shelby's problems

The struggles of having non-musical friends
  • me: I love Idina Menzel
  • friend: Who is she?
  • me: The original Elphaba in Wicked!
  • friend: Who?
  • me: Maureen in Rent?
  • friend: What?
  • me: Shelby in Glee?
  • me: Nancy in Enchanted?
  • me: Elizabeth in If/Then?
  • me: ...Adele Dazeem?
  • friend: ...
  • me: *sighs* She's Elsa in Frozen
  • friend: OH I LOVE HER

Arthur’s your single dad with PTSD

You love your father. You always had and always would, but it was hard when you sometimes had to be the strong one. Your mother had died when you were four, whilst your father was going through a rough spot. He was drinking a lot and she got drunk one night with him, she fell into the cut and never came home. You didn’t remember her, it was unfortunate really, but you had a terrible memory. When she died, your father went mad, insane even. He couldn’t look after you and he scared you more than anything. As a four year old, you didn’t understand what was going on. He would be yelling and crying all the time and you couldn’t do anything.

He never got violent with you, but he got violent with random people. You would just be walking hand and hand with him down the road as you laughed and he smiled down at you. But then someone would accidentally bump into him and he would turn into a vicious animal. Your father would let go of your hand and start yelling at the person who was either apologising or (very rarely) fighting back. If it turned into a full on fight you’d go and hide somewhere, crying. Eventually, your Great Aunt Polly took you away from your father. You lived with your Aunt Ada in London with and her nine year old son, Carl.

Your father didn’t seem to understand that you needed stability from him. You loved him, but whenever you saw him, every other weekend or whatever, hello was the same as goodbye. He couldn’t take care of anyone and he didn’t want to tell you how he felt. You didn’t know what it was like for the ‘Great Arthur Shelby’ to practically lose his only child because he never talked to you. He scared you. You weren’t ashamed to say it. He was a scary man, a violent man and you didn’t want to be like him.

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Needs | John Shelby [part 2]

[part 1]

Request: [part 2] john shelby imagine where he falls for someone w/ a young son & shes hesitant to b involved w/john bc shes worried abt his safety. They go out& eventually they get married. She gets close to his kids. One day they hav a fight and john says let me handle it they r my kids. She gets offended and says fine she will only take care of her son then and leaves him alone to deal with his kids and work for a few days. He realizes how much he needs her. Thx

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Here's an idea: you've been working with the Saviors for several weeks. One evening, Negan decides to play ping pong with some of his men. You get to participate and end up beating him at it. No one had warned you that when Negan loses to a woman, round 2 always takes place in his bed. (Smut totally okay)

Ping Pong - (Negan X Reader)

Imagine you join into play Ping Pong with Negan and his men. You win against Negan, however, little did you know that when Negan loses to a woman round 2 always ends up in his bed.

A/N: I love this idea so much, so cheeky. ;)

Word Count: 1,217

Warnings: Fluff, bad language, SMUT, and that is all.

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Working with the saviours was something you never thought would happen to you. Before you were taken in by the savours you had heard a lot about them, but not all good things. However, they treated you right when they found you. They practically saved your life as you were stuck inside a car, surrounded by walkers. A fella named Dwight helped you out and you’ve been good friends ever since. You helped him out with his problems with Shelby, knowing Negan has his particular rules and what not. You kind of resented Negan for that, and didn’t understand why he had to do it other than his need to feel powerful and like he owns everything.

One evening you decided to walk through the warehouse to get to your room wanting to take the longer route because your room was pretty boring. As you walked into the warehouse you noticed Dwight, Negan and some others playing ping pong. You slowly approached them, aware they hadn’t noticed you and heard Negan laughed as Dwight missed the ball. “Dang,” Dwight muttered grabbing the ball from the floor. “Dwighty-boy! You’re just like the girls when you play! They can’t hit for shit.” Negan said which caused an uproar from the other men, laughing at Dwight as he sheepishly handed Negan the bat and ball. “Who’s next?” Negan said holding the bat and ball out among his men.

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“Who says a woman can’t hit for shit?” You piped up making Negan turn around and raise his eyebrows at you. “Oh really? You think you can hit it can you?” He asked smirking, walking over to you. He stood right in front of you, making your space feel violated by his presence, but you didn’t mind. You stepped closer, looking up at him and taking the bat and ball. “You better believe it.” You said staring at Negan.

Negan licked his lips and watched you take your place at the table. 

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“Here we go, boys. First one to eight points. Let’s see if she’s lucky enough to get to round 2.” Negan laughed and his men smirked at you, making you feel like there was something they knew that you didn’t. 

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You took the first serve, hitting it to Negan and he hit it back to you, hard. It flew past you and he clicked his tongue. “One to me princess.” He smiled and you narrowed your eyes at him as Dwight handed you the ball. You thanked him and served again, this time hitting it harder, making the ball hit his side and fly past his shoulder. Negan stepped back and narrowed his own eyes at you, making you smile.

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Negan chuckled and hit the ball to you, making you react quickly hitting it back. This went on for a while before you missed the ball. You felt agitated. You weren’t about to let Negan prove you wrong by losing the game. You were winning this thing.

You hit the ball again, and as the game went on gradually you won, winning eight points while Negan only won five. “Ha. Who can’t hit for shit now?” You said feeling rather confident you won. Negan glared at you. “Well then, I guess you’re up for round two.” He said walking towards you.

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You didn’t know what he was doing and when he grabbed your waist guiding you away from the table you were weary of his next move. Were you going to another ping pong table?

“Well, what are you doing?” You asked. “Oh, you’ll see, doll. And you’ll like it.” He said leading you up the stairs and to a room you had never been to before.


“Save my name for later.” He smirked opening the door. You walked inside realising you had come to Negan’s room which was quite big. Bigger than the rest of the rooms that’s for sure.

As you stated around the room you felt Negan wrap his arms around your waist. You suddenly realised what he meant by round two and you started to feel nervous.

“You’ve been quite resistant to me, Y/N. I sensed you respect yourself and I like that.” He whispered sending chills down your spine. He let go of you and you turned around. He looked down at you, the fire in his eyes making you feel hotter and hotter. 

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He leant down to you, making your heart beat faster than you ever remember. “What do you say? Will you take part in round 2?” He whispered against your neck before he kissed it softly. You let slip a small moan which made Negan more excited causing him to grab your waist with his front hands again, pulling you closer to him. “I take that as a yes?” He asked before kissing you on the lips.

You remembered all his wives that he had and that this wouldn’t mean a thing to him, but what you were feeling was something you hadn’t felt in a long time, especially by someone like Negan.

“I will stop if you don’t want to, doll. I-” He assured you and before he even finished speaking you kissed him hard, making sure he knew your answer was that you wanted him, bad.

He smiled against the kiss and placed his hands under your butt, and you jumped as he caught you, walking to his bed he laid you down.

He kissed a light trail down your neck pulling your top off as he went, kissing your stomach and down to your jeans. He pulled the button away from the button hole and pulled your jeans down too. Last was your panties, and you arched your back so he was able to take them off with ease. He then undressed and he smirked at you lying naked on his bed.

“Well isn’t that a pretty sight.” He said clicking his tongue before leaning over you. “And it’s all mine.” He growled before reaching his hand down to your core, his fingers barely touching the surface making you bite your lip anxiously.

He slowly felt how wet you were and laughed lightly to himself, inserting a finger into you, causing you to grip the bed sheets tightly. Negan curved his finger up and hit you right where it felt good and a small moan escaped your lips.

Negan stopped way before you wanted him to and he leant down to kiss you once more, leading himself to you and entering you slowly, letting you get used to him. “Ah fuck.” You whispered, feeling how Negan now inside of you. The thought of this happening to you… You would never have dreamt of it in a million years.

“Damn baby girl.” He groaned before kissing your neck making your whole body feel sensational. He sped up the pace, making you grab his arms out of pure pleasure, the way he made you feel intensifying.

As you both reached your climax he slowly collapsed on top of you, breathing cool breath down your neck making you shiver. “Bet your thankful for that doll’” he said as he moved away from you, leaving you as a satisfied mess sprawled on his bed. You bit your lip, smirking to yourself, wondering why you had been so resistant to him before.

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Neighbours: Part Two - Tommy Shelby

The Phone Call

Part One | Part Two

As suspected my ankle is sprained. Charlie’s nurse has strapped it up with the advice that she’s not really qualified to diagnose or treat anything more complex than coughs and sniffles, and with the assurance that I’ll get it checked out, she lets me get the car back home.

“Everything alright Miss?” Jones asks when he sees me hobbling towards the car, propped up by Tommy.

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Sabini’s girl: part 3 | Tommy Shelby

You’d spent that night with Tommy and several since. There was a little Inn that was a drive out of London into the country. He’d taken you there the first time and every time after. Not once had he tried to draw information from you and not once had you offered it up.

It wasn’t until days after it’d happened that you found out Darby had met with Alfie Solomons.

“The Jew?”

“He doesn’t like that, Princess. We don’t call him a Jew or a fucking Kike, it’s what he is, I know, but we don’t say it. He’s got people everywhere; it’s like Chinese fucking whispers. He can’t take a joke, sweet, and he’s delicate on the matter.”

“What’s he got to do with the Eden?”

You were straddled over Darby’s hips in your slip. He’d mentioned Tommy and the Blinders, so you’d subtly slinked yourself into the position to tease out more detail.

“It’s about partnerships, relations. We go way back, me and Alfie. Old friends. We were just reconnecting over a mutual problem.”

That didn’t sit right with you, not when you knew Tommy and Alfie had been working together. He’d been buying bread, hadn’t he? Was Alfie about to double cross the Shelby’s?

“Tommy Shelby being the problem.”

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Vegan Problems

having to talk like

“after I showered with vegan shampoo and vegan soap, I ate my vegan cereal with vegan milk, put on my vegan makeup, grabbed my vegan shoes and got into my boyfriend’s car (with vegan seat covers) and went shopping for vegan things, and then that night we went out to eat and I had a delicious vegan burger" 

just so people won’t go ”_____ isn’t vegan! CAUGHT you!“ every three seconds

ayyy if you’re even half as obsessed with eridan as i am, you fell in love with his amazing bishounen sparklegaze in that pxs panel and wanted to use it as an icon.

so i just cleaned up that annoying “text” so you can have the full eridan experience. nice.

use it if you want i guess why would you want to this shitty fish prince is garbage.

I know this probably won’t be an important post or anything to some people but does anybody else just have it suddenly hit them right in the face that Paul Walker is gone?

I never got to meet him or know him personally. The only way I knew him was from film and social media. I see him on tumblr every single day and I see him on Facebook and Twitter and people are always talking about him which makes me forget that he’s not here in person. But he’s still around in my world because it’s all I ever had of him. So he’s just constantly alive to me and then I realize and it just hits me like a load of bricks.