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Howdy Amy!

Since the spoilers about the cowboy bar, I had an idea in mind for Shamy. And last episode was the trigger for a little comic scene.

I hope I make you laugh. My patrons laughed a lot this days while I was making it so…. I hope you too.  

Warning for Hot Texas butt appearance 🔥🍑

I draw fictional characters. Just for fun!

(sorry for my handwriting)

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Part one

The two tall child-men studied each other after they got introduced by their roommates.

Sheldon Cooper: you are a consulting detective.

Sherlock Holmes*proud*: yes

Sheldon Cooper*frowning*: but this is not a real job.

Sherlock Holmes*gritting his teeth*: you haven’t heard of it because I’m the only consulting detective in the world, there is no other.

Sheldon Cooper*nodding his head*: Hah, and as I understood you mainly deduce your suspects and know what they did or will do from their smallest things as shoes and hair?

John Watson and Leonard Hofstadter taking steps away from the expected explosion area, watching from afar, betting which one will hold last, enjoying every second of the scene in front of them.

Sherlock Holmes*beginning to get angry from the sarcastic tone of the annoying man standing in front of him*: yupppp

John*whispering*: here we go

Sheldon*shaking his head*: that doesn’t make sense at all

Leonard*getting a bowl of popcorn out of nowhere*

Sherlock*feeling offended and looking to Sheldon from head to toe*: a high functioning sociopath.surprisingly in a successful relationship.very attached to your mother even if you have two whole different believes.a high self awareness as you consider yourself a gift for this miserable world and call yourself a genius regardless you didn’t make any accomplished work in your field for a long while.a man of habbit.very easy to got killed and got away with it highly probabilty by the hand of one of your friends.*he smiled smugly at the end*.

John*taking another popcorn*: ironically 80% of this could apply on both and he’s not even aware of it.

Sheldon*twisting his mouth for a second*: am I wrong or I heard a jealousy and envy in your voice mentioning my relationship with my girl.

Sherlock*snorting and sweating a little*: jealousy?! Of course not!

Sheldon*with sarcasm*: he saiiid defensively.

John*smirking*: this won’t work on Sherlock, he’s married to his work

Sherlock*whining*: I’ve thrown hints all over her ways for years but Molly never recognized any one of them!!

John*chocking with a popcorn*

Sheldon: Have you ruined one of her dates before?

leonard*hugging John from his back to get out the popcorn from his throat.

Sherlock*ashamed*: yes

Sheldon*surprised*: this is weird! It worked very well  with me.


Sheldon*nodding*: twice!

Sherlock*holding to the straw he finally found*: would it be rude if I asked for your help after calling you sociopath?

Sheldon: I took it as a compliment … what really hurts your saying I didn’t accomplish anything that matters to my field which is totally wrong as I work in a high secret project with the military and probably I should stop talking right now before I get us to jail*looking suspiciously around him*.

Sherlock: forgive me … I just started to believe there’s no hope.

Sheldon*with sympathy, walking out of the hotel*: the poor boy! Of course there is hope, let’s go to a place where we can talk about your disastrous skills of flirting while I buy you a hot beverage cause you’re upset, aren’t you?

Sherlock*whining*: yes I am!

Sheldon*whispering*: nailed it.

John and Leonard watching the two men leaving the hall with a-I-guess-I’ve-just written the-end-of-the-world-with-my-hand-look on their faces

John*whispering in horror*: good god what have we done?!


Hope you enjoy it :)

Sheldon was pacing the living room of his apartment.  He didn’t want to upset his Meemaw, but he couldn’t possibly leave Amy Farrah Fowler here alone while he joined his family for a vacation in Disney World.  His Meemaw was being unreasonable by insisting it was “family only.”  He explained time and again that Amy was family, but Meemaw insisted that since Sheldon was only living with her, it didn’t count.

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Am I the only one who’s absolutely loving Shamy this season? And I mean, not that I never not loved Shamy. Cause I always have, but it feels like it’s been forever since they’ve been this much in agreement with each other. 

For the most of these last couple of seasons, Sheldon and Amy have been mostly about… Amy pushing Sheldon and Sheldon resisting. And eventually, when he’d bulge and give in then that’s where the feels would kick in. And that was cute and nice, but I’m glad we’re over that.

Season 4 was fantastic not because they were basically the same character but because the writers spent most of their time convincing us that Sheldon could fall for someone. And he did, even if he didn’t admit it until 4 seasons later.

It was about how intellectually compatible they were and even though back then Amy was just a ‘female Sheldon’, it was really fun and interesting to watch.

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ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Penny: What do you want?

Sheldon: I’ve decided to take your advice and have arranged to go on a date with Amy Farrah Fowler.

Penny: Oh, that’s great. Have fun.

Sheldon: Wait. You have to drive me.

Penny: What?

Sheldon: You know I don’t drive.

Penny: Well, go ask Leonard.

Sheldon: I did. He said, and I quote, ask Penny, it was her cockamamie idea.

Penny: Leonard said cockamamie?

Sheldon: Actually, I’m paraphrasing. Having been raised in a Christian household, I’m uncomfortable with the language he used. And to be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with cockamamie.

Penny: Okay, fine. When’s the date?

Sheldon: Now.

Penny: Now?

Sheldon: Hurry. We’re going to be late.

Penny: Sheldon, did it ever occur to you that I might have other plans?

Sheldon: I’m sorry. Do you have other plans?

Penny: Well, no, not per se, but…

Sheldon: So this conversation is as pointless as your door-knocking soliloquy?

Penny: Let me get my cockamamie keys.

 4 x 01 - The Robotic Manipulation