if i was a magical girl, what would my color, outfit, and weapon be?

You’re a dual color. A darker purple and olive green. As you can see, your outfit. A long coat that buttons at the chest. Belly shirt -cuz let’s face it, all your shirts are belly because height.- A skirt per cliche magic girl look, but long enough to not be annoying but sort enough to move. Knee high boots to kick ass. collar necklace and earrings to match with the 3rd accent color. 
Powers you ask? Im just going to let you summon helpers from history. After all, you know your history very well and youre one of the booky people i know. 
Down sides? It takes time to summon and the summons are temporary of course. But hey, you can always hit them with the book.

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What's a depressing thought is that 75% of us will never get to even see/meet Norman in person because we live somewhere he would never come and we can't afford to go to the nearest con he's at... What do you think? Are you in this majority?

I personally think this is quite a gloomy way to think about the possibility of meeting Norman. I will agree, however, that he does go to popular cons and that makes it harder for people to attend and his fees for things like autographs and photo ops have gone up since TWD has become such a popular show. Still, I think it’s important to have hope … and to keep your eyes open! Norman (and other cast members) still attend smaller cons sometimes. I met Norman at the HorrorHounds Con in Ohio and it was a smaller con held in a tiny convention center! It’s all a matter of timing, my darling. 

Granted, I found out that Norman was attending HorrorHounds around a month before the convention so I had time to still purchase a photo op but if you keep track of the convention circuit, the cast will (hopefully) come close enough to where each of you lovelies that follow this blog will get the chance to meet Norman. It truly is an awesome experience and just please don’t be disappointed in Norman for not attending a convention closer because while he has a say in some things, his manager and AMC likely make him attend certain conventions (Like SDCC obviously and the Wizard World Cons, etc)

At any rate, I totally understand your point because it seems like that Norman, and the rest of the cast, has gotten so extremely popular that they only attend the most popular and expensive cons but that’s unfortunately what tends to happen when a show gets as popular as TWD is. That said, none of you should write off the idea of meeting Norman because it can happen!

So I feel like I wasn’t very helpful at all, but that’s how I feel. I think it’s important to ‘keep the faith’ that you’ll get to meet Norman at some point xx


where is the lie tho

Okay I gotta gush about ep 11 of Dino Charge when compared to Kyoryuger (which I still love but you know)

Okay so in Kyoryuger, during the fight (don’t ask me which ep or why), Ami (Pink Ranger) ran off to get someone/something. She handed her weapon to Souji (Green Ranger), and then just ran off.

In Dino Charge, Shelby (Pink Ranger) hands her weapon off to Riley (Green Ranger), saying to use it. Then, it cuts to original footage, and Shelby literally says “When it comes to these seaweed heads, I don’t even need a weapon!” 

I dunno, I just like how Shelby was still an active part of the fight and kicked so much ass when they could’ve just as easily had Shelby run off for a trivial reason. It makes me happy.

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yellow through black!!

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

- I was a sad child. i had a happy family. my brother taught me self defence. I was abused (not by family tho). we made
smoothies all the time. and snow penguins when it snowed. my dad taught me abt art.

Orange: 6 facts about my home town.

- it’s dirty. it’s biggish. it’s in competition w Manchester for the best English city (aside from London) it has a cricket ground. Matt Lewis (Neville
long bottom from HP) lives here. and lots of students live here. idk lmao

Red: 5 facts about my best friend(s).

- oliver is understanding and we pretty much relate to everything each other says’

- jasper is wonderful to talk to and so so lovely !!

- shelby is the best irl friend I’ve ever had we can talk abt almost anything

- izzy is understanding and passionate abt everything that matters

-Rebecca gives the best comfort and I relate to a lot of the things she says

Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
- they’re kind. they try to understand. they ignore me a lot. they’re both a bit broken in their own ways.

White: 3 facts about my personality. - done!!!

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
- they jump and are rlly cute (frogs!!))

Black: 1 fact about the person I like
-I don’t like anyone in /that/ way atm…. but I like Oliver sooooooo, o gues it’s that he’s a bee.