shell cordovan straps


@iwouldratherbeelsewhere, your Etsy package answer is that it’s a blue shell cordovan strap. Most of the US-sourced single piece ones are too thick to fit between the pins and the case without scratching. This one seems like it will fit the bill. It isn’t Horween; I suspect it’s the Japanese shell some shoemakers use. It will look too new for a while, then it will be right.

Submitted by Chad Von Lind

External image

This makes up my current EDC. I’ve made upgrades to my Port Wallet with world famous Horween reversed Shell Cordovan leather, so that the Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp is visible from the outside. I also prefer the feel of the inside of this leather, over the glossy outer finish. I’ve also recently picked up a bronze Helberg CH6 watch that looks just fantastic with the patina and antiquing done with some Liver of Sulfer. I went straight to work building a Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap and dying it in a custom olive green oil dye that I mixed up. The green and bronze go together great. The Warby Parker sunnies are also a new addition, and were a great barter that I traded for my leather goods. Solid build on them, and I’m enjoying them.