shell chandelier

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You seem to find the coolest stuff on etsy. Have you found anything in the way of some witchy or macabre wind chimes?

I just really like shopping. Or rather, looking at pretty things I can’t afford. Lets see what I can find in the way of cool wind chimes, shall we? *cracks knuckles*

You can also make your own fairly easily too! go grab some sticks outside, tie them together into a pentagram or something, then tie stuff to it that you want attached! Keys, feathers, shells, beads, bones, runes, crystals… get creative! Depends on if you want them to actually make noise as well too, I find that bamboo makes really pretty sounds, but you can also attach bells and stuff like that! Just be considerate of your neighbors.

Good luck, hope that helps!


Paper Crane Mobile

Since I don’t sew or knit, I really wanted to make something for the baby that involved some other skills. I decided to make a paper crane mobile. Never mind that I also didn’t know origami. I enlisted the help of my sister, the expert origami folder. Over Fourth of July weekend we folded 60 paper cranes. She folded 3 cranes to my 1 and I had to look at the YouTube video each time (really).

Next I had the help of my husband in creating the frame. We used embroidery hoops that we wrapped in yarn. Karl then linked the hoops with dowels that were also wrapped in yarn and hot glued to the hoops. I then strung the cranes on to heavy duty thread with a needle and knotted the ends. I decided to do a capiz shell chandelier type of design with three different lengths of cranes for each hoop. I was done knotting and had moved onto tying when I went into labor one week before my due date.

Fast forward almost three months later — the baby can see across the room so I decided to finish the mobile on Christmas Day before I went back to work.

So after nearly six months and the efforts of three people, it is done. The baby loves his mobile, which makes it all worth it (I find myself saying that a lot these days). I will post more pictures of it hanging in his room later. The ones you see are of it hanging from a stocking holder on the mantle (a good place to make final adjustments with minimal tangling).