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u wonder why people are hating on them? those cunts did not deserve to even show up, the event was all about Matt and Harry and the show, they had no fucking right to be there like what the actual fuck. hopefully if people keep hating, these whores will take the fucking hint and never show up in public ever again and burn in hell instead

First of all, this is incredibly rude, you don’t get to say who they can and can’t bring to the awards since, news flash, Matt and Harry are not Alec and Magnus, Shelby and Esther are their significant others, they are not in a relationship with men in real life, accept this, second of all, you don’t get to call them whores or cunts, you want respect show some respect yourself, they are not your friends, you don’t know them, in what moment did Shelby and Esther get up on stage and snatch the award? when did they apear on interviews? Matt and Harry did what they had to do because they are on the show and they represent an amazing couple but that’s it, because of people like you they are rarely on social media, and honestly if you have the effort to hate on those girls because of stupid reasons I am sorry that your life is that boring and you have nothing else to do 

Also, if you are going to send things like this come off anon

Sarah About Marcia : The more I learned about the real Marcia Clark, not the two-dimensional cardboard cutout I saw on the news, but the complicated, whip-smart, giant-hearted mother of two who woke up every day, put both feet on the floor and dedicated herself to righting an unconscionable wrong…the more I had to recognize that I, along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment.   

Audrey about Shelby: fiery and pathetic, that’s exactly how I played her

So who is she?

Finn Shelby x reader
Word count: 1710
Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, some fluff

You entered the doors of the pub “The Garrison” painted in the window, there were only three other people in the place. Two older men slumped over a table in the back, they looked like they had been there for days. The other person was a man behind the bar, who gave you a look when you came in indicating that he thought you were out of place.
“Can I help you miss?”
“Well, a boy I know recommended here when I said I didn’t have anywhere to study, I mean just for an hour or so during they day,” you say looking at the man with pleading eyes.
“I mean this isn’t really the place for pretty young girls by themselves, can I ask who the man was?” He asks turning round to continue cleaning whatever it was he was cleaning before.
You hesitated, you knew you and Finn were trying to keep the relationship quiet he didn’t want you getting messed up with his crowd and frankly you didn’t want people knowing you were running about with a Shelby. But something was telling you if you didn’t mention the Shelby name you weren’t going to be allowed to stay.
“His names Finn Shelby sir, we used to go to school together,” the man turned right around to face you know. “I told him i was having some troubles at home and that he said that here is quiet through the weekdays,” you carry on as the man is paying you full attention now, “he also told me not to mention him he doesn’t want anyone knowing we are acquainted, thinks it could get me in bother.”
“Well miss, call me Harry. Finn’s right you know the Shelbys are dangerous people at least he’s looking out for you shows that he cares.”
This made you blush a little but you put your head down so Harry couldn’t see your rosy cheeks. “Im (Y/N)” You put your hand out to shake his which stops him a little surprised as women round here don’t really make the best first impressions. “Finn is just an old friend from school, when i ran into him the other day he recommended here, nothing more to it.”
Harry looked at you and said believingly, “I’d stay out of his way, you seem like a sensible girl though you probably already know that.”

A couple days had past and everyday you had gone for an hour or so to the garrison and sat humming while writing your notes. You had met a couple of the locals but had always left before it got busy. Harry said people started rolling in at half 4 for there night of boozing, half 1 on the weekends. You liked harry he was kind and seemed to be interested in what you were studying asking you questions to help you out. But this afternoon 5 men walked through the door and went into a private room, you were too busy with your nose in a book to take any notice though. That was until Harry ran through from the back looking slightly worried.
“Maybe it’s best for you to leave now (Y/N)”
You nodded. He had warned you that if he ever asked you to leave it was probably in his best interest to do so.
“Why would she need to leave?”
Too late. A voice came from behind you as you sorted your skirt and turned around. The man was a couple steps behind you, tall with icy blue eyes that reminded you of Finns.
“And what is a young girl with an armful of books doing in a place like this?” He asked eying you up and down before staring at the pile of books in your hands.
“I’m just studying down here gets me away from the chaos at home. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) sir, it’s been lovely to meet you but I’d best be off.” You said harry relieved by you still following his orders. You then reached out a hand to shake his, again he stood in shock a moment before chuckling and accepting the handshake.
“Lovely to meet you Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Thomas Shelby.”
You froze. Shelby. The name this town feared and the name Finn told you to run from. Tommy noticed your reaction but you quickly straightened up and smiled politely.
“Thank you for having me Harry, good evening Mr Shelby.”
As you went to walk past him he quickly stepped in front of you.
“There will he no trouble tonight” he said to harry before turning to you again. “Please, don’t let us put you off your studying.” He nods at harry who nods back, you didn’t really understand what was going on but you climbed back on top of the bar stool and opening up your books.
“You know miss (Y/N), educated women are a dangerous thing, they will rule the world one day.” He said before disappearing into the side room, summoning Harry after him.
A few moments later a familiar figure emerged from the room the other men kept disappearing into. It was Finn, he was soon stood behind you looping his arms round your waist.
“(Y/N), I missed you,” he said spinning you round and gently kissing your forehead, “You haven’t said anything to Harry have you?”
This hurt. He wanted to keep you a secret, why was he so embarrassed of you. You’d missed him whilst he was away on business but you also liked not having to sneak around.
“I told him you were an old friend who recommended the place a long time ago,” you say flatly while spinning back around on your seat and staring down at the sheets you’d been reading.
“And he believed you?” Finn asked with doubt in his voice.
“Well why wouldn’t he?” you reply sharply.
“Well you never were a great liar,” Finn chuckled. You turned back around to face him hurt in your eyes.
“I wasn’t really lying though was I?” you caught him off guard with your fierce tone, “what are we Finn? I don’t hear from you for weeks and when I do it’s for your own pleasure and we have to sneak around whilst we do it. I feel like a whore!” You were close to shouting now but quickly remembered you had to keep your voice down.
“What are you talking about (Y/N)? I was away for business you know that and we both agreed we should keep this whatever this is quiet, it might put you in danger. And your dad, think about what your da..”
“I know,” you cut him off before he said anymore quickly wiping away a single fallen tear, “I know I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”
He moved behind the bar grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses.
“He hasn’t touched you again has he?” he asked his voice cracking as he spoke. You dried your eyes and tried to pull yourself together before Harry came back out.
“No, hes never home at night and i’m never home during the day, it’s a good combination.”
“Finn!” a voice from the room shouted making you both jump, “Come on son!”
He quickly kissed you on the cheek before returning to the room.
“So who is she Finn?” Tommy asked flatly staring at him as he sat back in his chair, he froze as he was now under the gaze of his older confused brothers and cousin.
“What are you talking about?”
“The girl at the bar, who is she?” Tommy was pressing for answers that Finn was not willing to tell him.
“What the bloody hell are you on about Tommy?” John asked looking around the room at his brothers.
“There’s a girl out there that Finn knows but I am not sure how,” He said whilst lighting up a cigarette in his hand.
“OI OI Finn boy, You got yourself a looker!” Arthur piped up shaking Finn by the shoulders as the other boys wolf whistled. Finn shook them off and started to become angry.
“Why would you think I know her?” Finn challenged he knew his brother was smart but how could he have figured out that they knew each other. Tommy chuckled and took a quick sip of whisky.
“Well for one she’s your age, she told Harry a man recommended this as a “safe” place and the only way in bloody hell is this a safe place is if you’re a shelby, so you’re trying to protect her, but i’m not sure what from. Plus you always have had a thing for a girl with brains.”
Finn sunk into his chair his cheeks were flushed as he looked up at his older brother who was looking at him with a questioning face. “So I will ask again. Who is she?”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Finn says reluctantly. “Her father is James (Y/L/N) who used to work down by the docks.”
“The drunk?” Arthur asked. Finn nodded back, he knew the rest of the boy knew who he was he had been a part of some business, a trust worthy man a few years ago. Until his wife died he turned into a different person.
“Why is she here Finn? What are you protecting her from?” The answer to this was who was he protecting her from and he got the feeling Tommy already knew the answer to this.
“He comes home drunk sometimes, he hits her or worse,” Finn looked at his hands and the boys go silent John stood up in rage.
“You’re fucking joking me!” John shouted, Tommy stood up and put a hand on his shoulder.
“We will sort this out, Go and speak to the girl now,” Finn watched his brothers walk out the garrison with red in their eyes, He looked over to you with wide sorry eyes.
“I can’t stop them, They know everything” He said wrapping his arms around you pulling you up and into his chest.
You started to sob. You were grateful for Finn protecting you but your dad was the only family you had left.

That Makes Us A Secret

“Isaiah, shhh, we have to be quiet.” You shout, causing him to put his hands over your mouth.

“I know, you’re the one who’s bloody shouting. Are you going to stop?” He asks you and you nod your head. He slowly takes his hands of your mouth.

“Sorry.” You giggle.

“It’s ok. Come on.” He says, helping you into the house. Struggling with the lock and trying to maneuver around the unfamiliar house in the dark led you to make a hell of  a lot of noise. Isaiah tried to help, but it was pretty useless. He was trying to walk you up the stairs when the lights turned on. You held your breath, slowly turning around afraid to find Tommy sitting on the couch waiting for you. Instead it was Grace.

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new things, new people | tommy shelby

tommy and the reader fall out of love, tommy cheats on reader with grace, the reader falls in love with john

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Something about yours and Tommy’s relationship just wasn’t the same anymore. You spent no time together, didn’t sleep in the same bed and even though you didn’t want to admit it, you knew he was cheating on you. The smell of another girls perfume often could be smelt on him and for some reason, you said nothing. It didn’t break your heart, it didn’t make you angry, you just felt absolutely nothing.  

You was positive that you didn’t love Tommy any more. There was something there, but it was more friendship than relationship. You cared deeply for him and always would. You had been in a relationship with him for many years and you should’ve known something was wrong when he wouldn’t make you his wife.  

Most of the thoughts happened at night when Tommy stumbled in late. Did he ever love you? It was a question that would often occupy your thoughts. He must have done at one point, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed with you for as long as he did.  

John had been the one to comfort you through these had times, leading you to eventually fall for him. The only emotion that you felt when you returned home to Tommy was guilt. You hadn’t done anything romantically with John, yet there was still this feeling running through system.  

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