shelby focus


Ok, Ezra, a few things:

1) Why do you care so much about that dumb kid? Don’t you remember how dumb he is? Let’s not forget, he’s so dumb HE DIDNT REALIZE HE HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED.

2) You know if Maggie had brought Malcolm back, he probably would have been yet another ethnicity, right?

3) Again, you realize you have absolutely zero claim to that child, right? Being under the mistaken impression that he was your offspring for a few months does not get you custody.

4) You know, Ezra, I’ve liked you more than ever before this season, bc you are going full villain and it’s kind of entertaining and also validates how much we’ve been creeped out by your predatory ways for so long, but this is doing nothing to help you. It’s just making you look like a small man who’s not used to not getting his way and is now pissing and moaning about how unfair the world is when it is not being unfair, it’s just being the world. (UNLESS this is all just an elaborate ploy to fuck up Malcolm’s life. If that’s the case, carry on).


Yes, Riley. The issue is that kangaroos are from Australia, and not that Chase seems to think it’s possible to ride one.

Also, IMO, this scene is 100% better if you focus on Shelby who is not buying anything Chase is selling.