The Homo-Novus Reaction | Chapter 7: The Force Awakens
Amy and Sheldon prepare for the most exciting stage of their lives, the arrival of their first child.

The new chapter is up! I hope you like it and thanks so much for reading and for all the sweets reviews and words, you make me very, very happy!! .  💕💕

Will Sheldon resist to the strength of the dark side? *wink*

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So a few things I loved about this scene:
1. Pretty girlfriend.
2. His woman.
3. Moving his head to touch her hair?
4. Knows every erogenous part of Amy’s body and has them meticulously categorized.
5. I realize this is open to interpretation but… There’s no way Sheldon isn’t making these innuendos on purpose. He’s talking about her erogenous zones and acting way too flirty.


I didn’t gif the “Now put you glasses back on, you look weird” because I hit the 10 gif limit, not because it was the typical ‘last line that ruined the scene’. In fact, I think Sheldon telling Amy to put her glasses back on meant that not only does Sheldon accept and love her despite her flaws, but also that her flaws in some way make her better.