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Beautiful Dissasters

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Finn x Reader / John x Reader

Summary: Dating Fin, but after a fight, you sleep with John because of the sexual tension. (Requested by Anon)

You had grown up around the Shelby family and Finn was your best friend. You had always had a crush on his older brother John for as long as you could remember and you decided it was just something that you would always have no matter what. You fell for Finn and started dating him when you two had barely turned teenagers.

You had your fights here and there but you always came back together and toughed it out. He loved you with all his heart and made sure you knew that all the time. Every day he would bring you a hand picked flower from your neighbors garden and after a fight he would bring you little pieces of jewelry as a sort of ‘peace treaty’ as his brothers called it.

When you started dating Finn, your new best friend became John. There were somethings that you would tell John and not Finn and you would go to him for comfort after a fight. He was always there for you with open arms and good advice. You could tell he felt some way about you, and you knew it from the way he acted around you. In a hug, his hands would linger on your sides before letting you go. In a crowded room, you always caught the glances he sent you. The way his hand would grace your face when he thought you were asleep.He was so gentle with you as if he thought you were made of porcelain and would shatter under his fingertips.

You, of course, never brought this up to anyone for fear of it reaching Finn’s ears. You weren’t cheating on him, but you didn’t want him to know that his brother had a thing for you and that you had a thing for his brother. However, the more you fought with Finn, the more these things happened with John. You were always loyal to Finn no matter what happened, but sometimes it was difficult to go to John’s and ignore his subtle advances.

You could tell that tonight was one of those nights where you were going to end up staying at John’s place. The way Finn was pacing in the kitchen told you everything. You were going to end up fighting and it was not going to end on good terms. You stayed seated on the couch with your feet tucked under you and a book in your hands, trying to make it seem like you were busy to hopefully put the arguing off until either later or he forgot whatever he was upset about.

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Thoughts on Chapter 7

Bye Sidney lol
Everybody actually lost their shit in this episode
Kathy was giving me life this week
Loving the whole Blair witch feel these episode have now
The real ghosts and Polk family were like 10x more terrifying than the actors
Did Agnes really think the butcher gave a fuck that she was her #1 fan lol
Now I get what Ryan’s tweet was about…
Monet is such a departure from the ahs characters Angela has played
Lol at Matt and Scathach
Audrey actually annoys me like bitch stop crying
The real butcher at the end looked so grotesque
Where was Finn can anyone point him out to me (Was he one of the polks?)

Admit It (Jack G.)

Can I have a jack Gilinsky imagine. My name is Andrea and I have a crush on jack but he doesn’t know he is with this girl I hate so I act all rude one day and he says something extremely harsh to me a try to run anyway but he catches me and I cry and he says I love you


You shut your locker and readjust your back pack on your shoulder before walking to your first bell class.You take a seat in the back of the class, trying to ignore everyone. You stayed below the radar. You had friends and many people knew who you were, but you tended to stay to yourself. 

Your breath hitches in the back of your throat as Jack Gilinsky, Mr. Popularity, walks in the class. You and Jack had been friends growing up and once high school hit, you two didn’t interact much. He would say hi to you in the halls, but you guys never would engage in long conversations. 

Then a blonde bimbo, Shelby, walks in and sits next to Jack. She twirls her hair on her finger and chomps her gum. She sets her hand on Jack’s arm and starts kissing his neck. You and Shelby hated each other. She would always make fun of you and laugh at you and it got to the point where she tried to date your older brother to get back at you. 

Class starts and your teacher explains how you guys are going to have a huge group project due at the end of the semester. The teacher starts assigning groups of 3. “Emily, Sam, and Mia.” The list goes on. “Jack, (Y/N), and Shelby.” Your heart sinks. It went from good to bad in a matter of seconds. 

You groan as you stand up to join Jack and Shelby. 

“So, (Y/N), you’re going to be doing all the work, just so you know.” Shelby says.

You roll your eyes, ignoring her. 

“This would be a lot less painful, if you cut out the attitude.” Shelby says, this time you couldn’t ignore her.

“I didn’t have an attitude with you and the only reason I have one now is because you’re a bitch." 

”(Y/N),“ Jack sighs.

"The fact you’re actually defending her is beyond me.” You say, turning back in your chair away from them. 

“Maybe the reason your dad left was because you’re such a fucking bitch.” Jack mumbled.

That was the last straw. Everything inside you broke and tears started falling. Once the bell rang you ran out of the classroom and into the crowed halls. You weaved through everyone, trying to find someplace quiet. 

You find a quiet corner by the auditorium and you break down. You slide to the floor and place your head in your hands, sobbing uncontrollably. 


You look up and see Jack standing there, breathing heavy, like he just had run after you.

"Jack just leave.” You say. 

“No, I’m not leaving.” He says.

You stand up to walk away and he grabs your wrist pulling you back to face him. 

“Jack, leave me alone.” You spit.

Jack doesn’t say anything he just pulls you into his chest. You push on his chest, trying to break away from his grip. It was all too much. You finally gave up the fight and start sobbing in his chest. 

Jack rubs your back and lays his head on yours. Jack kisses your temple and pull back and look at him.

“Why? Why did you even say anything?” You ask.

“I was trying to make Shelby happy. I’m stupid for doing it. I’m stupid for being with her. I should be with someone like you." 

"But you’re not. You’re too worried about your image to date someone like me.”

“I was, but I realized something. I realized I find no joy in watching Shelby be a a bitch to you. I find no joy in watching you cry. I just want to hold you and wipe your tears away.”

You look up at him and he leans closer to you, your lips centimeters apart. He finally breaks the gap and presses his lips to yours. 

“I want to be with you.” Jack whispers.

“Jack,” you start.

“Listen to me. I know I’m not your favorite person. I know after what I said back in class, upset you and I regret saying that. You can’t tell me you don’t like me just a little bit. Remember when you came crying to me after your parents divorce. Remember how we spent hours, late at night, talking about what our future would hold.”

“Somethings have changed since then.” You mumble.

“Like what?” Jack says, tears brimming his eyes.

“The fact that you probably just feel sorry for me.”

“Stop making dumb excuses. You know that’s not true. I love you (Y/N). You love me too. You just have to admit it to yourself.”

There was no point in fighting it any longer. Jack was right. Your heart was his.