chest. His t-shirt, stained and likely older than Jonas wanted to guess, clung to his skin in the places where the waves had soaked it. Mitch was basically drenched.

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franzanth  asked:

POP QUIZ. When lined side-by-side, how many snails does it take to circle around the equator? Calculate 3 answers using the smallest and largest living snail species, and the mean of all snails.

Thanks to wikipedia we know Syrinx aruanus, the “longest” snail species can grow to a shell size of 0,91 m (=910 mm), and the smallest snail would be Ammonicera minortalis with a size of  0,32 mm (!). The average of all snails would be impossible to calculate, so we’ll take the median of 455,16 mm.

The Earth’s circumference is 40.075 km (= mm), so: = 44.038.462 S. aruanus shells = 88.045.962 average snails = 125.234.375.000 A. minortalis shells

How about that!


funnyfoxes55  asked:

Heyyyyy whats your favorite website to shop for hermit crab shells? My shell shops here dont meet the right shells so im trying to see if theres any online i can reliably use is by FAR my favorite! I’ve ordered from them several times and always been really happy. They’re careful about measurements, so I always get shells the size that I wanted. The only issue I’ve ever had was one shell that had a small hole (looked drilled? it was perfectly round) in it. Looked like it was just an accidental overlook though. is another popular site and I’ve ordered from them once, I believe. A lot of people like them because they’re cheaper, which is nice. I haven’t ordered again because they’re not quite as careful with the measurements. You can add a note when you order that you’re buying for hermit crabs so they pay a little more attention, but I still ended up with more size variation than I really wanted. Since I order specific sizes to make sure I have a good range of sizes, I prefer paying more to know I’m getting the sizes I want. 

And if you end up needing really big shells, this Etsy shop is good for them! I’ve ordered once to get a couple big shells, but they’re way bigger than any of my babies need yet, heh. 

I also have this shop bookmarked, but I don’t think I’ve ever ordered from them.

Hope that helps! :)

Dorian changed shells but instead of choosing one of the nice size up shells he managed to squeeze himself into an itty bitty one he can’t even fit inside!!!!!

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Whether you are a regular traveler or an occasional traveler, this is an awesome luggage set. As someone who went from an old, polyester fabric luggage set, to this high quality polycarbonate set, I must say, this is a tremendous improvement! I did not realize how much better polycarbonate luggage is as opposed to polyester fabric luggage until I finally decided to upgrade to this set! Needless to say, I am very happy I did!

Here are some of the features that make this set so wonderful:

- Polycarbonate: The polycarbonate is very sturdy and seems to be able to withstand the hectic airport traffic. I have not had the opportunity to take this set on a flight but recently took it on a road trip where the luggages were stacked up against other luggages and being constantly moved around. Just from carrying them and moving them around, I can tell that this set is made to last.
- Bumpers: This luggage set comes equipped with plastic bumpers on each corner. This is a great added feature as it gives me peace of mind knowing that my luggage is protected against bumps and drops.
- Plastic covering: something I really appreciate about this set is that each suitcase is covered in plastic to preserve the outer shell from any potential damages while in transit. It shows that I was receiving a high quality, well protected product. It was also exciting to be able to unwrap the plastic on my suitcases myself! :)

- My favorite thing about this set is that although they are extremely durable, they are still very lightweight. I can easy lift and carry each luggage with no problem. This comes in handy when having to stack luggage on top of luggage during road trips. It makes lifting and moving the luggage around much easier.
- This is also a tremendous plus for weight limits on airplanes. Because the suitcases themselves do not have much added weight, it won’t be a hassle when traveling, especially when having to pay extra for overweight bags…a few less pounds goes a really long way!

- Everything from the texture, to the overall build of this suitcase is awesome! It is evident that the manufacturers really took the time to make this suitcase as perfect as possible.
- Double zipper: The double zipper design is great because it allows for an expansion of the suitcase. This has come in handy quite a lot for me. It allows me to add that extra layer of clothes without having to use a whole new luggage just to fit some more clothes that couldn’t fit into one luggage. Best of all, I don’t have to resort to taking some clothes out due to space!
- Carry handle: The handle opens and closes with ease. So far, I haven’t had any issues with it getting caught or stuck in the process of opening and closing, which has happened to me with other suitcases, so this is a good sign so far!
- TSA lock: I really like this feature as it adds to the safety and security of my belongings. The TSA lock is really easy to use and does not require any kind of key to open or close, just your own combination. It works just like a locker combination lock. The lock holds the zippers in place so that when locked, the zippers can only be opened by inputting the individuals specific combination.
- Interior: The interior is very spacious and can hold quite a lot of items. Each luggage comes with an internal divider that separates the left side of the luggage from the right side, thus providing multiple compartments for organization and separation of different items. There is also a large, mesh zippered slot for plenty of toiletry items. Everything is contained within the suitcase and there are no outside pockets, which I like because it keeps everything secured inside the bag and not outside of it.

Overall, I am beyond happy with this set. It not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. Each suitcase is spacious, durable, and designed very well.