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Ducktales 2017 Myers-Brigg types

I love this stuff, and while real-world applications are limited, applying MB types in fiction is actually very useful! And this stuff I know like the back of my hand. So let’s get to each of their types, ey?

Man of the hour, Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge is really interesting in this version because externally he’s not very different from other Scrooges we’ve seen but internally we’ve got a fair amount of departure from the others! In almost every other version I’d call him an ISTJ, the Worker, the type most known for almost obsessively keeping to task, but this Scrooge is a little more on-the-go. He’s willing to drop everything for the sake of adventure, switch directions at a moment’s notice, likes a lot of chaos (which is an xxxP trait), and he loves him some treasure but it’s adventure he yearns for.

Uncle Mom, Donald Duck

Oh Donald. You’re much easier to peg than your uncle. Donald is most concerned with his family and the people around him (xxFx), he likes order, he doesn’t like the unknown. He works with what he knows (xSxx), he wants things taken care of (xxxJ), and the only thing I’m not sure about is whether he prefers solitude (Ixxx) or company (Exxx), since he seems at home with both despite his near hermitage for the past ten years taking care of the boys.

Tiny Dad, Huey

Huey’s biggest concern, like Donald, is the people around him (ExFx). He wants then taken care of, he wants snacks, shanties, shirts, medical kits, wmergency flares, and lists of potential safehouses done before the adventure begins (xxxJ).

Bluey (Dewey)

This one’s easy. He’s energetic, he wants to be the life of the party, he wants to stick out, which is an ESFP in a nutshell. He wants to have fun, moving from one fun thing to the next to satisfy his curiosity (and stimulus levels).

Captain Lost, Louie

Louie’s a little more difficult because we’re getting the idea of a boy who wants to not worry but worries a LOT. He’s the easy charmer (most often ESTPs), get-rich-quick-schemer, and a little shallow.

Don'tchya Pink, Webby

Webby is the heart of the kids. She’s most concerned with broad ideas (xNxx), a quick-thinker, able to switch around and chart a new course with ease, but most typically because of other people. Her heart is huge and she wants to make sure her internal morals aren’t compromised–which is why lying is such a big deal for her.

I’m a Spy, Mrs. Beakley

She’s the Worker. Just. That is her. By god she’s gonna get this done sO HELP HER–

Everybody’s Friend, Launchpad

Launchpad, my sweet boy.

Sheldon Coop-er, Gyro Gearloose

Ideas. Inventions. The next solution without care for the consequences. Gyro’s first concern is solving this problem, come hell or high water and oh dear the solution is causing a chain reaction someone get the fire extinguisher and a different bulb for Li'l Bulb.

Wait Whose Niece is She, Lena

We definitely need more info on Lena, but given that her first reaction to any problem is Han Soloing it, I’m almost certain this is an ISTP.

Poor Man’s Version of Scrooge, Flintheart Glomgold

We need a little more time with this asshole, but I’m almost positive this is another “find the quickest solution without regards to consequences” fellow.


Mom?!?!?, Della Duck

We unfortunately just don’t know enough about Miss Della yet to really make a solid guess but there’s about four types I’m willing to bet on: INFP, INTP, ENFP, and ENTP. We know she’s ready to make plans on the fly and she seems capable of putting clues together to form a bigger picture, which is usually xNxP. But WHY she took the Spear, exactly, is going to be one of the bigger deciding factors in which type she’d be.