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The Long Distance Dissonace (10x24)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

This is not the typical review/summary I usually do. This is more a venting platform and some random thoughts on this episode. Please note I am unspoiled so I have not had the time to process things that most of the spoiled fandom may have had time to process so I apologize for my feels which are everywhere right now.

1. I will say right of the bat that in terms of comedic value, this episode was gold. It had a very funny script, the plot made way for lots of funny zingers and the cast was spot on in their acting for these scenes. It may very well be one of the funniest episodes they’ve had. That being said, for the Shamy shippers, it may have caused some angst that made it hard to enjoy the comedy here.

2. Shamy flirting through their video chat is adorable. They are totally both flirting and Sheldon is going for it too. Notice Sheldon called Amy naughty again. 

3. As soon as I saw Ramona entering the cafeteria with Sheldon, I started to freak out. Because I knew she was up to no good. But I was more surprised that Sheldon would even entertain a “friendship” with her especially on the terms they ended last time. It just doesn’t seem in character for me and they never mentioned any reason for there to be this kind of time spent between them voluntarily. Can the writers at least make and effort and come with an excuse like that they had to work together on something? A “toblerone” isn’t enough.

4. Amy skyping with Sheldon and finding out about Ramona broke my heart. She was strong and kept it together although she was obviously jealous. She doesn’t argue with him because she knows how clueless Sheldon can be in these matters. I will say I am glad she found out thru him and not thru other people. It shows Sheldon had no intention of being deceiving. 

5. Sassy Amy arguing with Penny and Bernie was freaking hilarious. “I GAVE YOU ONE JOB. KEEP AN EYE ON HIM. HOW HARD IS THAT?” Mayim is awesome per usual in this scene. (Can the academy just give her the Emmy she deserves, damn it?) Best line all episode came here… 

I’ve been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time. All she’s gotta do its tip it over and point it at her fries.

So while I was nervous for Shamy, I also just about wet myself with that line. 

6. Why would Sheldon bring Ramona to dinner with the gang? And why would he bring her to their apartment? It’s just inconceivable and out of character to me! The man who wouldn’t allow a woman in his room would allow a woman he hasn’t seen in years into his apartment. Come on, Sheldon? You are naive in some ways but you are also smart. This is the man that was concerned Penny would cheat on Leonard while he was away at North Sea. (S7E2). He should know at least a little bit.

7. The shamy shipping gang was all of us. It was awesome to see the whole gang banding together to protect Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. They were all of us. Bernie wedging herself between Sheldon and Ramona was AWESOME because I was about to throw a fit when I saw that bitch sitting in Amy’s spot. (Sorry for the B word but WTH?) Thank you for your service, Bernie. 

Nice save with the whole gang walking Ramona to her car, OMG!!!! It was so over the top it had me laughing out loud. Then Bernie once again with her sweet voice “excuse me”, followed shortly by Penny. Good on the girls to mark Amy’s territory and good on the whole gang who was truly concerned. They really care about Amy and Shamy’s relationship and that feels good to have everyone so invested.

8. We go to commercial break and I’m thinking we are almost at the end of the episode and have made it safely thru the season finale. Then we get back with Ramona bringing sandwiches to Sheldon’s office. Okay… Penny’s talk must have stuck with Sheldon but I think he refused to believe the obvious.

Are you seeking a romantic relationship with me? 

He has obvious doubts about the whole thing and has given Penny’s word some more thought. He starts naming the reason why that would create some problems; one that they are colleagues and two, he is currently in a relationship… He did have time to say this and that to me is important because it shows that Sheldon was willing to defend his relationship. BUT she kissed him…

And something in me about died. I cannot believe this is happening and I reacted much like the audience. Because Shamy are not your typical relationship and they have really guarded themselves against all this typical relationship crap so I can’t be okay with this. I also felt horrible for Sheldon because his face became dazed, he never closed his eyes while it happened and he is not exposed or used to this interaction with females, just Amy. So now I’m feeling like I’m about to puke because on one hand, he didn’t deserve this but on the other hand, he kind of brought it upon himself and should have known better. Sorry guys but come on Sheldon…

He was silent and stunned. I just saw him walking further and further away from Ramona and I had the feeling he would go to Amy because as I’ve said before, Amy is his safe place. I didn’t expect anything else but to him show up at Amy’s, kissing her and telling her he missed her and loved her. And that would have made it better for me. 

The three famous Sheldon knocks, Amy, Amy, Amy… and our favorite girl, too precious for this world, reacts surprised to hear her true love’s voice. Like me, she wasn’t expecting what would happen. Lo and behold she opens the door to a beautiful sight; Sheldon on one knee with the ring we have been waiting to see for 2 seasons now. The sight was beautiful because Jim Parsons was able to convey honest love and admiration as Sheldon for Amy in every single face muscle and the perfection and sincerity of his soulful eyes. And my heart dropped because I know he loves her so much. And I did gasp so loud I could probably be heard 5 houses down because I waited so long for this.

But something was lost and sacrificed in the process. I also felt sad that Amy didn’t know. And felt sorry that Sheldon may be doing this for the wrong reasons and upset he waited for this to happen to take this step.  The loveliness of their sweet relationship was tampered with. You see, this couple has taken every step with caution and care. Amy has waited a long time for this. Sheldon has come a long way. This moment didn’t need to be any part of Ramona’s sick interference. It was gratuitous and unnecessary of the writers. Because this is not the kind of story Amy deserved to tell her children… “I was away for a few months and your father befriended a woman who ended up overstepping her boundaries. Your father realized how much he loved me after she kissed him and he proposed to me.”

It’s ridiculous because we all know what Amy means to Sheldon and he has known that he loves her a long time. He could have very well given her the ring last episode which was beautiful. But it felt to me the writers wanted to have a cliffhanger or a hook. And that they did, leaving us a whole summer with questions of how Amy will react once she knows what happens. Will she say yes not knowing and then find out and be sad and mad or even call it off? Will she say no because she realizes something is not right about the whole thing? We don’t know. But there are my mixed feelings about all of this and in order to survive hiatus, I will just have to reset my memory to episode 23 and not think about this one because it will drive me insane.

Sorry for the rant. I may change my mind but this is how I feel right now. Some honorable mentions:

  •  I’m glad we saw Stuart again. As always he is pathetically awesome. 
  • Great to see the Amy and Penny drawing again. I wonder how Amy ended up keeping it?
  • Nice to see the cafeteria. Howie’s lines were so funny.
  • Penny trying to explain to Sheldon. “Amy has already taken me ut of my package and played with me”. Yes she has. And you’re right Sheldon, Lenny needs a marriage cousnelor. Glad someone said it. 
  • Where the hell is baby Halley? Should I call the Department for Children’s Welfare?
  • Lenny: “You got fingers and a mouth, you call her.” / “You got feet and legs you do it.” LOL!
  • Poor Raj… smh.

I’m out of hiding so you will see me around more. :) Ryl.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Stuart: So, other than you taking your relationship to the next level with another guy, this was nice.

Amy: Yes, well, thanks for seeing me to my door.

Stuart: Oh, you’re welcome.

Sheldon (inside): (Knock, knock, knock) Amy. (Knock, knock, knock) Amy. (Knock, knock, knock) Amy. Let’s wrap things up out there.

Amy: Um, good night, Stuart.

Stuart: Good night.

Sheldon (inside): Take the hint, Stuart. The lady said good night.

Amy: How did you get into my apartment?

Sheldon: Wow. Is that the kind of nagging I can expect now that you’re my girlfriend? Good thing I drew this up.

Amy: What’s that?

Sheldon: I present to you the relationship agreement. A binding covenant that, in its 31 pages, enumerates, iterates and codifies the rights and responsibilities of Sheldon Lee Cooper, here and after known as the boyfriend, and Amy Farrah Fowler, here and after known as the girlfriend.

Amy: It’s so romantic.

Sheldon: Mutual indemnification always is. Why don’t you start perusing while I set up my notary stamp.

Amy: Section 5: Hand-holding. Hand-holding is only allowed under the following circumstances. A: Either party is in danger of falling off a cliff, precipice or ledge. B: Either party is deserving of a hearty handshake after winning a Nobel Prize. C: Moral support during flu shots. Seems a bit restrictive.

Sheldon: Feel free to retain a lawyer.

5 x 10 The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

@milyrita suggested: When the rupture of shamy occurred. But now with the story changed, Sheldon broke up with the relationship and Amy went to look for him.

Amy hurt so badly that she didn’t know what to do.  She could barely breathe, let alone move, let alone get out of bed.  She had no idea how the great love of her life could break her heart like this.  Okay.  He said he needed a break.  Just a break.  He didn’t actually end their relationship.  Of course not.  He would realize how wrong he was and he would call her and make this right.  He hadn’t even supplied her with the proper documents yet, so there was no way this was actually over.

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The Proposal Continuation

Amy is still not comfortable that Ramona is back in the university. She knew that Ramona has a big crush on Sheldon. She is worried that Ramona will steal Sheldon from her.

*knock knock knock Amy*

Amy is shocked. She thought, “Is Sheldon here? Why is he here? What is he doing in here?” as she opened the door…

“Amy, Will you marry me?”

Amy is lost for words. She did know what to say but she didn’t seem to understand the situation like, why all of this is happening right now, out of nowhere. She is sure that she loves Sheldon very much and she is also sure that Sheldon loves her too. Maybe, something happened back in Pasadena. She is too shocked and then she started to speak.

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The Enchantment Alternative

Chapter Fourteen: A New Fight

Previous Chapter: Chapter Thirteen: A New Life

When they were home again, Amy was a little surprised by how little things really changed.  She slept in Sheldon’s bed next to him instead of the drafty shed.  She ate at his table, but they had been sharing at least a couple meals a day before they wed.  She read and they ran through drills.  She worked just as hard on her magic as she had before they wed.  Most of the time.

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The Yuletide Ornamentation

I know Christmas was a long time ago but after reading a post by @otpprompts I couldn’t help myself!

Imagine person A of your otp, a huge fan of the holidays, is hurt badly before the holidays, so person B ends up decorating to cheer person A up.

 Amy groaned as Sheldon released his grip on her and slowly lowered her onto the couch. They were finally back at her apartment after a tough and miserable journey. She winced in pain and gently elevated her leg onto the coffee table.

“I told you. Ice-skating is a dangerous activity. We should have just seen a movie” Sheldon lifted her foot and placed a cushion underneath.

“Sheldon, it’s Christmas. Try feeling a little more festive”

“How can I feel festive when my girlfriend insists on taking me to a frozen death trap?” His spite, however, soon turned into concern, “You know how weak your ankles are. I knew this was a mistake”

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Sheldon, Spock and how The Big Bang Theory got it wrong

Please forgive the length. It’s my first post at Tumblr and I guess I had a lot to say. This contains a s9 spoiler but as TPTB have been pushing it since the night of the taping I feel it’s okay to discuss. 

There’s been a few things that have bothered me about The Big Bang Theory, but it took the events in season nine to bring them into focus. With Sheldon and Amy uniting and sealing the deal with coitus, so the door closes on what once was—a show about four nerdy friends and their worldly neighbour (and I use ‘nerd’ as a descriptive value only, although I do consider myself a nerd so I don’t particularly see it as an insult). Now some would argue that, after eight seasons, some kind of change is necessary to keep the show fresh. That might be true if the show hadn’t established such a dynamic mix of writing and acting in the early years. The plotlines were truly inspired and ran the gamut from Mystic Warlords of Ka'a to locating the America’s Next Top Model house. But what was truly the writers’ crowning achievement was the creation of Sheldon Cooper.

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The signs as Big Bang Theory running gags
  • Aries: Sheldon's spot
  • Taurus: Amy's smoking monkeys
  • Gemini: Howard's non existent PhD
  • Cancer: Sheldon's knocking
  • Leo: Leonard's lactose intolerance
  • Virgo: Raj's obsession with fictional details
  • Libra: Scary Bernadette
  • Scorpio: Leonard walking in on Sheldon doing weird things
  • Sagittarius: Penny's Nebraska stories
  • Capricorn: Bazinga
  • Aquarius: Amy's crush on Penny
  • Pisces: Raj's selective mutism

saruipkknd requested: “amy is having menstrual cramps.. she is avoiding him .. penny knows about this and blurts to sheldon accidentally.. and sheldon decides to do something sweet for her.. reaches at apt.314 with a tub of ice-cream and a movie.. and offers to cuddle!”

Thanks for the prompt.  I hope you enjoy the story.  I might have made Sheldon too sweet here, but he needs to be sweet to her. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! You said that you take prompts so would it be alright if I ask for a fic where Sheldon is late for work because him and Amy have been doing stuff. And when I say doing stuff, I mean 'doing stuff' if you catch my drift ;)

One Shot Week

Thanks nonny, hope you like it :)

Amy sat down at the kitchen island with her breakfast and began to crunch her way through a big bowl of cereal.

Her thoughts roamed to images of last night.

They had spent the night together.

This was becoming a regular occurrence, so often that it was as if Amy had already moved in. Her clothes were hung in his wardrobe, her bathroom products stacked in the cabinet, and Leonard’s old desk was laden with her work. Although not officially living together, Sheldon and Amy were very close to it. Amy hadn’t been home in four days.

She could hear Sheldon gently humming from the bathroom. Amy smiled. He always hummed in the shower the morning after their amorous activities. She liked it, it showed that he had enjoyed it.

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together-shamy  asked:

Hey I have a prompt idea and it's okay if you don't use it, but… Can you do one where Amy decided to show off her smarts to Sheldon and write a paper on Physics and it gets published, and he's so impressed that they make out Thx ILY <3 -Car

Thanks CarG131 for the prompt! I hope this does your brain baby justice.

Ever since the day with Kripke and Sheldon in her lab Amy had a plan formulating in her head. The idea she had told to Kripke was just half of what was starting to become a rather interesting theory. Originally she had planned on collaborating with Kripke on the theory since it dealt with aspects of string theory and Sheldon was not doing that any more. However after Sheldon’s reactions to her just lending a small footnote to Kripke’s paper she decided that a full on collaboration would be more then Sheldon could handle.

So Amy deiced the only way to get her theory out there would be to publish the paper herself. It had aspects grounded in her field and she felt comfortable enough with physics that she felt she could write the paper. What Sheldon had said about biologists and math had really bothered her. Amy was every bit as good at math as Sheldon was and she intended to prove it to him with this paper.

Amy works on the paper in her spare time for months doing the research and checking over her math with a fine toothed comb. When she finally feels comfortable enough with it she sends it to he pre-print server. Waiting with baited breath for her colleagues to go over it and lend their opinions.

A couple of days later Amy is overwhelmed by the positive response that she receives on her paper. Several physics blogs have picked up on it and mentioned how wonderful it is especially coming not from a physicist but from a neuroscientist. On blog muses if since this paper is written by the girlfriend of Dr. Sheldon Cooper if maybe he was an uncredited influence on the paper.

“How do they know he is my boyfriend?” Amy wonders as she reads it, miffed that they assume she did not write the paper on her own. Though admittedly a little excited that Sheldon and her a mentioned together like they a science power couple, the Brad and Angelina of the physics world.

Sheldon has been surprisingly quiet about the whole thing so far and it is making her worry. Amy knows he reads the pre-print servers and all the physics blogs. That even if he somehow missed her paper one of the guys would bring it to his attention. However in the days since she has posted it he has not said one word about it. In her head she had imagined the banter that would ensue once he discovered that paper she had worked so hard on:

“Dr.Fowler, I read an extremely interesting paper today.” He would say raising his eyebrows at her.

“What was it about Dr. Cooper?” she would ask coyly

“It seems that a neuroscientist with almost no background in physics has written the most intriguing paper about how neurons in the brain mimic neutrinos.”

“How did a lowly, biologist write something like that?” she would then ask rendering him speechless.

Yet that had not happened, they had seen each other and discussed all sorts of things none of them her paper. Last night over tea they had discussed the importance of learning Latin and how the fifth Harry Potter book was the best. With no mention of science at all, Amy almost wondered if he was avoiding the topic on purpose.

She desperately wanted to bring it up and see if he had read it and what he thought. She had to fight the urge before publishing it to show it to him and get his thoughts. Amy knew what Sheldon would do though if she had showed it to him. He would have taken all her ideas and added in his own and make it their paper and not just her paper. It was important for her to do this on her own, to gain his respect without asking for his help.

In a few days Amy gets call from a Physics Today, they would like to publish her paper and interview her for the magazine. Amy is beyond thrilled, being mentioned in that magazine was beyond anything she ever expected while she had worked on the paper.

Amy can’t hold this good news in, whether his reaction is good or bad she has to tell Sheldon about it. So on Thursday Amy plans a date night at her place so she can tell him the good news. The whole seems to drag by as she waits for the night to come, she even leaves work early so she can set up the apartment and make an extra special dinner.

Sheldon knocks on the door exactly at seven thirty Amy answers the door eagerly and sees with pleasure that he has dressed up for the evening. He wears an ice blue button down shirt that make his eyes pop, with a gray tie and gray slacks. Amy wants to pull him by his tie to the couch and have her way with him.

“Sheldon you look wonderful.” She tells him ushering him inside.

“I do clean up nicely.” He says going to sit at the dinner table that is set up with food.

“I hope you are hungry I have prepared quite a special meal.” Amy tells him as she reveals a plate of fried chicken and a pecan pie both his mothers recipe.

“Fried chicken one of my favorites, what’s the occasion?” he asks

“No occasion.” Amy says evasively. ‘So have your read any interesting papers lately.” Giving him a chance to mention her paper

“Not particularly, there have been some new ones published but none worth mentioning.” He says and Amy fumes.

“Really there have been no new papers published that are worth talking about?” Amy asks glaring at him as he piles food on his plate.

“There was one written about space time condensates but it was pretty derivative of other works.” Sheldon says shrugging his shoulders and digging into his plate.

“I read a pretty interesting one the other day that talked about how neurons in the brain mimic neutrinos…” Amy begins but Sheldon cuts her off.

“I read that too…”

“Oh you did?” Amy says defensively.

“Yes, and found it most interesting that the brilliant neuroscientist who published the paper never once mentioned that she was working on a physics paper to her physicist boyfriend.”

“Maybe she thought that her physicist boyfriend would try to make the paper all about his ideas.” Amy counters

“Maybe she thought she could get help from another physicist, one with a stutter who likes to make fun of her boyfriend.”

“Kripke was no where near this, this was all me no one helped me.” Amy says hotly.

“I know, because I asked him and he was miffed you finished the paper without his help.” Sheldon tells her smirking at her.

“Sheldon if you have known about the paper why have you not told me that you knew. I have been waiting for your opinion on it.” Amy asks him.

“If you wanted my opinion why didn’t you ask it before you published it?”

“I wanted you to be proud of me, and I wanted you to respect me, I thought if I published a physics paper without your help…”

“You don’t think that I am proud of you or respect you?” Sheldon asks incredulously.

“I know you don’t think my field is real science, that you don’t think I can do the real kind of math.” Amy tells him.

“Amy, you are the one person in the world whose intelligence I think comes close to my own. I may tease you about math and biology but that is just teasing. I have so much respect for your work and what you do. I am immensely proud to be able to call you my girlfriend.” He tells her taking her hand over the table.

“Sheldon I am glad to hear you say that because I have some other news.” Amy tells him excited.


“Physics Today called and they want to publish my paper and interview me for the magazine.” Ay tells him and he pushes his plate away and look up at her stunned.

“Physics today as picked up your paper?” he asks getting up and going to sit on the couch.

“Yes, please don’t be mad, they just think I have some very innovative ideas..”

“Mad? I am not mad.” he says and Amy goes over and sits next to him. “I read your paper and I thought it was brilliant. It blew me out of the water how intelligent and thought provoking it was. Honestly it was thrilling to think my girlfriend was turning science on its head Then to hear that Physics today is going to publish you? I think it is the sexiest thing I have ever heard.” He tells her.

“You think that my paper was sexy?” Amy asks.

“No I thought your paper was well written and thought provoking, I think you are sexy.” He tells her leaning on close and brushing his lips lightly against hers.

“Why did you not tell me that earlier?” Amy murmurs against his lips pulling his body closer to hers.

“As the sole author on a publication it is your duty to bring it to my attention. I have been waiting for days to tell you what I thought about your paper.” He whispers in her ear as he kisses his way softly down her neck sucking gently on her soft flesh. Amy pulls his head gently back up to her mouth and kisses him again deepening the kiss. Sheldon presses her softly into the couch covering her body with as his tongue explores her mouth. Amy pulls away to catch her breath and Sheldon sits up and gazes down at her.

“So you have known about my paper for days and have presumably read every mention of it in every blog and you were able to keep quiet about it?”

“Yes, I have been very proud of my restraint the past few days. Especially when I read the blog that mused if I had been a silent collaborator on your paper.”

“What were they thinking? Dr Sheldon Cooper a silent contributor? They must not know you well.”Amy teases running her hands up his arms.

“I wish the author had deemed me worthy enough to collaborate with.” He says as she pulls him by by his tie back down to her mouth to her mouth. He deepens the kiss prying her mouth open with his tongue and massaging it gently against hers. Kissing her until she breaks away once more an kisses his forehead.

“If this is what I get for publishing the paper and making into Physics Today.What do I get if it wins a Nobel Prize?” Amy asks kissing his neck.

“Just you wait and see.” Sheldon growls pressing her deeper into the couch ravaging her mouth with his.

disneyshamylove  asked:

Can you write a fiction where Amy and Sheldon have two little boys. And their boys bahave like Sheldon! I think it's be cute and funny! Thanks! And you're an AMAZING writer!

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I made the boys a little older, and then this story got a little away from me.  Their older son may or may not be named after Sheldon’s best friend in case anyone was wondering.  Obviously, these kids are not Ally and Lee.  Please enjoy!

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The Apology Reconstruction

A/N: So many of you didn’t really like the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory. So I thought I would help some of you out and write a little bit more to Sheldon’s apology. I decided to have them talk about the three step process after the minor disagreement in Viewing Party then using it in Line Substitution.

I do hope you all enjoy it.

I don’t own the characters in this story…

The Viewing Party Combustion:

“Wait! You were pretending?” Sheldon asked Amy when she said she understood Leonard’s point of view.

“Sorry.” Amy said, shrugging.

“No! I don’t believe you. I could tell.” Sheldon said to her. He may not have been able to read other people but Amy was the exception. He knew when she was being deceitful to him.

Amy looked over at Penny who knew from the numerous complaints that Amy hated those meetings but went because it made Sheldon happy. She even told Penny that towards the end, she would use them to her advantage to get things she wanted. The one that stuck out the most was when Sheldon had to agree to make up any dates he decided to skip out on for any reason. Amy got two dates a week for six weeks when Sheldon got back from his train trip. Penny gave Amy a look that told her to show him how much she liked the meetings.

“Oh Sheldon.” Amy started. Sheldon looked over at her. “I never thought re-filing a matter in a standing subcommittee could be so fascinating.” She finished, twirling her hair with her fingers. Penny couldn’t believe that Amy was doing this. She could tell instantly that Amy was being sarcastic. So when Sheldon looked over at her to ask his next question she almost laughed.

“Hmm,” He said to Penny. “What do you think?” He asked.

Penny stared at him in disbelief. “You don’t know?” She practically laughed out her answer. Amy just smiled at him, acting as though she really hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Amy! You really hated our meetings?” Sheldon questioned yet again.

“I didn’t enjoy them.” Amy admitted.

“And neither do I.” Leonard added to the conversation.

“Well I think you guys should just do these meetings. I for one don’t have a problem with them.” Penny said.

“Of course you don’t.” Amy said sarcastically. She knew that Penny was going to use this particular meeting for her own good. She wasn’t sure what she had been planning since Penny was afraid that she would tell Sheldon but she said she used the Roommate Agreement all the time so she could get her way and not fight with Leonard.

“You know what Sheldon let’s go to my place to watch the show. I don’t think I want to be in the same room with these two.” Penny said.

“Fine.” Sheldon said.

Penny took half the party sandwich and went to her apartment with Sheldon. When they were coming out they met up with Raj and Howard who were also having a fight. Howard joined Leonard and Amy while Raj went to watch with Sheldon and Penny.

Amy told Leonard that Penny used the Roommate Agreement to get her way all the time without fighting and that led to yet another fight in the hallway between the apartments. That was until Howard came out having had an allergic reaction to something in the sandwich.

“Oh my God, we need to get you to the hospital.” Penny exclaimed. She ran into the apartment to grab her keys. Leonard ran to get his. “Okay you take Howard, Raj and Stuart and I will drive Sheldon and Amy.” She said.

“I’m not going to the hospital. Do you know how many germs there are?” Sheldon said.

“Are we going to go through this again?” Penny said.

“Listen Penny, why don’t you go with the rest and I will stay with Sheldon.” Amy suggested. She could try and talk him into going. She usually was able to talk him into social conventions.

“Fine. But you better get your ass to the hospital for your friend.” Penny said to Sheldon.

said to her.

As soon as everyone left, Sheldon rounded on Amy.

“You know I don’t want to go to the hospital so you might as well go without me.” Sheldon told her.

“No you will go but I wanted to clear the air between us before we left.” She shot back.

He whined.

“Because Howard is your friend. This is what we do for our friends. We are there for them.” Amy said.

“But Amy…” Sheldon started whining again. “All the germs.”

“You will be fine just sitting in the waiting room. I promise I won’t let you get a deadly disease and have to be quarantined for two weeks.” Amy said. She remembered visiting him in the hospital after Howard’s mother was rushed to the Emergency room with food poisoning.

“You promise?” Sheldon asked her.

“I promise.” She said.

“Why should I listen to you? I am still mad about you siding with Leonard.” Sheldon said to her.

“I didn’t side with Leonard.” Amy pointed out.

“Well what do you call it? He didn’t like the meeting, you didn’t like the meetings. I would say you sided with him.” Sheldon said.

“No, I just pointed out that the meetings were tedious and unnecessary. I wasn’t siding with Leonard. In fact, I told him the same thing. I am a bit tired of how Penny always takes your side. It’s like she doesn’t even listen to Leonard. Now I know she was all for the meeting but it really is so she can change things and not argue with Leonard about it. She uses you. Look I know we will fight but I also know we will make up. I don’t want our lines of communication to ever go south again. So let’s make a pact.”

asked excitedly.

“I know you love your contracts but we agreed no more between us when we got back together. I think you and I can remember what we say.”

“Okay, agreed. Now what do you have in mind?” Sheldon asked.

“Well when one of us screws up and we both know we will, we have to use a three step approach to apologizing.”

“What are the steps?” Sheldon asked.

“Step one is an admission of wrong doing. For example: Sheldon I apologize for not telling you that I didn’t enjoy the meetings and for sympathizing with Leonard instead of taking your feelings into account.”

“That seems easy.” Sheldon said.

“Step two is a promise to never repeat the action again. So Sheldon I promise I will talk to you when I don’t like something.” Amy said.

“Alright. Don’t do it again.” Sheldon said, taking in the steps.

“And finally step three is to actually ask the person for forgiveness. Sheldon please forgive me for never saying that I don’t like the meetings and faking my interest.” Amy said to him.

“You are forgiven. Please don’t let it happen again. Our communication is key to our relationship. Now I like these three steps but can I propose two more steps?” He asked.

asked curiously.

“I say we kiss and make up and make sure we tell each other that we love one another. Another key to a healthy relationship, making sure we know how much we care.” He answered.

“I accept.” She said.

Sheldon pulled her close and kissed her.

“I am really sorry.” Amy said.

He said.

“I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” He replied.

“Now let’s get to the hospital.” She said. Sheldon rolled his eyes but reluctantly followed her down the stairs.

The Line Substitution Solution:

Amy was talking Beverly’s ear off about the fact that Sheldon had paid Stuart to go shopping with her.

“You know just when I think we’re making progress in our relationship, we revert to our old pattern where thoughts and feelings go unexpressed. I mean if he didn’t want to go shopping with me, why didn’t he just say so.” Amy told her.

“Maybe he couldn’t get a word in edgewise.” Beverly said to her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been going on and on.” Amy said to her.

“Oh it’s alright dear. Sheldon has a brilliant and complicated mind. It’s understandable that being in a relationship with him could be trying.” Beverly sympathized.

“I called him ‘babe’ once and he asked me to get a drug test.” Amy told her.

“Well I do admire your resolve. You’re an extraordinary woman.” Beverly said to her.

“Thank you.” Amy said.

Penny and Bernadette joined the two in the living room and Penny commented that being in a relationship with Leonard could be trying as well to which Beverly replied she didn’t know what to do about it. There was a knock at the door.

“Maybe it’s Sheldon coming to apologize.” Bernadette said, answering the door.

Amy knew it wouldn’t be Sheldon as the person just knocked once. She was right. It was Stuart holding flowers. He looked over at Amy.

“Sheldon says he’s sorry.” Stuart said to her.

“Bernadette, I will give you five dollars to slam the door.” Amy told her. Bernadette slammed the door.

“I would have done it for three.” Stuart said as the door closed on him.

“Ugh!” Amy said. “Now he is paying him to apologize. Just two weeks ago we talked about our communication. I hope Stuart tells him exactly what happened when he tried to apologize. He better show his ass up here soon or there will be hell to pay.”

“Damn.” Penny said. “I’ve never seen you so angry. Well not since he bought you that tiara.”

“Sheldon bought you a tiara?” Beverly asked.

“Yes. It was the first gift he bought me.” Amy answered

“What did he do?” Beverly was really curious as to what horrible thing resulted in a tiara.

“He blew off an article I wrote in Neuron Magazine. I was the lead author and he thought having 101 Twitter followers was more important.”

“That’s it?” Beverly asked.

“I know, right?” Penny asked. “I was with him when he bought it. I tried to talk him out of it.”

“Yeah well it was probably pretty expensive.” Amy said. “I would have probably tried to talk him out of it as well. Okay enough about my relationship.”

Bernadette tried to change the topic of conversation back to Penny and her career but Beverly once again changed the topic back to the other two when Bernadette told her that she was as microbiologist working on an anti-anxiety medicine. Amy commented that she had seen the TED talk by the same doctor Beverly had seen in person. Bernadette once again tried to steer the conversation back to Penny but they were once again interrupted by a distinct knock on the door. They knew immediately it was Sheldon.

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

“Come in” Amy said to him.

“Hello everyone. Oh Beverly good to see you! I’d love to chat but there is line that could start moving any minute so let’s do this. Amy. A proper apology requires three steps. Step one: An admission of wrongdoing. Amy I was wrong.

Step two: A promise to never repeat said action. Amy, that action will never be repeated and that’s a promise. Step three: An earnest request for forgiveness. Amy, I hope you can forgive me. And I hope you do it right now because there’s an Uber waiting downstairs and I don’t want to repeat this apology nonsense with my driver Ganesh.” Sheldon said quickly. He looked at Amy hoping she would forgive him.

“Fine.” She said to him. She wondered if he would kiss her and say he loved her in front of their friends.

“Oh thanks. You’re a peach.” He said. “Beverly, we’ll catch up soon. Bernadette, a pleasure as always. Penny, you have spinach in your teeth.” He headed out the door.

“Hey wait a minute.” Amy said. Sheldon had forgotten his own steps in his apology process.

“Amy I have to get back.” Sheldon said.

“I think you forgot something.” Amy said.

Sheldon stopped to think. “Oh of course.” He said. He stepped back into the apartment and walked over to her. He leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you.” He said. The other three watched in awe.

“I love you too. Now go have fun. Next time just tell me you don’t want to go shopping.”

“I promise I will. Hey what are you doing later tonight?” He said quietly, hoping the others wouldn’t hear.

“Nothing just going home. Why?” Amy said to him.

“Well I just thought of a sixth step we could use in our apology process.”

“Oh yeah what is that?” Amy asked.

“Stay tonight and I will show you.” Sheldon said. He kissed her again and ran out the door.

“Hoo.” Amy said and turned back to the conversation with the other three ladies.