shelf appeal


Does SHELF APPEAL factor into any of your game purchases, or do you stick to only games you plan on playing? Example: say you stumble across a bunch of mediocre or outright awful NES/cartridge games that you don’t have in your collection, but they’re priced dirt cheap. Do you buy ‘em up, thinking that expanding your NES collection would look that much more awesome on display? - Eric Hubers

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akashi comforting his s/o who is insecure about their chest size? your work is seriously the best!!!

Sighing heavily, you reached around to your back to undo the clasps of the bra. It was cute, having frills in all the right places to accentuate your chest and it came in a plethora of colors. But, like most of the other bras you had tried on that day, it just wasn’t the right size.

After putting your shirt back on, you step out of the dressing room and back into the main store, watching as your boyfriend’s eyes perked up at the sight of your returning.

“So, how did that one look?” Akashi asked, masking the impatience in his voice quite well.

“It’s… beautiful…”


Again, you sigh, “It doesn’t fit right.”

Frowning, Akashi takes the garment out of your hands and sets it to the side. “Do you need something bigger? Smaller? I can ask one of the attendants to help you? Or—”

“Akashi,” you say, cutting him off. “L-Let’s just go.” At his look of concern, you elaborate. “It’s… It’s just hard to find bras my size in stores like these. I usually have to special order them online because they’re so…” You gesture to your chest, shrugging as you do so.

For a long moment, Akashi is silent. You’d dragged him to the newly opened lingerie store, hopeful to find something cute you could wear, spent hours looking through it and trying things on, and now you wanted to leave empty handed. You couldn’t tell whether he was upset or not, but he could certainly tell that you were. It only became more obvious when, as your eyes wandered over to a shelf full of appealing bras you’d love to own, you subconsciously closed your jacket tighter around yourself, hiding your chest.

“Then let’s do that then,” he suggests suddenly, catching you off guard.


“Let’s order one online,” he repeats, taking your hand and leading you out of the store. “Any style, and brand, any price. I’ll buy it for you.”

“W-What? Why?”

“Because. You’re beautiful in every way, they’re beautiful in every way, and you deserve the best.”

It takes you a moment to realize the ‘they’ Akashi is referring to is your chest and it has you blushing hard when you do. Allowing him to pull you along, you whisper out a quiet, “Thank you.”