shelbyninja  asked:

Hi! So I was on vacation last week with no wi-fi and apparently I missed some Comic-Con related Korra stuff? Can you give a brief run down of what that is? Because there's no way I'll be able to catch up after a week on tumblr. (Love the blog by the way!)

OH GOD WHERE TO BEGIN. Um. Mako’s a cop. Spirits are bad guys. Bolin has a new boyfriend. Korra’s family and the ties between North and South will play an important role. Korra uses the Avatar State to win an air scooter race. Tenzin is not pleased, nor are we. There’s a festival in the South Pole. They all have new outfits, presumably for cold weather down South. Korra and Mako aren’t Fire Ferrets anymore, Bolin still is, he’s team captain and his new players are worse than rookies. The whole of Book 2 is called “Spirits.” THEY LOOK LIKE CRAZY MIYAZAKI HEARTLESS.

shelbyninja  asked:

Can you recommend some good Achievement Hunter blogs? (your blog is streets ahead, by the way)

Yes! And thank you! :)

Some of these are multifandom and some are just for Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter but they’re all awesome.