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Library Crush.

Jughead x Reader 

Requested:  -Anonymous said:
Hey! Could you write something about a girl catching the eye of Jughead in a bookstore or library through the bookshelves? And he, like, talks with her, flirting, all nervous and stuff (I’m fangirling as I’m writing this lmao) That would be great, thank you!

A/N: I hope you like it, it’s a little short.

Summary: You fight over a book in the library which results in Jug asking you out.

Words: 508

Warnings: Nada 

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I visited the library very regularly now, sometimes I didn’t even need a book, I just needed to see him, Jughead Jones. He was usually in the exact same seat typing away on his laptop, rarely did he venture the book shelves.

But today I needed to go to library to actually get a book for English, I walked in and was a little puzzled when I didn’t see him in his spot but I brushed it off and went to the shelves to get my book. I searched nearly a whole section before I found it, I went to grab it… and so did someone else… on the other side of the shelves.

“Hey, I don’t appreciate you trying to take my book.” I whisper yelled to whoever it was.

They laughed and the books on the shelf were pushed aside so the book thief could see me, a I could feel my cheeks get hot as Jughead, the boy behind the shelf shot me a smile. “Sorry sweetie but I think I need this book more than you.” He smirked and tugged the book we were both still holding onto.

I tugged it back, “And why would that be Jones?” I smirked back.

“Because I have an English assignment due tomorrow on it.” He chuckled and fiddled with his beanie.

“We’re in the same English class you doof.” I laughed and tugged the book more.

“I don’t think you are, I definitely would have noticed the prettiest girl on earth sooner if she was in my English class.” He smiled and winked at me, I felt my cheeks get even hotter.

“Okay but seriously Jug, I’m in your English class and I need to do well in this assignment, please.” I giggled pulling the book which resulted in him pulling back. “Jug please.” I looked away from him to keep my seriousness because his was smiling and I was melting.

He saw my seriousness and and has smile fell a little, “Okay, why don’t I take the book and do my assignment and I’ll be at Pop’s tonight so you can just stop there and get it from me?” He blushed a little.

“Why don’t I take it first?” I argued and tugged the book again.

“Because how I’m I supposed to buy you dinner if you’re just going to give me the book and leave.” He said all flustered, my eyes widened, did Jughead Jones actually just ask me out and idiot me nearly rejected him.

“Do you want to have dinner with me?” I asked. He nodded slightly and the smile on his face grew.

“See you at six.” He chuckled and pulled the book, I let go this time and he gave me a cheeky grin, “Can’t wait.” He called as he walked out the library earning him shushes from every direction.

I stood there frozen and then I looked over to where he had been standing, I did a little squeal and ran off to go home and get ready.

Bts reacts to you comforting them

A/N: Gosh that sounds so cute though hahaha. I think everyone would immediately feel better once they felt something rubbing on their cheek. I would totally laugh out of cuteness. I’m not really known with the measurement inches so I wouldn’t really know how tall you are but I assume you’re not that tall if you say so :p. Anyways I hope this is something you had in mind and enjoy reading. and thank you for liking my blog. I’m doing my best to keep it that way plus that I enjoy writing eventhough I need some more practice.

Thank you for requesting! Stay healthy!


The chatter immediately filled the air as you opened the door to the dressing room of the boys. Seokjin had texted you if you wanted to come and of course you had replied with an excited yes with lots of smiley and kissy faces and jumped in your car heading to the venue. 

Your eyes roamed around the room but you could not find the person you were looking for. Closing the door behind you, you walked over to Taehyung who was playing some games on his phone and asked him where Jin was. He answered you that he was standing in the corner behind the rack of clothes. Raising an eyebrow in confusion you made your way over to him and pushed the rack aside and saw him staring at his shoes, nervously fumbling with the hem of his shirt. Once he noticed he wasn’t ‘hidden’ anymore, he looked up. The sudden hug you got yanked in startled you a bit, but quickly composed yourself and returned the embrace. 

Seokjin spilled everything that was bothering him, tightening his hold on you. ‘’Seokjin look at me.’’ you whispered, lifting your head to look at him. Just as you could see his face clearly, you tucked him down with one hand holding his neck and pushed your cheek against his and began to rub. At first he would look baffled but soon after a loud laugh could be heard through the room. Satisfied with the outcome you pulled back but he pushed you back asking you to continue with the nuzzle.

‘‘Now, please continue with what you were doing.’‘

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Yoongi is a perfect example of the words: a hard shell but a soft core.

You were casually sitting in the kitchen, sipping on some tea, flipping through the pages in the paper infront of you while waiting for Yoongi to come home. Taking a quick glance at the clock standing on the shelf, you quickly shot up from the chair and shuffeled towards the hall to greet your boyfriend with a smile but your smile fell once you saw the blonde man entering the house. He looked exhausted. His hair was ruffled, his lips were red and his eyes looked down and dispirited. The sight made your heart clench and before Yoongi could even utter some word you already pulled him down, burying his head against your chest, your hands rubbing circles in his back as you whispered soothing words in his hair. His hands slid against your waist and ended up on your back

Once you felt he calmed down a bit,you slowly pulled him from your chest until your noses were touching. Your hands shot to his hair, ruffling it some omore while rubbing your nose against him. A chuckle slipped from his lips, as his eyes looked deepy into yours. The tired look was still there but a new emotion filled his charming orbs and his lips were curled in a small smile. It wasn’t a big one but it was enough. The affection and love you felt for and from this rare man was so immense that you would do everything, everything just to see him comfortable, relaxed and happy.

‘‘God I don’t know what I would do without you.’’

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Gosh, this boy worried you to no end. He wouldn’t want to see anyone that he felt stressed or sad or any negative emotion in that matter but it’s you were talking about. The one who completed his heart.

The sudden weight on your lap got you distracted from the book you were reading and when your eyes moved away from the words, they focussed on the man laying beneath you. Putting your handbook away,your hands landed in his hair, softly massaging his scalp. ‘’what’s wrong?’’ you would ask him after his deep sigh. ‘’Im so tired.’’ Hoseok replied, his eyes closing from the feeling your hands made. Nodding your head in understanding, your hands left his hair and traveled down to his shoulder, gently guiding him to lay sideways so his eyes, faced your tummy. Hoseok snuggled closer, hiding his face against your tummy, his hands holding your waist carefully. 

“You don’t always have to smile Hoseok. They’ll understand if you can’t. You’re only human afterall. I mean I personally would it find a bit creepy if someone only smiles and laughs, not showing any other human emotion.’‘ you chuckled, caressing his neck while you talked. ‘‘But I understand you want to be their hope, to be their light. In here with me, between these four walls, know that you can cry and scream if you need it, okay? I want you to know that you can lean on me.’‘ you finished, looking down at the emotional drained man. ‘‘It’s okay sweety. It’s okay. I will catch you.’‘ The muffled sobs got louder when you pulled him away from your shirt. Dipping down you kissed away his tears while your fingers pushed his hair out of his face. When Hoseok calmed down and his sobs tunrned into hiccups, you sat back up, smiling down at him. His glinstening eyes focused on yours, the sight melting your heart. Dipping down once again, you rubbed your nose against his, laughing as he chuckled too.

‘‘Better?’‘ you beamed.

‘‘Better’‘ He replied smiling, shifting his weight, his lips touching yours.

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This leader had a way with words, always making you feel better and the times when the roles were switched you did not hesitate to soothe his worries.

He was working on lyrics, his back hunched over the once blank paper now graced with inkt. The lamp standing on the corner of the desk, illuminated the room in a warm and calming light as the sound of scribbiling disturbed the silent night. 

You were leaning against the door post, arms crossed over your chest, watching him writing, watching him throwing the pen on the desk, the paper feeling his frustration as it ended up crumbled on the ground. The way his head fell in his hands and the deep groan that slipped past his lips told you he was irritated. 

Deciding to end his suffering, you silently walked over him. Once you were standing behind him, you glided your hands over his shoulders, down the papers on the desk to shove it away out of his sight. Namjoon’s head instantly shot up when he felt your presence behind him, his eyes following the movement of your hands. 

‘‘You know, most humans are sleeping right now to let their body’s and mind rest. You can see it as a thank you for keeping you healthy.’‘ you spoke, your hands now wandering back to his chest and keeping it there. Your head was buried in the crook between his shoulders and neck. Hearing him sigh deeply, you felt him leaning back in the chair, the back of his head now touching your chest. 

‘‘I know baby but those lyrics doesn’t write itself.’‘ He answered you, going against your words. ‘‘I know they don’t but don’t you think that if you’re sleep deprived that it is harder to come up with words. We all know you’re good with words but if you are well rested you can come up with something so magical, something so taking, something so heartwarming. You don’t have to work all night long. Army doesn’t want you to work all night long. Army wants to see you healthy and happy and if they know you’re siting here, pulling your hair out at 3 a.m. Oh boy they wouldn’t happy at all.’’ 

‘‘you’re right. I’m sorry.’‘ He looked up at you as you peeked down at him. ‘‘Now come to bed.’‘ grabbing his hand, you pulled him off the chair, dragged him to the bedroom and tucked him under the warm blankets. 

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Our (not) innocent charming boy needs someone to tell him it is going to be allright and who could do it better than his own s/o.

It was awfully quiet in your apartment. Most of the times when you got home from work (or school) you could always hear where Jimin was sitting but now you weren’t sure if he even was there. 

Throwing the keys on the cabinet, after you’d taken off your shoes you called his name, making your presence known. Not getting any response you bit your lip in worry. Something was not right and so you tip-toed over to the bedroom across the hall. You softly knocked on the door, opened it slighty and peeked in the room. The sight that you found, his stiffled sobs made your heart bleed. The thought that he didn’t want you to hear him crying was so immense hurtful that tears sprung in your own eyes. Shaking your head, you quickly swallowed the lump that formed in your throat, shuffeled towards the bed and laid down behind him. 

With one arm draped over him, your chin resting on his head, you had pulled him closer to your chest as the other arm slid under his neck, using your arm as a pillow for him. His silent sobs instantly stopped when he felt the bed dip down under your weight.

‘‘Please Jimin. Don’t feel embarassed. It’s okay. Crying is okay. It’s good for you too. did you know that?’‘ you whispered. ‘‘It’s like cleaning your soul, emptying your heart with all those junk you don’t have to carry with you. Please don’t hide your feelings. I’m not only there for you in the sunny days. I’m here for you in the foggy days, in the rainy days and the stormy days. You know why I like rainy days so much?’‘ you stopped talking for a minute and could feel the shake of his head, so you continued. ‘‘The earthy scent after rain, smells refreshing right? It’s like the universe are telling us that we need to release our worries, so we can feel refreshed again, feel relieved. The rain that feeds the plants so they can grow taller and beautiful. Don’t ever ever think that crying is a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength because I think that showing your emotions is the strongest thing a human can do. Understood?’‘ you finished.

‘‘Understood.’‘ he replied in his soft voice, still a bit shaky from crying. 

‘‘Good, now turn around so we can cuddle’‘ you giggled, sliding down your arm from his neck while he turned around to face you. Wiping away his last tears, you showered his face in little pecks which made him shriek out in delight, trying to push you away but you did not butch. 

‘‘No Jimin, You can’t escape my kisses now’‘ you laughed fake-evilly

He looked at you with so much adoration and love, trying to understand how he got so lucky.

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Oh no, another one who tries to smile throughout the pain. It’s heartbreaking really. Why do people do that? 

Seeing Taehyung cry openly infront of you, you knew there was something completely wrong. It got you so of guard that you at first just stood there, watching how the tears roll over his cheeks, how they kissed his lips in sorrow. But the moment his broken voice called out to you, you snapped back to reality and held him in your arms. 

You were speechless, unable to form those comforting needed words. You just stood there, holding him tightly while your eyes looked out of the window, focusing on the bright moon hanging in the night sky and suddenly you got it. 

‘‘Taehyung? Do you think it’s okay to go outside? Are you comfortable with going outside?’‘ You knew it was weird to say something like that in this kind of situation but this was certainly going to make him feel better, so much better. Taehyung leaned back, his face no longer buried in your shirt as he looked at you and finally nodded what to you seemed like eternity. 

‘‘Great! You can trust me Tae.’‘ Intertwining your fingers, you guided him out of the house and walked to your favourite spot. The pure scent of the night seemed to do Taehyung good as he already had calmed down abit. After a short walk you stopped infront of the swings, motioning Taehyung to sit. He at first, shot you a weird look but did what you told him to. Quickly jogging to stand behind him, you began to push making him go higher and higher up in the air and once you thought he was high enough, you walked back, hoping to see his face filled with joy and boy the sight that you saw caused your heart to pump faster. 

The way his face was titled to the sky, the way the wind played with his hair and especially his smile that graced his face so beautifully that your breath got caught in your throat for a minute The moon casted an angelic glow around him and you just looked at him with a big smile on your face. Seeing him so care-free and free from tears and worries for awhile warmed your heart. 

Taehyung tackled you to the ground after his feet touched the sand and kissed you. ‘’Woa Taehyung!’’ you laughed heartly when he pulled back but still hovered above you. ‘’Thank you y/n. Thank you so much. I didn’t know I needed this but I’m glad you brought me here. I feel so alive again. You did not even have to say anything. you just know how to comfort me. I love you.’’

‘‘I love you too Tae.’‘ You confessed, lifting your head up a little so you could give him your eskimo kiss.

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Standing in the kitchen, you were busy cooking dinner for Kookie and you. He was about to get home and you wanted that he could dive in the food you made since he would be hungry after practicing all day long. 

Just as you were about to set the food on the table, you suddenly felt two arms around your waist and someone breathing down your neck. Gosh this boy really. Always sneaking up on you. Scoffing, you wanted to turn around but he quickly tightened his hold on you making it impossible for you to turn.

‘‘Uhm Jungkook… is something wrong?’‘ you asked him worried, clasping your hands around his. You got no answer, alarm bells instantly going off. ‘‘Jungkook please… what’s going on? Are you tired is that it?’’ You asked once again still facing the kitchen tiles, already knowing it wasn’t just tiredness 

 ‘’Just… just let’s stay like this for awhile okay?’’ He finally said something although you could detect some pain in his voice you did not aks him further. ‘’If that’s what you want.’’ you hummed. You knew him well enough not to ask to many questions in this situation. He prefered the physical comfort more since he wouldn’t have to say anything and just bask in your presence but he knew that you were going to ask questions later and he was okay with that but for know he just needed to feel your warmth. 

‘‘This is all very nice and all but.. Can I see you? I want to see my lovely boyfriend.’‘ you spoke up after a while.

Chuckling, he turned you around, your back leaning against the kitchen counter as you finally could see his face. The look in his eyes told you everything. Shooting him a tiny smile, your hands circled around his neck.


He hummed, smiling down at you. ‘’Can you like, bend down a bit?’’ you told him more than asking. ‘’Why?’’

‘‘Because I want to do something but you’re too tall.’‘ you whined, sending some pressure to his neck. ‘’Fine.’’ Jungkook laughed and bend down now facing you at the same height. Before he could you ask why again, you were already rubbing his cheek with yours, your hands still holding onto his neck tightly so he couldn’t break away so easily. 

‘‘Gosh y/n!’‘ His delightful laugh hugged your heart and a laugh escaped your lips aswell. ‘‘No Kooks, no. Let me!’‘ you jokinly wailed when you felt he wanted to break away. ‘‘But the food is getting cold!’‘ 

‘‘Oh shit!’‘ you totally forgot about the food. Pushing him away, you snatched the pans from the stove and jogged to the table. ‘‘Don’t think you get off so easily though!’‘ you giggled back at him. 

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The Boy Next Door Pt. 4- Grayson Dolan

A @dolansanonymous & @raeswritings Production

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Grayson agreed to be your fake boyfriend. Your parents were coming tonight, so you and Grayson set off to the grocery store buying the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

“Y/N/N, what about lasagna? Everyone loves lasagna!” Grayson said picking a pack of lasagna pasta from the shelf.

“No.” You shot down the idea.

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Fic Update (15th October).

Next update in my Fic Shelf with these amazing fics:

What We Could’ve Been by @hydra-liciousdefinition.

Based on “I Hate U, I Love U” - Gnash feat. Olivia O’Brien.

By Chance by @bovaria.

Modern-Day AU. You find a random phone number written on the wall of a gas station’s bathroom, not knowing how much it would change your life.  

Incidental by @sargantbuck.

The five times Bucky had to make an excuse, and the one time he didn’t. 

She Loves You by @annadier .

After a growing friendship with Bucky Barnes, someone who could really understand your nightmares, you began to fall in love. If only you would let him know. Preferably before it was too late.

Can You Guys Just Fuck Already? by @the-jokers-daughter .

Based on the prompts “ Is that my shirt?” “Have you seen my jacket?” and “Can you guys just fuck already?”.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me? by @the-jokers-daughter .

The reader is Steve’s sister and lives at the tower where she develops a crush on Bucky.

I’m not Just Her by @the-jokers-daughter .

Reader and Bucky are good friends and everyone on the team thinks they have something special. The reader likes Bucky only to find out that he has feelings for Nat.

Infatuation by @the-jokers-daughter .

Will your father, Tony Stark, ever accept your love for the man who killed his parents?

Have I Made You Uncomfortable? by @marveliskindacool .

It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Silent Lover by @marveliskindacool .

For the first time in never, Bucky shows up at one of Tony’s parties. Having consumed a lot of liquor, Y/N says a few not-so-nice things that end up firing back on her the next day.

The Other by @marveliskindacool.

Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

All My Friends Are Heathens by @sebseyesandbuckysthighs.

In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems. 

Postcards by @sebbytrash.

Takes place after Civil War. Bucky is your best friend but of course you’re in love with him. He goes off to travel the world and rediscover himself, sending you Postcards along the way, whilst you struggle with your feelings.

See You On the Other Side by @writing-soldiers.

Things aren’t always as they seem but one thing is for sure and that is that your former partner in crime, The winter soldier, mattered more to you than you cared to admit.

Can’t Seem to Make it Right by @pitubea1910.

Bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesn’t know what to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. 

Loathing by @winter-commandos.

Your brother’s best friend, Bucky Barnes, couldn’t be a more obnoxious playboy. And he just loves to piss you off.

I’ll Be Good by @imhereforbvcky.

You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op.

Lover, Please Stay by @whatsbetterthanfantasy.

Bucky and reader are just friends, but she wants something else. What would happen when they are all together in one of Tony’s parties?

The House by @thenightmarebeforebucky.

College AU. Halloween drabble series. You and your friends decide to spend Halloween in the creepy old house by campus. You’re certain that it can’t possibly by haunted, but over the course of the night, there are certain things that you just can’t explain.

Faking It by @thenightmarebeforebucky.

You bring Bucky as your boyfriend when you need to head back home to your wealthy family as well as get info in one of your childhood friends that is apparently working for HYDRA.


Eleven x Reader

Request: Anon: could I have a 11 x reader with the prompts 36 & 40 please ? thank you !!! X

Hello!! I went a little long on this one, but I hope you enjoy it! There is a bit of a cliff hanger, so a part two may be a possibility….;) Thanks so much for requesting! Much love! xoxo

Title: Blackout

Word Count: 4,715

“Only five more minutes…” You groaned as you looked at your small black watch that laid gently on your wrist. You continued to take books off of the large stack piled next to you and placed them in their respective spots on the shelves alphabetically as you impatiently waited for closing time. It had been a long week, and all you wanted to do was go home, drink a few beers, cuddle with your dog, all the while watching some Dateline. As you thought of your evening plans, you heard the sharp jingle of the bell at the front door that indicated someone had come into your bookshop. You’ve got to be kidding me, the sign says we close soon. You thought to yourself, placing the book in your hand back onto the stack. “Hello! So sorry, but as the sign says, we close at six tonight. I’ll be open on Monday again.” You hollered out as you made your way through the maze of stacks and shelves to the front of the shop. As you turned the corner, you realized you were talking to an empty room and you felt your ears perk up for any sounds of another person present in your space. “Hello?” You called around, going up and down the science fiction, and romance sections. “Alright, look. I’m closing shop, and I’d like to not lock you in here, but I will and call the cops if I have to.” You stated, coming back up to the front awaiting an answer. But there was only silence. Your frustration was rising as you looked about your immediate area. “Alright buddy, whoever you are, I am really wanting to get out if here. You have five seconds to show yourself, and then we can just get out and continue our evenings. If I get down to zero you’re going to wish you hadn’t waited until I found you. Five…four…” You threatened, continuing to look behind stacks and shelves. “Three…two….” You continued, looking behind your cashier desk, grabbing the bat you hid underneath it. Usually in instances like this, it was just a homeless person trying to find a warm place, or some kid trying to pull a prank. Never anything malevolent, but you usually weeded them out by three. “Two and a half!” You yelled, as you cautiously turned another corner, ready to strike the intruder. You jumped as you heard a book fall off a stack a few aisles over, and spun to face the noise. You gripped the bat tighter, and quietly made your way to the history section of your store hoping to surprise whoever was hiding there. “ONE!” You shouted, bat above your head and ready to strike. “WHOA! Oi! It’s alright! I’m not here to hurt you!!” 

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Here you go, dearest Anon! Bruce and Damian father son word prompt #10! Hope you like it!

“All right, on three. One, two, th–”

Beep, beep, beep.

Bruce Wayne, billionaire extraordinaire, glanced down at his phone. He gestured to his son to step away from the wooden bureau and calmly took the call. “Hello?”

Damian released his grip and shifted. The voice on the line sounded like a Wayne Industries employee, Sammy or Susie or whatever. He glanced down at his sneakers. Father was needed at work, he knew. That meant this “rugged male bonding through placing furniture in the attic” or whatever it was they were doing would be cut short. Very well. Damian could complete the task by himself. He’d finish in a timely manner and head to the cave and practice with the new katanas (of course, Father did not necessarily have to know about that. The man had been ridiculous about the entire blade affair. Damian did not understand it, nor did he want to. He had been brought up on daggers and he certainly didn’t want to lose his edge with them, so to speak. The boy merely wanted to cut some dummies to shreds without someone going ballistic over the “safety” of pointed objects without “supervision” because he could “cut himself and Dick’s near-miss with his thumb was a lesson learned too well”).

Damian scowled.

Tt. Not likely.

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Yo, here’s a follow-up to this short story I wrote last Sunday, (and the picture I drew earlier this week as well.) Hopefully it reads well, since I’ve not been able to sit and write for long periods this week. Sorry for those who liked the original post, I wanted to upload it with an illustration to match the first part.

It should not have been a surprise to anyone that, a few days after playing nursemaid to a sick Tommy, Deborah herself began to feel ill. It started small, just a few sniffles she blamed on allergies and continued on her way to work. Then came the sneezing and coughing, until finally one morning she woke up aching and shivering despite the July heat. Her throat felt like it had been scraped raw with sandpaper, her head pounded when she moved, and it was all she could do to just turn her head to one side and fumble for her alarm.

“You look like death,” was all AJ said when she poked her head into the living room, to see if Deborah was getting up. From her spot on the folded-out futon, Deborah groaned. From the door, AJ took note of her pale face and bleary eyes and frowned. “You’re not going into work like that.”

The moan that escaped Deborah’s lips might have been an attempt at AJ’s name or just a reflection of life in general at the moment, but it certainly didn’t sound like any actual words. She reached up towards her roommate, but she could neither reach nor properly see AJ, and her hand fell limply back onto the futon. AJ sighed. “I’ll be here until I have to go to work, and I’ll call the library to let them know you’re not coming in. Okay?” Deborah nodded, settling back in under the blankets.

With another large sigh, AJ flopped onto one of the soft armchairs in the room. “I told you that Jarvis guy was trouble.”

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PRIDE || MAFIA!Seokmin [Chp 1]

BLURB: Sometimes we put on facades to seem stronger than we are, when all we need is someone to tell us they will hold our hand through it all.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, family

WORDS: 1688

PART: 1 | 2

You knew it was a bad idea the moment Wonho had brought it up in the dingy little store room that served as the gang’s “headquarters” while planning the next heist. It was still a bad idea now, three weeks later, as the four of you – Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk and yourself – entered the badly-lit convenience store on the street corner, hiding switchblades and stink bombs in deep jacket pockets with the hoods up at 7:50 in the evening.

This was enemy territory.

You knew it, Wonho knew it, hell the whole gang knew it, and yet he still insisted on carrying out the plan anyway. The knuckle head. He thought that just because he was the supposed “leader” of the gang he could do whatever he wanted. In a way he could and no one had the right to question him. But if he wanted to live his sick dream of becoming top mobster someday he couldn’t just disregard the rules like this. It would get him killed and he would be dead long before he even gets a taste of what being a mobster feels like. Not that you were sticking around to find out. You were only there temporarily. Only for some food…

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I just upload my Fic Shelf with the following ficsso go read all of them because they are amazing.
Thank you for your work guys, keep posting incredible fics!

Would You Be my Wife. - @bovaria

Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating 

By Royal Decree. - @bovaria

You are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all? 

Poison. - @mrsbarnesomg

The reader’s power is to make people trust and fall in love with her, and so everybody’s a bit weary of her because they don’t if she’s being real or not. 

Darling. - @writing-soldiers

Bucky finds you drunk in the kitchen and takes care of you, leading up to some drunken confessions.

The Girl in the Drawings. - @writing-soldiers

Artist!Bucky - Steve takes classes and Bucky likes one of the models Steve sketched so he starts tagging along.

A Lesson in Love. - @buckyywiththegoodhair

College!AU - In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance. 

You’re not Afraid of me. - @writing-soldiers

Bucky doesn’t get afraid without having a reason to be. To him, you don’t seem to be a reason enough. 

Mind Tricks. - @imaginingbucky

A new recruit for the Avengers has everyone on edge, something is off about her as Wanda says but what it is exaclty?

Just Once More - @imaginingbucky

You and Bucky slept together one night but what happens when it happens again?


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You were hiding behind a book shelf as gun shots went off around you. It took all of your will power not to burst into tears.

Who was doing this and why?
The footsteps where getting nearer and nearer. You had a feeling your questions were about to be answered.

You closed you eyes. This was it. No escaping what was coming. You felt the barrel of the gun being placed on your forehead. You opened your eyes to face your attacker.

Your friend was pointing a gun at you right now. You couldn’t believe this. You couldn’t hold back your tears any longer.
“Tate please don’t do this” you sobbed.

Tate just stared at you. Why hadn’t he pulled the trigger yet? All of a sudden Tate walked away leaving you standing there unharmed but scared.

Soulless Mate

Summary: Sam and the reader were a happy couple until Sam lost his soul. Now the reader can’t stand to be around him, which Soulless!Sam doesn’t seem to mind until he starts having these ‘feelings’ that go beyond attraction. 

Word Count: 2,427

Warnings: Alcohol, attempted sexual assault, violence, blood mention 

Author’s note: Just an idea I’ve had rolling around in my head for a little while now. And since I have quite a bit of story telling to do, there will be several parts to this fic :)

Your relationship with Sam was one you had been dreaming of. It was filled with sweet kisses, warm hugs, hearty laughter, and sacred promises. He called you his other half and you couldn’t have agreed more. Your love was electrifying, to say the least. It left you tingling from head to toe. This was the guy you were sure to marry. When your one year anniversary started to near, Sam got you excited by telling you he had something special planned for you that day. He wanted to make it one of the best days of your life. That was all before he chose to accept himself as Lucifer’s vessel and sacrificed himself for the good of mankind. But when he jumped into the pit he took the promise of being together forever, in life or death, with him. 

And now you were sitting across from  this guy who looks exactly like Sam, sounds exactly like Sam, but is most definitely not Sam. Not your Sam. Not even close. This Sam has no soul. And with no soul, this Sam is unable to love. Unable to love you. You’re angry, furious even. Furious that Sam left you and His brother, leaving a shell of himself behind; hardened, and hollow on the inside.

“It’s not polite to stare, y'know.“ 

Sam’s voice brings you out of your thoughts and you realize you’ve been in a daze, probably drilling holes into this guy’s head.

You close the lore book you were supposed to be reading before you got lost in your racing thoughts. "Sorry.” You say, your tone not even close to being apologetic. You quickly get up from the table, not wanting to engage him any further, and walk out of the library.

I need a drink, you think as you enter your room. You grab your jacket, which was thrown haphazardly on the bed, and hightail it out of the Bobby’s house. You and the boys are staying with Bobby until you guys figure out the whole Sam situation. In the meanwhile, you and the boys are just house-sitting since Bobby is about two states over, working on a string of cases with an old hunting buddy. Dean says he should be back in a month or two.

You make the ten minute walk it takes to get to the nearest bar. The bartenders there already know you, seeing as you frequent the place every couple of days. You shake your head at yourself for adopting one of Dean’s bad habits.

“Hey, Y/N.” The redhead behind the bar greets you as you take a seat.

“Hey, Charlie. How are you?” You ask as you take off your jacket.

“Could be better. Some old guy just asked me to be his sugar baby.” You laugh as she makes a gagging noise.

“That’s absolutely terrible. I’m sorry.” You say, still giggling.

“Eh, I’ve gotten worse offers.” She shrugs. “So, how are you doing?”

“I’m gonna need your best bottle of whiskey.” You give her a knowing look.

“Oh, it’s that kind of night.” She turns around, grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels from the top shelf, one shot glass from the bottom, and pours you a shot.

She watches as you quickly down it and grimace as you slam the glass down on the counter. “Ugh. That never gets any easier.” You never liked whiskey but you knew it got the job done so you drank it anyway. “Another, please.”

“Well, since you asked so politely…” She teases as she pours you another glass. You take it, welcoming the burning sensation down your throat.

“Is it Sam?” She asks as she pours you a third shot.

You sigh at the sound of his name. “Yep. Still doesn’t have a soul.” Charlie was filled in on the whole monster thing when you and the boys saved her from a vengeful ghost a couple of months back. Now she’s become your best friend. You can talk to her about practically anything.

“Sorry to hear it.” She says as she watches you take your third shot of the night. You feel immediately feel tingles go down your spine and start to feel as light as air.

You shrug. “It’s okay, I guess. There’s not much anyone can really do about it.” You meet Charlie’s gaze and can see the empathy in them. That’s one of the things you love about Charlie. She never pitied you. She just understood. “Thanks, though.” You give her a sad smile and she returns the expression.

“So, another shot?” She smirks and doesn’t wait for you to answer to pour more of the brown liquid into your glass.

“You know me so well.” You say gratefully before you drink the alcohol. You close your eyes, sway a little, and smile as you open them.

Charlie chuckles at the goofy smile on your face. “How are ya feeling?”

“I feel absolutely divine.” You giggle to yourself.

Charlie nods. “Good to hear, babe.”

“I feel like, I feel…like I’m walking on air.” You sway from side to side, getting lost in the song that’s currently playing.

“That’s a good feeling.”

“It is…” You keep swaying, closing your eyes to feel the full effect of the alcohol.

“Shit,” You hear Charlie say under her breath and you open your eyes, wondering what’s going on.

“What’s wrong?” You tilt your head to the side like a child lost in thought.

Charlie gives you a tight lipped smile. “Nothing, sweetheart. I just remembered that I forgot to turn all of the lights off before I left.” Usually you’re able to tell when Charlie’s lying but in your state, you can’t tell much of anything.

What Charlie isn’t telling you is Sam is just entering the bar and he’s on his way over to you guys. At first, Charlie was going to tell you and help you steer him elsewhere but now she’s thinking that maybe what you need to do is talk to Sam, even if he’s without a soul and you’re practically drunk. What could go wrong, right? Besides, she’ll be right behind the bar, watching the entire thing go down.

You don’t notice when Sam takes a seat next to you. You’re too lost in your own little world. However, you do take notice when you hear his voice. You’d recognize that voice anywhere.

“One shot of whiskey, bartender.”

You sober up for a moment as you watch Charlie supply him with his shot. You keep your gaze on the shelves in front of you, refusing to acknowledge his presence.

“You know I’m right next to you, right?” You jump when Sam whispers into your ear, his breath hot on your skin. You still don’t face him.

“Aw, come on, you’re not going to talk to me?” His tone is condescending and you don’t appreciate it one bit.

You turn to him. “Fuck off.” You blurt out, your filter no longer in effect since the alcohol kicked in.

“Wow. Hostile, this one.” Sam says to Charlie, who looks a bit nervous at the moment.

You roll your eyes and return to staring at the stocked shelves.

“Okay. It’s obvious you don’t like me-

You cut him off. "Don’t you have something better to do? Like, fuck a girl or kill an innocent person maybe?”

Sam shrugs. “In a few minutes, maybe, but right now I’m talking to you.”

“Well, do me a favor and don’t.” You say quickly.

“Did we have a thing or something, ‘cause I’m kinda getting that vibe from you. I might not have a soul but i can pick up on certain things.”

You let out an exasperated sigh. “Why are you still talking? Leave me alone.”

“I’m intrigued by you.”

“That’s nice. Now go away.”

You hear Sam take a deep breath. “Nah, I’d rather stay here and bother you. It’s actually kind of fun. Your nose gets all scrunched up when you’re angry. It’s cute.”

You cheeks heat up at the last comment and you curse your body’s reaction to his words.

“I see that you’re blushing. I think we did have a thing. What happened, did I cheat on you or something?”

You grit your teeth and face him, even though it’s the last thing you want to do. All you want him to do is get off your back and if that means telling him about your relationship with him, then so be it.

“Yes, you and I were a thing, you ass. No, you didn’t cheat on me. We were together for a year and then you lost your soul. And now, I loathe you.” You put emphasis on the last part, making sure he gets the message because it seems like he’s not understanding you at all.

He pauses for a moment. “Y'know, loathe is a very strong word…”

You get out of your seat in a hurry. “I’m not doing this anymore. I’m gonna go and dance because I came here to have fun, not to talk to some soulless dick!” You walk away angrily, not caring what other people are thinking of you at the moment. When you get to the dance floor, you start to feel the effects of the alcohol again. You start to feel less angry and feel more loose. You smile at the feeling, wanting nothing more than to forget about Sam. When your favorite song comes on, you get excited and start to dance. You move your hips from side to side and thread your fingers through your hair. Your hands leave your hair and they trail down your body slowly and sensually, seemingly attracting some of the men around you but you don’t notice. You’re too lost in the music, too lost in your movement to notice anyone else. That is, until you feel a body move in behind you. You look over your shoulder and see a pretty decent looking guy moving in time with you. You mentally shrug and press your back against his chest, making it easier for you to dance together. You dance with him for about an hour and a half, taking a break in-between to take one or two shots, before you begin to feel tired and decide to go home. You begin to take the guy to the empty hallway that leads to the bathrooms so he can hear you better. As you walk over there  you see Sam with some blonde sitting on his lap. The image drives a nail through your heart and you take a deep breath, trying to regain focus so you can talk to this guy. You tell him you had a great time but that you should really be going now. You start to walk away from him when you feel a tight grip around your wrist and you’re yanked back into this stranger’s arms.

“C'mon baby, I thought we were having a good time.” He says as one of his hands travel down your backside and squeezes your ass. You try to push him away from you but it’s to no avail. You’re so drunk that you can’t keep his hands off you, much less push him away.

“Stop, get off of me!” You yell, hoping that someone will hear you but the music’s so loud you doubt anyone can. The aggressive stranger throws you up against the wall and begins to kiss your neck. “Please, I just want to go home. Just let me go home.” A couple of tears escape your eyes as you try to plead with the man. You try your hardest to fight him off, kicking and screaming. You’re about to give up when the man is suddenly yanked away from you and thrown on the floor. It’s hard for you to see well in the barely lit hallway but you see a very tall man, your savior, pick up your assailant and begins to punch him beyond recognition. After a few good hits, you hear a bone crushing crack and assume the guy’s nose has been broken. You wince at the sounds of the beating, and actually start feeling a bit scared of the man who has saved you. You’re thankful for the rescue but you’re afraid that he might actually kill the man. You think about intervening until you see him knee your attacker, head butt him, and then throw him back on the floor. It seems like he’s done until the tall man kicks your attacker one last time before he leaves him a bloody mess.

“You okay?"The tall man asks as he begins to approach you.

Wait, you know that voice. "Sam?”

“In the flesh.” He has some blood on his face and hands but it doesn’t seem like he cares. Again, he doesn’t have a soul. “Dean’s been up my ass. He won’t stop calling.” He reaches into his back pocket and checks his phone. He groans and grabs you by the arm, sending a small tingle down your spine, and leads you out of the bar.

No words are exchanged between the two of you until you’re about a minute away from Bobby’s.

“T-thanks.” You say quietly.

“For what? Kicking that guy’s ass over there?” He asks.

You nod. “I, uh, didn’t think you would have-”

“Helped you out after you went full bitch mode on me?”

“Yeah.” Your voice is barely above a whisper.

“I might be soulless but I’m not a complete monster, Y/N. The guy got what was coming to him.”

You nod once again and don’t say another word until Dean opens the door.

“Whoa, what the hell happened?” Dean takes in Sam’s bloody face and fists.

“This guy tried to hurt me and Sam beat him up.” You explain.

“'Are you okay?” His emerald green eyes hold concern as he focuses on you and all you can do is nod.

“Just tired, I guess.”

“I bet.” He agrees as he looks you over, checking for injuries. You should get some sleep.“


Dean opens the door completely and motions for you to come inside. You walk into the house and head straight for one of the spare rooms that you have claimed as your own.

You slowly take off your clothes, your wavering balance and hazy vision making you aware of the fact that you are still drunk. You put on a white tee and shorts before you drag yourself into bed, suddenly feeling very sleepy once your head touches the pillow. It takes you less than two minutes for you to slip into unconsciousness.

Bad Moon

Characters:  Dean X Reader

Summary:  Reader is a bartender.  Dean comes through town.  This is set a few weeks before Sam triple lindy’s into the cage with Lucifer.

Word Count:  2414

Warnings:  Language, SMUT, unprotected sex (come on now, wrap it up at home, kids), kinda angsty

As always, feedback is appreciated and welcomed.  

Tags at the bottom.  Thanks for reading!


The green-eyed man places his hand inside yours, palm up, across the bar top.  Taking a finger, you delicately trace the lines that cross his calloused hand.  

“Hmm.  Very interesting,” you remark, raising your eyebrows for effect.

“What?” he replies, eyes narrowing in skepticism.

“See this line here? It tells me that you’ve had a difficult life.”

“And?” You swear his eyes twinkle as he watches your face.

“You’re a good man, but for some reason, you don’t believe it.   Um, you live dangerously.  And you’ve been through tragedy.  More than once.  Oh, and you carry a heavy burden on your shoulders.”

“You can tell all that from a palm?”   To his credit, he looks amazed.

“Not really, I’m just selling snake-oil.  Simple parlor tricks.”  Flashing him a grin, you release his hand.

He laughs, a deep and genuine laugh.  You get the feeling it’s not a sound that many people get to hear.  “You conned a con.  Well done.”

“How about another round?” you ask just before his phone begins to ring in his pocket.  Nodding at you, he stands and steps away from the bar to take the call.  Watching the handsome man as you crack open another beer for him, you can’t help but wonder what his life is like.  So much sorrow, so much peril.  That was no trick, you can practically feel it radiating of him.  Finishing his call, he slips his phone back into his pocket and pulls out his wallet.

“No, this one’s on me,” you refuse him.  

“Thanks, sweetheart. Sorry, but I gotta go.  Work thing.  Listen, (Y/N), it was nice meeting.  You take care, all right?”

“Will do, Dean.”  As his broad shoulders walk away from you, a chill passes over you.  Something dark, sinister.  “Dean?” He turns to look at you.  “I don’t know where it is your going, but you need to be careful.”

His eyes widen in surprise. “What does that mean?”

“Call it a hunch.  Or womanly intuition.  Just…just watch your back, okay?”

Standing frozen for a moment, he considers your words.  “Okay,” he agrees before walking out the door.

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