I can’t talk right now, I just can’t I’m crying. This is SO beautiful. My friend over on YouTube and even here on Tumblr made this beautiful fan art of Valentina. Thank you so much, I love you for this! ❤ Look at that, it’s perfection! Thank you again dear!

Please go and subscribe to her on YouTube, she is an incredible director, her series ‘Strange & Beautiful’ literally took my heart. That series is gorgeous, the story is something unique, and very interesting, you will enjoy it a lot. Please and thank you! ❤

shelenthewatermelon asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to your 10 favorite followers. <3

;o; Ten? Hmmm…

  1. Number 8 is my favorite number. c:
  2. I loveeeee pizza.
  3. I’m a hermit.
  4. My bedroom walls are dark grey. Almost black.
  5. Parmesan cheese grosses me out, which is a struggle considering how much I love pizza/pasta.
  6. I hate body fluids. I can’t stand the thought of it. Eiugh.
  7. I daydream a lot.
  8. I battle with depression.
  9. I’m currently teaching myself Korean, little by little.
  10. I’m scared of paranormal things. :C

You’re my sweetheart~

200 followers gift! I have two more sims for y'all<3 Marshall and Adrianna. In my game, they’re married and he’s a lot taller than her. It’s adorable. :‘3 anyways, I hope you can find a use for them. You can use them as legacy starters, bases, extras, etc. All I ask is that you don’t claim as your own, and if you use them, tag as shelenthewatermelon or xsupergroovex! I hope you like them, I loved making them. I think Marshall turned out super hot, and Adrianna turned out insanely attractive!

Thank you so much for 200+ followers, it means the world to me.<3

Download Marshall:

Download Adrianna:

I got tagged by alexmanuel-sims :D

1. How was your day loveyy?

It’s alright so far! I didn’t sleep well, but it’s sunny outside, and I’m just chilling on tumblr. I can’t complain! :D

2. What was the most entertaining show you ever watched?

Dance Moms, Dangan Ronpa, Free, and Double Divas.xD

3. How did you get into Sims?

When I was 11, my friend showed me Sims2. And I loved it, but my dad wouldn’t let me borrow it because it was rated T for teen. So my friend and I wrote multiple persuasive essays until I was able to have sims2. (:

4. Serious stuff now, what is *drum rolls*… your favorite food?!

Steak and pasta. :3

5. What is your favorite Sims 2 and Sims 3 Series Machinima you ever watched?

Sims2 … there’s too many. But “The Roommates” by blankedty inspired me to make Strange and Beautiful.

Sims3 … I need to catch up on Dear Diary, but I really like it so far! :)

6. Do you want to be my twerking buddy? Pleseeeee!

Yeah, buddy! I freaking love twerking!xD

7. Are you an awkward person?

The most awkward person ever.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever experienced?

Getting caught running from the bathroom to my room because I forgot something after I took a shower *shudders*

9. Do you have pets? Would you be brave enough to let me take care of them for a day? I cannot promise anything though. I will try and bring them back almost as you gave them… most likely in parts…

I don’t have pets. My mom and brother aren’t really animal lovers… ):

10. What genre of music do you most listen to?

Indie/alternative. It’s a tie.

11. Celebrity crush, right now!

Toby Turner.♥

Love and hugs!

My 11 questions:

1. Favorite time of day?

2. Current favorite song?

3. What’s the best thing that’s happened all week?

4. When watching machinima, do you prefer subtitles, or voice overs?

5. Do you play sims more in the evening/night or morning/afternoon?

6. Do you watch anime? If so, what’s your favorite? If not, what’s your favorite tv show?

7. What got you into simblr?

8. Do you play candy crush saga? :D

9. Have you played any sims spinoffs? (Urbz, MySims, etc.)

10. What’s the nicest thing someone’s told you?

11. Best advice you’ve been given?

I tag… caladrey, charisproductions, suchmadness, alexmanuel-sims, blissful-indigo, and YOU. ;D

Happy simming!♥


I’ve been kind of wanting to do something like this for a while. I don’t talk to a lot of people, but I want to interact more. So here I go:

My name is Helen. I’m about to start college in three weeks, and I’m honestly kind of terrified. That aside, here’s some facts about me, how I got into simming, and other things I like. :)

The sims has always been my escape from the hectic craziness that can be real life. Since age 11, I’ve been a sims2 addict. I always built lots for my sims, that’s probably why I hate building now lol, and I would always write stories for the characters I would create. When I was 13, I started watching machinima and I wanted to do that too. I would watch the emo teen love stories and teen series. I started filming on my old computer, which is 11 years old and still barely alive. When I was 14, I got a new laptop and started actually making machinima.

My first series I ever put my heart and soul into was Unloved. That series gave me a small break on youtube. People gave feedback and said that they loved it. I don’t want this to seem conceited, but getting amazing feedback and compliments made me feel awesome. I kept making videos, but lost interest in that series. I wanted it to be the best I could make it. So I put it on hiatus.

Fast forward two years. It was my junior year and I thought of Strange and Beautiful. I was going to take my ACT in a few months, so I kinda quit sims. It was the best/worst thing I could have ever done. I got a whole lot better at drawing, but I got realllllly~ rusty with my sims skills. I didn’t touch my game for 10 months. I got back into sims to prove a point. You see, I was trying to show that I was good at making movies. It’s a really selfish reason looking back on it, but I’m happy to be active with my sims again. (:

So this past December I brought back my series Strange and Beautiful. I re-wrote the script, and loved it. I’ve noticed the improvement from the pilot until now, and it’s making me love directing more and more. Even when my game lags and crashes and it rains on the set.xD The end product is always worth it.

Machinima has helped me learn a lot about art, writing, and time management. Watching other machinimas and series have provided me with life lessons that I will never forget. In short: sims has taught me more about life than the tv shows that I watch. Sims has helped me get through hard life experiences. It’s made me feel better, and raise my self esteem tremendously.

So onto tumblr. I wasn’t a simblr when I first made this blog. It was more of an art one, but I reblogged quotes and MLP FiM stuff.x3 then I started posting sims. And it’s been really cool seeing peoples’ sims and I LOVE reading legacies. I actually want sims3 because of tumblr. I never wanted it before.

You know how I mentioned that I start college? Yeah. I’m going for computers. I want to make sims games. The sims has really helped me through a lot, and if I could help make a game that would help someone similar to how it helped me, I would be overjoyed. I have a lot of learning to do.x)

Nonsims stuff: I love drawing. It’s really fun seeing my art come to life and adding color. Drawing always boosts my mood. I love making pictures for others, it’s just a small way I can possibly make someone happy.

I love makeup and fashion! When I first started wearing makeup, I was that kid who wore rainbow eyeshadow. I mainly wear neutrals now, but every now and then I wear a crazy color. In the picture, I’m not wearing any, but that’s simply because I have been loving my skin recently. I try and take really good care of it, so I don’t have to wear foundation. I like playing with hairstyles. My hair is fried from being bleached/highlighted/dyed/and heat styled, so I wash it every other day.xD I’m rambling. I like putting outfits together, because for my whole life I’ve had to wear uniforms. 0_o

Dance<3 I’ve been dancing since I was 4. It’s the best way to let out emotions when I can’t find the right words. I really want to be a Rockette, but I’m too short 5'3. ): but when I’m on stage dancing, I forget about my problems. It’s glorious. I recently got into gymnastics! Working on a backhandspring. It’s really fun.

Now for writing. It’s beautiful. I try and write everyday.xD it’s mostly planning out sims series. I eventually want to publish a novel.

That’s me, now you know a little more about me. (: thanks for reading. I’d love to chat with people.