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“And if there’s a ‘special lady’ that’s finally going to happen, she’d better come armed with a frying pan, because you’re going to have to hit him on the head, and tell him “You’re attracted to me!”" Jim talking about what would be like to have Sheldon in a relationship back in Season 2.

Am I the only one who’s absolutely loving Shamy this season? And I mean, not that I never not loved Shamy. Cause I always have, but it feels like it’s been forever since they’ve been this much in agreement with each other. 

For the most of these last couple of seasons, Sheldon and Amy have been mostly about… Amy pushing Sheldon and Sheldon resisting. And eventually, when he’d bulge and give in then that’s where the feels would kick in. And that was cute and nice, but I’m glad we’re over that.

Season 4 was fantastic not because they were basically the same character but because the writers spent most of their time convincing us that Sheldon could fall for someone. And he did, even if he didn’t admit it until 4 seasons later.

It was about how intellectually compatible they were and even though back then Amy was just a ‘female Sheldon’, it was really fun and interesting to watch.

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I loved the episode!
1) Amy and Sheldon during Fun with Flags are so adorable. What a genius move to have Footprints on the Moon be the house band.
2) Amy is a bad liar. Love Sheldon knows her enough to see this. Love that is killing him worrying about whats going in. He is worried they will break up again.
3) Have I not been saying Sheldon looks like Jack Skellington forever!!! I love that shout out!
4) I love Amy and Penny’s secret language. Shelnard speaking Klingon! Nerding out so hard.
5) He is open to living with her! Amy is so happy! Amy Be Cool!
6) I adore that had Amy sing her own comfort songs to Sheldon. Soft Kitty is a Penny and his mom thang. She ain’t his momma. Amy loves and nurtures him. But in a different way. They had him resist so Sheldon, yet relent still so Sheldon…it was perfection.
7) Sex dungeons?? Oh Shelly!! Whats on your mind.
8) Speaking of which was that eggplant she hands him symbolism or what? 🤔🍆
9) Now on to one of the most perfectly written scenes in Big Bang history. Sheldon is caught between a rock and a hard place. The known and the unknown. Any one else coming up on him in that hall way would have been either “what are you talking about.” Or “don’t be stupid.” Amy understood immediately what he needed. She asked no questions and gave no advice. She only offered him what no one else can. Intelligence and logic that rival his own. In the end thats what got him in that door. No declarations of now I’m living with Amy. He just chose her because she is whats right for him. She’s what he needs. It is so beautiful.

That promo has me all hopped up too…

About ShAmy

I can’t get enough of the last few episodes. I love where Shamy is heading. Since there’s no new episode till Thursday, I am now re-watching past monumental episodes for Shamy. (I’m so impatient, I know.)

Watching Shamy kissing, I think of Sheldon’s germophobia and the episode wherein Leonard made fun of Sheldon by telling him he drank his water. Do you remember that episode? And up until now, he doesn’t want to share drinks (referencing the episode when Penny and Leonard brought Shelly a drink but it turns out they want to live together in 4B).


It says a lot about how Amy makes him feel. He not only admire Amy’s intellect but he’s also attracted to her.

On Arch Nemesises

My mom and I have been having this balloon war ever since my birthday last week. She keeps leaving balloons floating in weird places. My bathroom. The hallway. At the front door.

So I snuck the balloons into her car and waited for her to go to work. I expected her to scream bloody murder. Instead I heard this bone-chilling cackle and her best Sheldon Cooper impersonation as she randomly yelled out,


I laughed so hard I fell down the stairs.

I’m scared of her retaliation.

So, I’m reading “The Titan’s Curse”

And Aphrodite is saying to Percy: “Not knowing is half the fun… Exquisitely painful, isn’t it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you?”

And I’m all like: