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You must know sometimes I enjoy watching the Merlin series in my native language dub. The translation mistakes tho xD but everytime I get reminded that their german voices…

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… are also their german voices:

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… and then I crack myself up xD

Tidal Waves | Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: Roommate AU! When Allison suggests that you move in with a close friend of hers, you never expected to fall in love.

A/N: There is smut in this. I really enjoyed writing this, like so much. Please, please do leave feedback. Readers don’t understand how much feedback could motivate a fanfic writer to actually write.

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After reading, more or less, twenty articles about ‘how moving house was the most stressful thing you would probably ever do in your life’, you were weary whether to leave the comfort of your parent’s house and move into an apartment with a stranger. The thing that threw you over the edge, was waking up on a Sunday morning, your only day off,  to your mother hovering at eight in the morning. Then and there, you knew you had to get out. You spent weeks searching through online and newspapers ads to find the perfect apartment close to where you work, and with a decent girl that wasn’t too loud or dirty. You went to a couple of showings, but it was either the room was too small, or your future roommate was creeping you out slightly.

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(Raj:) -People Magazine is having a reception Saturday and i managed to get you invited. Of course, I couldn’t get you into the VIP section because, you know, that’s for VIPs, and you guys are just, you know, Ps.

‘The Chemistry of Love’ Chapter 12: Growing Together

Molly attends Meena’s baby shower; Sherlock comes to a conclusion about his chemistry with Molly.

               Molly felt elated today, dressed in jeans, a yellow polka dot blouse and a white cardigan. She grabbed her purse on her way to the door when Sherlock looked up from his laptop.

               “Molly, brilliant, just made a breakthrough on my experiment,” he informed her.

               “That’s great!” she exclaimed. “I have to go to Meena’s though.”

               “Oh right, the baby shower,” he remembered. “Don’t forget Meena’s gift.” Sherlock held it out to her. He had actually helped her pick it out surprisingly.

               “Oh, thank you,” Molly replied. “It would do no good to arrive without it.” She slipped the gift bag onto her wrist and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

               “Have fun,” Sherlock called out to her as she left.

               Molly had stayed behind after everyone left to help Meena tidy up.

               “Thanks for helping, Molly,” Meena told her. “And for the chemistry sensory mat. It’s very you.” She laughed at this.

               “Oh, it was nothing,” Molly told her. “When Sherlock and I saw it, I knew we had to get it for your little one.”

               “Sherlock picked it out with you?” she asked.

               “Oh, yeah, he didn’t want me to say anything about him having a hand in it, so just pretend you don’t know,” Molly explained.

               “He went into a baby store with you, though? Sherlock Holmes?” Meena questioned.

               “Yes, Meena,” she laughed. “Anyways, I better get going; there’s an experiment calling my name.”

               “You two are so weird,” Meena laughed. “And don’t think I didn’t notice that gorgeous engagement ring, Molly! I need details soon!”

               “It’s cool to be weird!” Molly exclaimed as she took her leave.

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