Matsumoto and Kyoraku's favorite things to do (when they go drinking together)

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There may be no canon evidence that Matsumoto and Kyoraku go drinking together, but I like to believe they do. As the Seireiteis’ top sake drinkers, it would be downright sad if they missed out on the opportunity to hang out and drink more alcohol than a normal human can fathom. So during these totally-real drinking sessions, what are Matsumoto and Kyoraku’s favorite activities?

1. Talking about their white-haired, candy-loving friends.

Matsumoto and Kyoraku often find themselves talking about Hitsugaya and Ukitake. They even turned it into a drinking game: they go back and forth as quickly as possible, naming similarities. Anyone who names a similarity that has already been stated or pauses for too long, has to take a drink. 

Matsumoto: Um

Matsumoto: Um

Kyoraku: One more second!


Kyoraku: Whoa, what are you saying?

Matsumoto: I saw the way Ukitake looked at Yamamoto. This is real. 

2. Complaining (affectionately) about strict coworkers.

As people who love naps and laziness, Kyoraku and Matsumoto can bond over how hard it is to work with people who just don’t seem to understand.

Kyoraku: Nanao-chan called me lazy. Lazy!

Matsumoto: Captain Hitsugaya does that all the time to me.

Matsumoto: It’s like they don’t understand that people like us need the naps to work efficiently!

Kyoraku: Exactly!

Kyoraku: And after a few dozen more naps, Nanao-chan will see that for sure!

3. Talking about their bookworm friends

Inevitably, the conversation also turns to Hinamori and Nanao, their respective bookworm friends.

Matsumoto: So basically we reached a compromise where I’ll go see the book-movie with her, and then she gets to vent about how they ruined it.

Kyoraku: I should totally suggest that to Nanao-chan!

4. Designing ridiculous hats.

Their drinking sessions often devolve into drawing silly hats, for some reason.

Matsumoto: How about a hat that looks like a boat?

Kyoraku: Genius!

5. Doing drunken, dramatic readings of cheesy romance novels.

Matsumoto has a stash just for occasions like this.

Kyoraku: "But there is something you don’t know!“

Matsumoto: "What is it, my love? You can tell me anything!”

Kyoraku: “I…… a WERE OTTER!”

Matsumoto: "NOOOOOOO"

Kyoraku: Oh my god where did you find this?

Matsumoto: Ten cent book bin, baby!

6. Making new and unusual drinks using world of the living ingredients.

Sometimes Matsumoto likes to bring strange foods back from the world of the living, and then she and Kyoraku use them to try to make the weirdest drinks possible. 

Kyoraku: Kumquats and whipped cream, huh?

Matsumoto: They called to me.

7. Hugging.

I feel like both Matsumoto and Kyoraku like physical affection, but are surrounded by people who are less comfortable with it. So when they get drunk, they like to indulge in some hardcore hugging.

Kyoraku: If the Seireitei had a tabloid, this might be problematic.

Matsumoto: Only if we weren’t the ones selling them.

8. Drinking Games.

Just….so many drinking games. Including strip games, which Matsumoto is the master at.

Matsumoto: …how did you manage to take off your captain’s robe without taking off your kimono?

Kyoraku: Much practice!

9. Confiding in each other.

We know from canon that Matsumoto is a good confidant. I don’t know whether Kyoraku would be willing to open up - even while drunk - but I think he’d be willing to listen, at least.

Matsumoto: I like that you got promoted to head captain. Gives me hope for the future.

Matsumoto:  Even if I was passed over for promotion in favor of my own subordinate.

Kyoraku: Yeah, that Captain Hitsugaya sure is a go-getter.

Matsumoto: Do you know that I sometimes see his white hair out of the corner of my eye and think about Gin for a second? I don’t know why.

Kyoraku: S'ok. I once mistook Ishida Uryu for Nanao-chan.

Matsumoto: …that’s not quite the same thing.

10. Taking silly selfies.

I just feel like Matsumoto and Kyoraku would end up taking a lot of selfies together.

Kyoraku: In that last pic, did you use my ponytail to give yourself a mustache?

Matsumoto: Yup!

Kyoraku: Nice.

shelbyninja  asked:

Hi! So I was on vacation last week with no wi-fi and apparently I missed some Comic-Con related Korra stuff? Can you give a brief run down of what that is? Because there's no way I'll be able to catch up after a week on tumblr. (Love the blog by the way!)

OH GOD WHERE TO BEGIN. Um. Mako’s a cop. Spirits are bad guys. Bolin has a new boyfriend. Korra’s family and the ties between North and South will play an important role. Korra uses the Avatar State to win an air scooter race. Tenzin is not pleased, nor are we. There’s a festival in the South Pole. They all have new outfits, presumably for cold weather down South. Korra and Mako aren’t Fire Ferrets anymore, Bolin still is, he’s team captain and his new players are worse than rookies. The whole of Book 2 is called “Spirits.” THEY LOOK LIKE CRAZY MIYAZAKI HEARTLESS.

shelbyninja  asked:

Can you recommend some good Achievement Hunter blogs? (your blog is streets ahead, by the way)

Yes! And thank you! :)

Some of these are multifandom and some are just for Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter but they’re all awesome.