sheldon to my penny!

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Prompt: Shamy + Getting Caught in the Act. I'd love to read the gang's reaction to Shamy being physical with each other :)

eee! i love this prompt. i’m not sure i fulfilled it super accurately but i hope you like what i came up with anyway! it somehow became more about penny and sheldon’s friendship and howard being snarky lmao but anyway. thank you for sending me this, i always love getting prompts :D


In all fairness, Penny and Sheldon had known each other for 10 years. In that decade, both of them had proved plenty of times that neither thought anything about barging into the other’s apartment, uninvited. Why should that have changed? 

Well. Amy, Penny supposed.

More specifically, Amy and Sheldon living together. That changed things.

But they were…. they were… Amy and Sheldon. No person who had met them ever, ever, ever left the meeting thinking ‘oh, that’s definitely a couple who enjoy a little afternoon delight on a Thursday’, but here we are. 

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Are we all seriously supposed to just forget that Sheldon openly finds Penny attractive “okay I don’t know how but she has to be cheating, nobody can be THAT attractive and skilled at a video game”

Also we have the fact that when Shamy broke up and the boys suggested he move on with someone else his first thought was ‘Penny’

And then the dream sequence speaks volumes too, like even in Leonards mind Shenny is real, like his mind dreamt up Penny and Sheldon kissing to make it even, my point is even in the dream he could have dreamt her going to kiss Raj or Howard or even Stewart I mean she has kissed him before after all, or anyone else, but it was Sheldon.

I mean their friendship is the best thing about the show for me (other than the fact that the girls are all so different and smart and don’t depend on their guys for anything other than relationship stuff which both are apart of) they get each other like nobody else does, I mean I love Amy and Shamy but Penny is always the one comforting him (amys AND Leonards words) Amy doesn’t always bother to try and understand Sheldon but Penny is constantly working on making things easier for Sheldon, she sees his OCD and makes it easier on him (look at the episode where Leonard got all pissy because of the roommate evaluation meeting, I mean I do get him being slightly irritated it’s not like it’s something that he NEEDS to do, but he goes too far because he doesn’t understand Sheldon, that’s why Amy ended up on the opposite side, and Penny the whole time KNOWING he needs to do this meeting as it’s apart of his routine and will effect his mind a little if it’s not done, she even prior to all that said she learned everything off her own back for the meeting for him, she has compromised for Sheldon a lot more than anyone on this show has tbh, and she off her own back changed how she thought and acted to understand Sheldon and make things easier over the years)

What I’m saying is, I know with this show Shenny will never be romantic, but boy is their platonic love the strongest thing in this show.