shelby heintz art

First assignment in my Children’s Book illustration class which I have been surprisingly LOVING! 

Had a fun time drawing this little pond cross section. I remember being deep into my parent’s Nat Geo North American Wildlife books and studying these as a kid. Wanted to bring back that magic into a full spread!

As a Minnesota native, I grew up with parents that played Prince tunes on the regular and spent countless sleepovers with friends singing along to his music. 

The support that has surrounded the city that I live and work in during Prince’s death is truly remarkable. His impact on the Minneapolis community will leave us forever grateful for the presence of our own Purple Yoda. 


Tumblr is messing with the color quality, so click that lil baby to see it’s true colors!

Sketch to final of an illustration for my Children’s Book class! Each of us got a stanza of a bear poem to illustrate and I got page 13 so I drew cute lil Southern lady bears having a messy tea party in the woods!

Went a little crazy on the colors with this one! Color studies and preliminary research have been paying off I think! Happy with the outcome!

Quick little messy sketch for a new self-guided editorial piece about the challenges Christians face when material objects distract their faith in a technology-driven society. 

Not quite sure how I wanna go about coloring this one yet, open to suggestions. Obviously the sketch needs to be fleshed out a bit more and there are proportion issues, but I’d figure that I’d upload it to get feedback and to make sure I get it started before I get too busy with school again.