Thoughts on Glee...

Let me just say that I have not had that kind of an emotional response during an episode of TV ever. EVER. ever. As much as I complain about “the feels” while watching Doctor Who, or during one of my five billion viewings of Reichenbach, this show made me hurt with real visceral pain in my chest. And I’m still crying about it now. 

I guess I’m writing about it now because I’m trying to think about why it affected me so much. The first thing that comes to mind is that it was straight up terrifying. As scary as the weeping angels might be, I have never seen a news report about people actually being taken hostage by them. As sad as it was when Rose got stuck in another world, that’s never happened to anyone on this planet, as far as I’m aware.

But hiding in the corner of a high school classroom, cowering in the dark because administration thought there was a real threat to my safety and the safety of my classmates? That I have experienced, and so have so many others in my generation.

Glee gets a lot of crap sometimes for having shallow, petty characters that solve their problems by singing it out. But this episode really showed some amazingly mature young adult characters. What struck me the most about this entire plot, was the parts when each character spoke directly into the camera and said their “last goodbye.” They all mentioned glee club and the other members in it. They were all so thankful and grateful to have been able to make those connections, to find themselves and all those other cliches. 

And yes this episode ended with a song but it really showed the New Directions at their core. Relaxed and happy to be alive and together and in the music. Just the way it should be <3

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes for the rest of this season. And also to hearing what other Gleeks have to say about tonight’s episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show gets slammed for trying to politicize Newton and other tragedies like it. But I think it was important. The show has always been topical and discussed themes that are relevant to the high school experience, and gun violence in suburban/rural towns is definitely relevant for so many students and families right now. Several times in the past the show has had plots involving the “end of the world” and the characters have had to reassure Brittany that they not all about to die. The characters have had farcical attempts at last chances, confessing a crush, hosting a fake wedding. But this time that threat seemed so imminent and real, it just made me think a lot. So, I guess I’d like to know, what did it make you think?

Another edition of ELEVEN things that make me happy

I made a list like this a couple weeks ago and it was fun so how about I do it again!

  1. Les Miserables. I just got back from an advance screening and it was literally the most perfect thing ever. Like all of it: the acting, singing, costumes, cinematography, pacing, just all of it had an air of perfection to it and I can’t wait to go see it again. 
  2. Hot chocolate. I’ve been on a kick where I make the regular Swiss Miss with milk and then add nutella, hot fudge, cinnamon and vanilla extract to it. 
  3. Wrapping Christmas presents. It’s just so fun thinking about how happy people will be when they open them!! And it’s nice to be able to cross people off my list!
  4. Days off- I don’t think I need to explain this one!
  5. Opening Christmas presents! So there is currently a huge ass box with my name on it under the tree and I am DYING to know what it is!!
  6. Pitch Perfect- tumblr convinced me that I needed to watch this movie and I was not disappointed by this website’s flawless taste in stuff!
  7. Cozy blankets because my room is 20 degrees colder than the rest of my house
  8. Christmas episodes! Obviously I’m excited for Doctor Who’s next week but Glee’s spoof on Love, Actually was really cute too (And Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s duet of White Christmas is just a;sklfdj;alsdfkj too cute for words)
  9. Candy canes- I’ve already eaten two whole boxes of them!
  10. Just food in general- I like to eat. and will be doing it a lot in the next week!
  11. Reading- I’m going to turn off the computer and try to read a few chapters of The Casual Vacancy. My goal is to finish it this year!

What makes you happy right now?