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That Makes Her A Shelby

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“And this’ll be your room.” You silently look around, turning in your spot as your brother laughs quietly. It was definitely a step up from your room at Polly’s. You loved living with her but the house was small for the three of you, and frankly you were tired to hearing Michael whenever he brought someone home from the Garrison.

Your room was on the same floor as Tommy and Graces, but closer to Charlie’s than there’s. It had a lot of windows overlooking the gardens and a big closet and fancy, shiny furniture.

“Why don’t you start unpacking and then we’ll eat.” Tommy says.

You slowly turn to face him. “Thank you Tommy.” You say and he smiles, opening his arms signaling you. You place your suitcase down on the bed and run into them, missing his hugs most of all.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He scoffs pulling away and walking down the hall to leave you to your things. “Dinner’s at 7.”

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That Makes Six...Again

Note: I suggest you read the other youngest Shelby’s to better understand whats going on

Nothing’s been the same for a while. After the incident with the cocaine, you haven’t touched drugs since. But the whole teenage rebellion phase hasn’t stopped. You and Michael were close now too, Polly splitting her time between you and him. Which was nice considering Grace had sneaked her way back into your brothers life.

Saying you hated Grace was an understatement. You couldn’t remember a time where Tommy was as sad as the day she left him in Birmingham and he came to find out she was married. It left him dead inside, much like he was when he came back from the war, and you hated Grace for causing it all. He’d busy himself with work to clear his mind of her, which meant you rarely got to see him. There was a long expanse of time where you and your brother didn’t talk, you and him always leaving the house at opposite times. You hung around with Finn a lot, and Michael and Isaiah. You had the time to drink more, which you felt like you needed since your relationship with your brother was straining, resulting in a couple drunken nights home with, who else, but Henry. You’d told Ada about it but no one else, and while she was helpful it wasn’t the same as telling Tommy.

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Imagine Michael face when he heard that you were engaged to the peaky blinders enemy even though you didn’t knew it and you and Michael had broken up years ago.

“Are you sure it was her that you saw standing by him John? She is engaged to him? Are you fucking serious!”

“Mate I saw her standing right there in front of me and Arthur, I could recognise that beauty anywhere and yes she had a big ring on her finger, but I don’t think she knows that he was involved with us, her face was pure shock when she saw us talking with her fiance”

Michael rested is hands on the table looking more pissed at the thought of the woman of his dreams marrying other man just because he wasn’t sure of taking such a big step, he was in a pure mixture of rage and pain, John looked at him and polly came close to her son rubbing his back calming him down.

“ That motherfucker is with her and not me, he is close to give her the life I want to give her and I’m more then ready now, she couldn’t even talk to me first…”

Michael dropped his head low and polly sighed seeing her son breaking apart.

“Why don’t you calm down and try to talk with her? Y/n it’s a lovely girl and even though you were an idiot to let her go she is not married yet so try and win her back honey”

Polly smiled trying to cheer Michael up until the house maid came into the kitchen announcing that Tommy had a visit.

“Mr. Shelby there is a young woman standing at your door saying that she wants to talk with you if that it’s possible”

Tommy raised a brow and looked at all of his family and everyone was clueless, Tommy cleared the cigar and stood up walking out of the kitchen and everyone followed.

“Well let’s see you is this young lady then”

When everyone reach the door y/n were standing there biting on your lower lip and grabbing your purse with both of your hands looking around to the big house Tommy had for his family in the field. Michael eyes widened and Ada left a squirm escape her lips something that brought your attention up and to look past Tommy to Michael who was looking more handsome than ever, both of you stared at each other for a long time.

“ Michael..” Y/n talked softly and nodded her head politely.

Michael smirked and couldn’t resist to walk by y/ n side and hold her hand kissing the back of it never breaking the eye contact.


Michael spoke low and y/n blushed looking down not letting go of his hand on her.

That Makes Us Gray

“Can you believe they found Polly’s son?” You laugh, walking on the curb like a it’s a tightrope. You put your arms out to try and keep balance but are failing from the few drinks you had slipped without your brothers seeing. Finn’s there, ready to catch you when you fall, cause he can see it coming.

“I mean, Tommy’s done crazier shit.” He says as you laugh, your foot slipping and falling right into his arms. You laugh as he keeps you from going back onto the curb, keeping you upright.

“You’re right; he can do anything. Damn our brother’s pretty cool. I mean so is our whole family. Think Michael will fit in?”

“Hard to tell.” He says shrugging as he’s messing with the lock. He shushes you as he gets it open, helping you up to your room. Thankfully Tommy and Polly weren’t around, otherwise you’d be dead for having even one drink.

“Finn, you’re my best friend.” You mumble as he shuts the light off.

“And your mine Y/N. Now go to sleep you booger.”

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