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@ateliefloresdaprimavera wanted, and I quote: “happy,married to the love of his life John and [reader] who’s like a daughter to Polly”

hope you like it, hun!

You marched down the street, half angry, half exhausted. Groups of kids were running up and down and you cast an eye out to check whether any of yours were there. Men tipped their caps to you as you passed and you barged your shoulder into Polly’s front door, slamming it behind you.

“I got fucking fired, didn’t I?”

“Lovely to see you too, sweetheart. Sit yourself down. Kettle’s just boiled, you can explain yourself”

You huffed, yanking your scarf off and chucking it over the back of a chair.

“Thanks Pol. Where’s the kids?”

“John’s got them”

“John’s got them?”

Polly cast a look up to you as she brewed the pot and smirked when she saw your confused look.

“He was showing Katie her numbers and the rest wouldn’t let them be, you know what they’re like”

“Sorry, no, go back – John’s got the kids? By himself?”

She chuckled to herself and slid a cup over to you.

“Sit yourself down. And explain”

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snippet: dad!tommy

anon wanted more of the guys as dads so i’m going to be writing some snippets - here’s the first one!


He backtracked as he passed by the bathroom, dropping his coat on the bed and turning around.

“It’s me, I just got back”

He pushed the door open wider with his fingertips and leant against the doorframe, trying to hold in his laughter.

“Don’t you dare laugh”

“I’m-“ he coughed, wiping his finger over his lips to cover his smile. When he stood straight again, his face was blank. “I’m not laughing”

“This is your fault!”

“How is this my fault?”

“Tell your daddy what happened”

Tommy walked over, popping the buttons of his waistcoat, and perching on the edge of the bath where his children were.

“We were being you!”

“You were being me?”


“How were you-“ he was coughing again, avoiding the glare he was getting from you.

“They decided to give each other tattoos, like daddy’s. And luckily for me, they know where you keep the ink in your desk so…here we are!”

You gestured to the children with a flourish, raising from where you’d been kneeling by the tub, trying to scrub the patterns off your children’s skin. You’d got them down to fading grey smudges and pink blotches but it wasn’t shifting anymore and you were rapidly approaching acceptance.

“There you go, Thomas. Your problem now”


a happy shelby family post (7/???)


Okay, what happened?

dad!arthur snippets

samascara requested dad!arthur snippets

“You know daddy?”

“I do know your dad, yeah”

Polly laughed from where she was sat on the sofa behind you and you peered over your shoulder to smile at her. Beth was not amused, rolling her jaw in much the same way Arthur did when he was annoyed at someone.

“Mummy, please”

“Sorry, sweetheart, go on”

She picked up the block the baby had thrown and passed it back to them.

“Was he really in a war?”

“He was, yes”

“A proper one?”

“Yes. A big one”

“I can’t imagine daddy as a soldier. Don’t soldiers have to do what they’re told?”

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