Sorta-Transcript from online fan Q&A with Shelby Rabara, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz

Anyone can watch this online Q&A with the above voice actors, but if you don’t want to watch/can’t listen to audio, I made this sorta-transcript. Meaning I did not transcribe the exact words in most cases, but I wrote down the questions and the basic idea of how they answered. Enjoy! 

Shelby Rabara (voice of Peridot) was the Livestream host for fan questions! Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl) and Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) were giving answers, but usually Shelby gave her answer too.

Shelby read fan questions.

1. Favorite episode and why?

Deedee: “Steven and the Stevens”: she likes the song, because it reminds her of the movie That Thing You Do.

Michaela: Is it a cop-out to say all of them? Ha. “Tiger Millionaire” is great because Zach’s performance is great and wrestling’s cool.

Shelby: “Lion 3: Straight to Video.” Because it’s emotional.

2. What character that you don’t voice do you relate to most?

Deedee: Amethyst.

Michaela: Really??

Deedee: Because I like to eat. I like to eat FOOD.

Michaela: You don’t like to eat stacks of garbage and moldy burritos?

Michaela: Steven. He has a good head on his shoulders.

Deedee: And you also have a very good heart like him!

Shelby: I relate to Connie. She is level-headed and uses logic and makes the correct choice.

Michaela: She’s bright and assertive and so are you.

Shelby: Are you having fun here?

Michaela and Deedee: YES! We just had a great panel and cosplay!

3. If your characters were human, what jobs would they have?

Deedee: Pearl would work in a Laundromat because she’s really good at folding clothes and I think either that or maybe she might be in the cleaning business because she likes to organize. She’s tidy.

Michaela: I need the Pearl method in my home. Amethyst would be a camp counselor. She would be the wacky counselor who’s getting too into the games.

Shelby: I’d want Amethyst as a counselor.

4. If you were a Gem, what would your gem weapon be and why?

Deedee: Because I’m a mom, I would want to have a healing blanket to heal them.

Michaela: The power of a bad joke. “Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?” So powerful.

Shelby: I would wanna read people’s minds. Can I use that? Is that like Garnet’s third eye?

Deedee: Similar but not.

5. How do you get into character when you perform voice-overs?

Michaela: I have an evolved routine. I wake up. And that’s what I do. I’m so close to Amethyst! I wake up, I talk, it’s acting.

Deedee: That comes so easy to you! I have to wake up early, and warm up, especially if it’s a singing episode. No coffee with cream. I have to drink water to avoid sticky saliva. Green apples!

Shelby: I noticed that you ate green apples!

Deedee: I wish I didn’t have to do that! But green apples help lubricate and get rid of mucus.

Michaela: Or a potato chip. Not a weird flavor.

Shelby: I’m gonna try those things next time I’m in the booth with you guys.

6. What’s your favorite Fusion?

Michaela and Deedee: [Start singing “Giant Woman”]

Deedee: Though I do like Sardonyx.

Michaela: Every time a new Fusion appears I like that one. I’m crushing on Smoky Quartz.

Shelby: I like Stevonnie. That’s an aesthetic I haven’t seen in cartoons. It’s Steven and Connie mashed together!

Michaela: Says young cosplayers remind her of Stevonnie with the maturity they exude. Stumbles over calling Stevonnie a “young woman” and then acknowledges they’re a nonbinary Fusion. Says that easy confidence is so attractive.

Deedee: AJ is a perfect voice for Stevonnie. She killed it at the panel, and the singing with Estelle with Rebecca playing was amazing. What a great Fusion they are.

7. Give your best impression of another character.

Michaela: muhmuhmuh! [Onion voice]

Deedee: I’m nervous doing this in front of you. “YOU CLODS!” [Peridot voice]


Deedee and Michaela: NO YOU’RE THE BEST!

Shelby: Let’s just fawn over each other.

8. How long does it take to record an episode?

Michaela: Depends on how many lines we have. Could be an hour, could be four hours.

Deedee: We get in at 9, could be wrapped up by 1.

Michaela: An episode takes ten months from the idea to on the TV.

Deedee: Like a baby. It IS a baby.

9. What celebrity would you like to see appear on the show?

Michaela: Rebecca Sugar. And T-Pain. He’s a big Steven Universe fan.

Deedee: I just want to meet him and sing with him: Bruno Mars.

Shelby: I would wanna see Adele. Adele should voice a character. And she’s funny. And she loves herself.

Michaela: Loving who you are is so on-brand!

10. Who’s the best Steven Universe villain?

Deedee: Can I say Peridot? She started out as a villain and then changed for good. [Michaela helped express this and they say they Giant Womaned that.]

11. What would your fusion dance be?

Deedee and Michaela do a fusion dance with Shelby providing beatboxing.

Michaela: Actually that’s how we greet each other on the street.

Deedee: I was nervous. Dancing in front of you makes me nervous because you’re a pro dancer.

Shelby: Imagine us in a booth together! Our work isn’t even work.

Michaela: People probably see us and ask if we had too much ginger ale. Too many vegetables.

Deedee: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY VEGETABLES. Fruits and vegetables. Also, hydrate. Drink lots of water.

12. What are your favorite memories from recording?

Deedee: We’re still making more memories! The efforts! When we crack up over making effort noises.

Michaela: Do you hear that? It’s an earthquake!

[All three make noises like they’re losing their balance.]

Michaela: When we get together it’s always a great time, like a mini family reunion. Recently AJ was there, Estelle was there, you [Deedee] were there, Paz was there … I think Zach wasn’t there? Toks was there! [Nanefua’s voice actor.] We had a reunion. We’re so close!

13. What has been the most difficult scene to record?

Deedee: There are many re-dos. For me, the really wordy Pearl lines, ‘cause I don’t speak like that normally. The intricate dialogue that Pearl says is tough for me.

Michaela: You execute them flawlessly.

Deedee: Take after take after take.

Michaela: During Amethyst’s angrier self-expression phases, it was hard to scream a lot and vary it so it didn’t all sound the same. Very challenging.

Shelby: We’re our own biggest critic. When we have long runs, we have to think so quickly. Finding the levels is important, trying to hit them emotionally.

Deedee: It’s so helpful to have Rebecca, Kent, Matt, and Ben in the booth giving specifics to us on how to execute our lines.

Michaela: You both are so good at taking the text and making it feel like your own. I learn the most from watching other actors.

Deedee: We go to school every sesh!

14. Tell the fans what your favorite line is.


Michaela: CHAIRS!

Deedee: I like saying everybody’s names. “STEVEN!” “AMETHYST!” “~GARNET!” [The “Steven” read sounds fearful, the “Amethyst” read sounds angry, and the “Garnet” read sounds almost pleading.]

Shelby: Mine’s definitely “Clod.”

Shelby: On Sunday, Cartoon Network they’re filming a music video for “Stronger Than You” with Estelle!

[The VAs sing a line from “Stronger Than You.”]

Michaela: But we’re not really stronger than YOU because you guys are really strong.

Deedee: Really strong. Stay strong! In the real way.

Shelby: YES.

Best Friends [Michael Gray]

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REQUEST: If you’re still doing the prompts, can I request #28 “Oh my god. You’re in love with y/n!” #19 “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” #23 “I don’t wanna think about what I’d be like without you.” With Michael, where you’re best friends and then end up together in the end. Thanks, you’re the greatest! :)

[You’re the greatest for giving me something to do with my bland life. Thanks for requesting]

WARNINGS: Cute af. Tension. Tears. My shit writing.

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Best Friend | Tommy Shelby

 request: could i request an imagine where y/n has been with the shelbys since she was younger and is known around town to be a bad ass female and isnt seen as a female would have been at the time. She is the main person that Thomas trusts and is loved by the whole family. Sorry its so long😊 thank you x

[a/n - set around season one time.]

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Every step of the way

Michael Gray x reader

Prompts: 35: “ About the baby… It’s yours. ”

“Morning,” you yawn, making your way into the Kitchen where your mother and Polly were sitting having a cup of tea. Polly was your mother’s best friend since they were children. Every second morning she was round here and every other night too.

“Morning? It’s twelve in the afternoon (Y/N) bloody hell,” Polly scoffs looking at you as you drop into a chair beside her.

“Were you sick again this morning?” Your mother asks concerned spinning her spoon around in her tea.

“Yeah, i was. Need to get to the doctors about that, it’s strange though I’m fine the rest of the day.” Polly’s head shot up and stared at you before catching your mother’s eye. They nodded at each other slowly over the table whilst you were obliviously rubbing your back.

“Your back bad?” Pol asks intrigued studying you carefully.

“Just started a couple weeks back think it’s time to invest in a new bed that one is getting old now. Mum could I get some tea please.” They both stayed quiet just staring at you before your mum finally got up to make tea.

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GIF CRED: @bonniebirdsgifcentre

Prompt: Could you do a Tommy Shelby request of being best friends with Ada and Tommy’s fiancé and Tommy and Ada getting into a fight and the reader being placed in between them??

You can’t remember what started it but you goddamned remember when it ended.

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A reason to stay

The reader and Thomas Shelby were best friends growing up and started the race horse business but the reader left. The Shelby’s haven’t seen her a lot since then but everything seems to fall into place after some misfortunes.

A/N - This is probably one of the biggest imagines I have down!!!! I hope you enjoy it. Send requests in <3 <3

Word Count – 1439

Characters – Shelby brothers, Polly, Major Chester Campbell, Reader x Thomas

You were walking through the streets trying to get home when you heard a loud scream, one not of physical but mental pain. You rushed to the source of the sound to see a woman collapsed on the floor crying. You bent down and came face to face with Polly Shelby. You placed your hands delicately on her shoulders.
‘Polly are you okay?’ You asked her, you got no response.
‘Polly?’ you questioned again but were only meet with more sobs. You didn’t ask her again but stood up slowly and leaned her against you before, slowly making your way to the Garrison. You know Thomas would be close by, and if not Thomas, the Shelby brothers.
As you made it to the doors, you kicked them open as you had no hands available. Everyone turned and stared at you.
‘Where are the Shelby’s?’ You asked the large number of people. You saw Arthur and Michael stand up with a few unfamiliar faces.
‘Will you help her please?’ You said, nodding to Polly. When they saw who, it was they rushed her to the room next to the bar. You stayed by herself and placed her head on her lap.
‘What happened?’ You heard a voice say from the doorway, the brothers parted. Thomas Shelby, he’d changed since you last saw him.
‘I found her collapsed on the ground crying, no harm has been down.’ You said smiling slightly. Thomas quavered a bit when he saw you looking after Polly. It had been years since you worked in the business, but you were always special to him.
‘Where?’ He demanded, walking closer to make sure she was okay.
‘Two streets North.’ Once he had the directions he started heading out but you grabbed his hand.
‘Be careful, don’t you hurt yourself. She needs you, all off you.’ You told him and he nodded.

Thomas walked through small Heath, struggling to see through the fig that covered the street. He rounded a corner but was pounced by two men. He managed to get free them but more came from the fog, attacking him. Holding him down so the others could get kicks and punches in. They would have gotten more in if it wasn’t for the coppers that came blowing their whistles. Chester Campbell, came out of the fog with his cane.
‘We might as well see if he’s alive.’ He told his officers.
‘He’s got a pulse, sir.’ The officer said as he was lent over Thomas.
‘Good.’ He said before he continued walking away.

The remaining brother had managed Polly to her bed where you sat and kept watching her, when the boys went and looked for Tommy, he was taking too long. It had been half an hour and you heard noise coming from downstairs, you checked and made sure Polly was sleeping before heading down. You walked in to see Thomas spread across a table, struggling to see out his badly beaten eyes.
‘What in the hell happened?’ You questioned and the brothers looked on as you walked up and started cleaning and seeing to his wounds. When there was no response you asked again, but this time Thomas.
‘What happened, Thomas.’ You asked and you heard the men inhale sharply, knowing he didn’t like to be called that but they were even more surprised when he answered you.
‘I was attacked Y/N.’ He said stating the obvious. You sighed and placed the cloth onto the large cut on his forehead.
‘I can see that but by who?’ You questioned, placing the cloth back in the water as it turned bloody.
‘Londoner.’ He looked at you and you shook your head.
‘Your mixing with them now? Do you not learn?’ You said giving him into to trouble and looking at the brothers that just shrugged. They were still in shook that Tommy was telling you so much. They all remember you and tommy being in the business together, and best friends, you would distract the police if they came and ran the front of the business with Polly, but you had left the business after a while when stuff started getting bad.
you felt down his sides and came across his ribs which contained lumps that should not be there. You turned to the boys.
‘Your gonna have to sit him up and hold him still.’ You said directing them, they stayed still and didn’t move. Knowing they weren’t going to move you had to take matters into your own hand.
‘Do you know what, I thought you’d know better but, you clearly don’t. if we don’t do this he will become a cripple.’ You said but they still didn’t move.
‘Okay, fine.’ You said placing the cloth down and turned to walk but a rough hand around your wrist stopped you.
‘Boys, do what she says.’ Thomas spoke through gritted teeth. They managed to sit him up, so you could wrap the rags and bandages around his ribs to secure them. The brothers lay him back down and gave him alcohol to take the pain away.
‘He needs to be in bed rest for a couple of days. If he starts bleeding heavily again or starts a fever, please shout me down. I’m up with Polly.’ You told them as you moved Thomas’s hair from his face, and looked at how peaceful he slept.

You entered the bedroom was Polly was in. she was awake but staring out the window, she turned to face you when you entered.
‘Y/N?’ She questioned and you nodded.
‘Hey aunt poll.’ You said with a small smile.
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked as she light a cigarette up.
‘I found you on the ground crying last night, so I brung you back to the pub and the brothers brung you here.’
‘Why are you still here though.’ She asked as she puffed his smoke out.
‘Tommy was badly beaten by the Londoners, so stayed longer to make sure he was cleaned properly.’ You told her and she put the cigarette out and stood, she steadied herself. You offered your arm, she gladly took the offer. You both slowly walked down the stairs. She gasped when she saw tommy.
‘What in the bloody hell did you do?’ She said loudly causing the boys to jump, they had been through war and they jump at their aunt’s voice.
‘What did you let him go himself?’ She asked taking the anger out on the boys.
‘Polly! Take it out on me not them. They didn’t do anything wrong.’
‘But neither have you.’ She told you.
‘Some would say the opposite.’ You told her and this allowed her to calm down. You heard groans and the heads of everyone turned around to see Thomas. Arthur helped him sit up and he focused on Polly.
‘Aunt Polly, you’re okay.’ He said checking Polly over from where he sat and she walked closer.
‘Yeah Tommy. I’m good.’ She replied and you slowly walked away knowing they were going to be fine.

Thomas was the first to notice you were gone, he stood, with pain going through his body. He walked, with many protests, to the front door where he saw your figure getting smaller.
‘Y/N.’ he shouted, you turned and stared at him.
‘Thomas Shelby, why are you out of your bed?’ You asked him and walked back towards him, so his walking time would be short.
‘Why are you leaving?’ He questioned.
‘I am not wanted here. It has been made clear as day, since I was a kid. I was doing the last dead before I left.’ You said nodded back to the house. The house that you always visited and were welcome in.
‘Where are you going?’ He asked.
‘I’m deciding between London and Ireland, more Ireland.’ You told him and looked into his intense blue eyes.
‘Don’t.’ He blurted out.
‘What?’ You questioned him.
‘Don’t go.’ He said this time, pain evident in his eyes. He couldn’t bear the thought of you leaving him. He wanted you, he had always wanted you but never admitted it.
‘Tommy I must.’ You told him as you started turning away, a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you into them. You felt warm chapped lips against yours and the faint taste of alcohol. His hand made their way to your hips and pulled you closer, and you groaned. He smiled and pulled away.
‘What was that for?’ You asked, breathlessly as you looked at him, taking in his swollen lips.
‘A reason to stay.’ He said and captured your lips once again.

Now Death Where Is Your Sting Part II (Complete)

Finn Shelby x Reader

Part I

RequestHey i was wondering if you could do a Finn Shelby fic where some guys try to attack you and other PB saves you but the attackers ran away and you don’t wanna tell Finn but when he realizes he goes total crazy

*Peaky Blinders Requests Are Open*

Christ,” The man kneeled down and tried to get Y/N in a sitting position. Once he got a good look at her face, he winced. “I need to get you to a doctor, alright?” Y/N shook her head.

“I just need to go home,” Y/N slurred.

“Miss, your face, it’s bleedin’ real bad,” Y/N shook her head once more.

“Please, I just need to get home. Please,” He furrowed his eyebrows, then sighed.

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Salvatore ~ Chapter 2 (Peaky Blinders Fanfiction)

A/N: Part 1

Warnings: Language 

Tags: @chrystalcaper@amazinggraceling@deadorphanthrones@broken-coffee-cups@a-court-of-stydia@sophiaaraja @imaginequeen @yjrevolution  

As soon as you stepped out of Thomas’ car and made your way to your apartment, Thomas kept waiting for you outside. The way your hair shone in the moonlight and the way you turned around to smile at Thomas, made him swoon. His thoughts were interrupted when Arthur snapped him back to reality. “You fuckin’ idiot of a brother! You should’ve kissed her!” Arthur shouted almost enough for you to hear.

His fingers wrapped aggressively around the neck of the wine bottle and his lips connected back to the bottle. “Damn, I would already have her in bed with me right now. She would be beggin’ for the big man.” Arthur mimicked his brother’s moans. John let out a woman moan from his lips as they both laughed it off. “Oh, Tommy…” John moaned. “Right there!” They began laughing their asses off but Thomas kept looking at your door as it closed slowly; your figure disappearing as the door closed completely.

“Arthur, but unlike you and John, I can keep my big man in my pants longer than you two can.” Arthur and John continued laughing from their brother’s response and from the fact that they were drunk. They leant on each other and sipped on their booze while they turned their heads to throw up.

“Let’s get you home.” Thomas put the key in the ignition and drove them home.


Thomas plopped down on his bed with a sigh. The mattress squeaked at his weight and it cradled him for a bit. It had been a hard day for him. He had to deal with a lot of problems and his the major one was Ada, Thomas’ sister. She was secretly Freddie Thorne, who was a communist. But nothing got past Thomas Shelby. Freddie and Thomas were best friends when they were younger. But as they grew up they had different opinions which set them apart. Ada and Freddie often met under a bridge to avoid being detected, knowing that the Shelby boys will likely hurt or kill Freddie for messing with their sister.

As his head hit the soft cold pillow, he closed his eyes and threw his forearm over his eyes. A smile crept on his lips when he went back in time and remember his first encounter with you. It was special, it felt special to both of you. The way your cheeks blushed when Thomas’ crystal blue eyes met yours, the way his name rolled off your tongue and the way your body bent down to get the bottle of champagne. Dirty images started appearing in front of Thomas’ eyes. 

You left a mark on him, not a visible one but there was a hint of you. Thomas reached out fo his inhaler and took a deep breath in, fogging his mind from the day he had and to help him forget all about the war. The war left him scarred. Every night the nightmares from the war came rushing back to him. He couldn’t have a decent sleep since he returned from war. Thomas closed his eyes as tried to drain the memories away but he kept you on his mind.


You were already at the tavern. The sun was still asleep when you arrived. You began cleaning the unwashed dishes from the night before that Grace hadn’t done. The door of the tavern squeaked as it opened. You turned around and saw Thomas walking in towards you. Arthur and John reluctantly followed behind, rubbing their eyes from the sleepiness. The bags under their eyes were swollen and had a bit of a purple shade, their skin was paler and their clothes were a mess. 

Arthur spotted a chair and sat on it. He rested his arms on the table and put his head on his forearms. He let out a groan. “Bloody sun isn’t out, why should I be?” He said in a hoarse voice. John and Thomas sat in front of you and gave you a sincere smile. “Good morning Maria.” Thomas said with a sweet tone and a smile.

“Good morning Thomas.” You smiled back and put the glass back on the shelf. You looked over Thomas’ shoulder when you heard Arthur snoring. John, who was right in front of you, tried his best to stay awake. 

“Do you want some coffee?” You asked as you put down the cloth that you were wiping the counter with. With a smile sent from Thomas, you poured some coffee in a cup and gave it to him. Thomas took his time to swallow the coffee. “You’re not used to coffee or I’m not good at making coffee?”

“No, it’s just I don’t drink coffee in the morning. Never really.” You couldn’t help but smile as he chugged it all down. “You want another one?” Thomas shoved the small cup in front of you with another smile. “Please? It’s bloody good.” The tavern’s door drew open and Grace came in. “Good morning Maria…Good morning Thomas.” You felt a jolt of jealousy, jolting through your body.

Grace headed in the back room. “Maria, I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight.” Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks go red. “Thomas I-we barely know each other.”

“That’s why we should go out tonight…to get to know each other better. I’ll pick you up at 7 o'clock.” Thomas got to his feet and dragged his brothers out of the tavern, turning his head to give you one last sweet smile.

You wanted to jump off the bar and scream your heart out in excitement. You were going on a date with Thomas fuckin’ Shelby!

The Bet

“Oi, good morning Shebly’s.” You sang as you opened the door of the betting house early in the morning, ready for work.

“Morning Y/N.” They all said unanimously as you hung up your coat and walked into the hustle and bustle of everything. You’ve been friends with the Shelby’s as long as you can remember, they were basically a second family to you ever since your father died. Aunt Poll was like your mother, and you trusted her advice very much, and all the Shelby brothers were just that to you, or so it felt. And then there was John…who held a special place in your heart whether he knew it or not.

As you ready your cash box for the money sure to be brought in by the betters, you notice for the first time John sat over the books, scratching his head. You furrow your brows as you realize he didn’t say hi to you this morning and he wasn’t his usual charming self.

You walked over to him, planting yourself on the table, forcing him to look up from the books. He was taken aback to see you, and his face slowly grew red as he smiled.

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best friends brother | john shelby

reader is adas best friends, she loves john but wont admit it until ada sets them up 

send requests here and prompt list is here

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You loved Ada with all of your heart. She was your bestest friend and you had been there for each other through all the rough times. Including when her brothers went to war, the death of Freddie and when she moved to London. You knew everything about her life, friends, relationship and she knew everything about you, apart from your love for her brother,John.  

The feelings for John started when you was both young. You dismissed it as a teenage crush but when he went to war, you found that the feelings you had from him weren’t just some silly crush. John had been a close friends of yours before the war and when he went away, you found yourself pining after him. He would constantly be on your thoughts 24/7 and you worried that he wouldn’t return back home safe. When he did come home, you made a promise to yourself that you would tell him how you felt. Whenever the chance to tell came around, you would open your mouth but no words would come out.  

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Now Death Where Is Your Sting Pt.2

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Finn Shelby x Reader

“Christ,” The man kneeled down and tried to get Y/N in a sitting position. Once he got a good look at her face, he winced. “I need to get you to a doctor, alright?” Y/N shook her head.

“I just need to go home,” Y/N slurred.

“Miss, your face, it’s bleedin’ real bad,” Y/N shook her head once more.

“Please, I just need to get home. Please,” He furrowed his eyebrows, then sighed.

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Best friend

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Requested prompts, “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me” and “I’m sorry I fell in love with my best friend”

Michael Gray - Best friend 

“Hello trouble.”

You instantly recognised that smooth and charming voice without needing to turn and see his handsome face. A sweet giggle nearly escaping your lips until you remembered you were certainly not meant to be happy with him, and you were ready to make him feel your wrath.

“Where the bloody hell have you been!”

He flopped down onto the springy, faded sofa and kicked his feet up one by one onto your coffee table; happily making himself at home.

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