Hello and Happy October everyone! In honor of my favorite season and holiday, I’ll be hosting another giveaway! This time it’s a little flexible: you can pick any one of my handmade designs of your choice, from my shop! That means whatever you’d like, anything! I’m also going to be releasing special new Halloween items all week, so please feel free to come take a look, as there will be some very cute magical witch hats, ghost scarves, devil horn bonnets, and much more!

Now for the rules:

1. Reblog this post to enter(you may do so as many times as you like)

2. Follow my blog (If you would like me to follow you as well, just send me a pm and I’ll follow back)

3. Deadline to enter is Friday October 4th 12:00 pm pst (this giveaway is short because I want to get the item made and shipped on time for Halloween)

4. Winner will be chosen at random, and posted Saturday October 5th before 12:00 pm pst

So best of luck everyone, hope you have fun participating in the contest, and also that you enjoy my blog.

And Happy Halloween!

Artist inspired outfit for…an art show :P This Meta sailor thing is so hard to coordinate, it’s really short, and the shape is different from most lolita dresses. But I think it worked really well to look like sort of an artist’s smock over my AP school jsk, especially paired with the beret. I tried for a sort of French painter look haha!