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ngl those pictures of jeremy and adam make me wanna write some weird gta fic where geoff meets/interviews jeremy about possibly joining the fakes and then they part ways, but like a week later the FAHC crew goes to meet the new guys, funhaus, and the entire crew is like "geoff didn't you say this guy was short as hell? what the fuck" and geoff and kovic are just like uh?? what. then both crews accidentally call them by the wrong names sometimes and they're both like why

throw in officer Miles and it’s just confusion everywhere. 

and Burnie too

four of them that look like the same person it’s just chaos

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Hi, so I was reading your resource page and I was wondering if you could clarify why white people shouldn't make white people jokes? Just so I can have a complete explanation to pass on to other white people who make white people jokes (and to understand it fully myself). I'm glad I read it though because now I'll stop making those kinds of jokes. Of course you're under no obligation to answer this, only answer if you feel like it! Hope you're having a lovely day.

It’s mainly bc as a white person, you are distancing yourself from your white privilege and the issue at hand when you make white people jokes. It feels like you’re trying really hard to be like HEY IM NOT RACIST LIKE THEM, ACKNOWLEDGE IT! When in reality bc we live in a white supremacist society, white people are inherently racist. Along with that, unlearning racism is a long and on going process so separating yourself from the issue at hand, it can be very easy to see yourself as done with unlearning racism when that’s not the case.
And idk to me it’s just uncomfortable watching a white person be like “white people amirite???” when ur part of the group we are laughing at to cope with the oppression we face.
-mod S

EDIT: Sorry, just want to add to this that this reminds me of an ask we got a week ago or so about how we felt about a white person putting actual peanut butter on their face to mock white girls who put too dark foundation on, personally, this is my response to it as well. 


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