shell carrier

Thoughts at 1pm

I haven’t really gotten out of bed yet. My stomach is killing me so bad, that I’ve spent 2 hours of the 4 hours I’ve been awake in the bathroom.

In that time I bought an atsc tv tuner for my phone, I think it’ll come in handy and it was only 20 bucks.

I’ve never had to evacuate from a hurricane, but I have lived in areas prone to natural disasters. Here in Los Angeles, I have always made sure to have enough supplies to last a week. That includes water, meds, I always keep my car at no less than a quarter tank of gas down, fresh/rechargable batteries, solar panel to recharge phones, all the important stuff.

One thing that’s different is that I no longer need Mystic’s bug-out kit. :( I had an old hard shell carrier that I had partioned since it was so big. the back part held cans of food, bottled water, his subq fluids and meds, and extra cash. I also had attached bags and pockets to the sides and top to hold my important stuff, like more food, water, cat toys, copies of his immunization records, flashlight/lanterns and stuff like that.

The basic gist was that if we had to leave in a hurry, I could grab my backpack with stuff in it like clothes and boots, gloves, debris filter mask, goggles, and helmet on top, grab him and put him in the carrier, and just go.

If I had time I’d grab my external hard drives, if not they were in a fire safe and what happens happens.

Now I just have the backpack…. and it feels a lot different. There’s a true sense of urgency when you have to care for another living thing. You require safety, shelter, food, security, all of the stuff Maslow said. When it’s just you… things are more… fluid/relaxed. You just take care of you, and what happens happens.

A lot has changed this year. I have a feeling that a lot more will happen before New Years.


The Roper Revolving Shotgun

Sylvester H. Roper was a prolific inventor in the mid to late 19th century whose inventions included various steam bicycles and automobiles, the shotgun choke, and various firearms designs.  In 1866 Roper designed a revolving shotgun with an exceptionally unique design.  The action consisted of a series of fins which  held the shells in a revolving mechanism, which had a capacity of four shells.  The carrier was loaded through a hinged port at the top of the receiver, from which empty shells were also ejected.  When the hammer was cocked, it pulled back the breechblock and ejected the empty shell while simultaneously rotating the carrier.  When the trigger was pulled, the breechblock slammed forward, driving a new shell into the breech, then discharging it by depressing the firing pin.

The Roper revolving shotgun was produced from 1866 up until the mid 1870’s.  Sylvester Roper died testing one of his motorcycle designs in 1896.