-“So you’re like, one of those, beautiful mind, genius guys”
- “Yeah” 💜 

This hiatus is killing me, I started to re-watch the all series again waiting for the new season and I didn´t remember how cutes some of the moments were. Last night I started with the first ones and in this exact moment, omg, Sheldon couldn´t be more cuter, I think is that the moment I fall in love with him! 💕💕.

I will re-watch and draw scenes until september because without my dosis of tbbt I can´t live! I hope you like it and have a wonderful day!! 😘😘

Old, Wild West | Chapter 3: The Wild Dance | FanFiction
Texas in 1865 is a wild territory, full of dangers, this is a story with love, sex, shots and bandits, Welcome to the old west!

Third chapter of my new fanfic is up, don´t miss it!!  🤠🐎🔥

I hope you are enjoying this story, Thanks for your reviews and sweets words, make my day, really! 😍😍

- AU of Shamy with surprises. M-rated.


So a few things I loved about this scene:
1. Pretty girlfriend.
2. His woman.
3. Moving his head to touch her hair?
4. Knows every erogenous part of Amy’s body and has them meticulously categorized.
5. I realize this is open to interpretation but… There’s no way Sheldon isn’t making these innuendos on purpose. He’s talking about her erogenous zones and acting way too flirty.