shelf shots


(Not My Gif)

You were hiding behind a book shelf as gun shots went off around you. It took all of your will power not to burst into tears.

Who was doing this and why?
The footsteps where getting nearer and nearer. You had a feeling your questions were about to be answered.

You closed you eyes. This was it. No escaping what was coming. You felt the barrel of the gun being placed on your forehead. You opened your eyes to face your attacker.

Your friend was pointing a gun at you right now. You couldn’t believe this. You couldn’t hold back your tears any longer.
“Tate please don’t do this” you sobbed.

Tate just stared at you. Why hadn’t he pulled the trigger yet? All of a sudden Tate walked away leaving you standing there unharmed but scared.

anonymous asked:

Have you guys done anything fun together as one big group? (Ie the 7 + others) How did it turn out? (PS love your blog!!)

We’re planning a trip to Disney World! -Hazel

Having godly parents does have its perks. -Jason

Zeus might even let me fly there. If I stop doing things to piss him off. -Percy

That probably won’t happen. -Nico

I don’t care if I have to walk there, as long as I can put you in a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. -Percy

I’ll kill you before you can even get them off the shelf. -Nico

Still worth a shot. -Percy

Don’t worry, Percy, I’ll help. -Jason